Hello Readers ! Bina mishra is back with her true story.In my previous stories titled”MY YOUNGER BROTHER JEET” & part-2 i have mentioned how i lost my virginity to my younger brother.Bina,a hot blonde of 26 yrs.,height of 5’4 feet,white complexion,nice boobs & well rounded buttocks need physical pleasure more & more.any gal can understand my mental as well as physical needs because sex is so impressive,attractive & pleasure providing that losing virginity or getting sexual encounters wants more & more.your hunger or thirst for your physical need will always demanding,so i was. Jeet have too many friends but his closest friend sunny always comes to our home.He is a smart guy of 22 yrs.,well built,height of 6’1 evening when i was alone sunny came to meet jeet.i asked him to wait for sometime,sunny was bit hesistant but he came inside and was sitting in a dinning hall.i came with smile on my face with cup of coffee.i was looking to him in a different manner,having cup of coffee she asked me to sit………..”uncle/aunty nahi dikh rahe hain……..haan,wo log late hi aate hain……..aur jeet………..he have gone to market.”after having coffee he was in mood to leave but i asked him………..”sunny wait for some time,jeet will come soon…………..o.k” sunny was sitting on sofa with me,we were watching t.v & i kept my hand on sunny’s thigh,he was surprised and moved away from me but i moved towards him & took no time to kiss him.sunny was in hurry to leave but i hold his wrist & stands in front of him,looking into his eyes ……..”sunny why you are not exploiting the chance……..i cant cheat my friends.”I embrassed him & started kissing his face as well as neck,pressing my boobs on his chest,when sunny’s hand started rubbing my bum i was in joy that he is now in my control,he have kept his hand in my mini skirt ,my G string panty is not capable of covering my buttocks,so he was massaging i pushed my tongue in his mouth,we were enjoying oral sex in standing position.sunny left my tongue……”if someone will come,than?………..we have 2-3 hours to enjoy.”now sunny was in my bedroom,i removed his jeans and shirt and we both were on bed,she took me on his lap an started kissing my lips..face…rubbing my back she took out my tops………we both were semi nude. I was lying on bed wearing bra and mini skirt….he leaned on me to kiss my boobs….i removed my bra and he took my boobs in his mouth .sunny meri chuchi ko chusta hua meri skirt mein hath daaley jaangh sahlaane laga,meri chuttar maansal aur nagn thi,main apna haath sunny ke janghia par lagakar nichey ki ore kar di…….uska musal lund main hillane lagi.sunny kaa lund jeet ke lund se bhi lamba aur mota tha,wo meri dusri chuhi ko chusta hua meri panty uttar diya. sunny chuchi chuskar laal kar chuka tha,phir wo meri kamar ke paas baitha aur mere pawn ko doo disha mein kart huey bur ko sahlaane laga………….”baby have you lost your virginity or not……..i am still virgin ………o.k” wo meri bur ko chumne laga aur chuchi masal raha tha,bur ke faank mein jeev ghusaane laga to main garam jawaani ki tarah machhal rahi thi……sunny bur ko apne muhn mein lekar chusne laga and i was screaming………..”oh no……sunny meri bur paani fenkega…..” and lastly my chut became wet and he tasted my cum,he left for washroom… was 5:00 p.m and i was not aware about jeet movement. i was sitting on the corner of bed with my legs on floor,sunny came in front of me & i kissed his lond hard penis,holding his penis i started rolling my tongue on it.every gal/lady love big cock and while watching porn movie i was impressed with long cocks instead of short one.sunny ke lund ko muhn mein lekar chusne lagi but my head was still for 3-4 minutes,than i started my face movement.sunny mere baal ko pakarkar meri muhn mein lund kaa jhatka dene laga,main sunny ke lund kaa maja le rahi thi.than he took out his penis from my mouth. we both were on bed and she make me lye on it,my legs wide open and he inserted his finger,fingering my chut…….”teri jawaani par meri nazar thi…….oh, lekin kabhi mujhse ye baat kahte……..aap se bolne mein darta tha…nice,to kya mujhe yaad karke mutth marte the…….bina,abhi tumko maalum padega.” than he was sitting near my waist on his knees,spread my legs wide open……..keeping his dick on my chuts mouth he pushed it slowely,i was not in pain but when he started pushing his cock deeper in my vagina i screamed loudly…”sunny bur phaat jaye gi…pl. apna lund nikkal lo……abhi nikaalta hoon meri rani.”lekin wo apne 1/3 lund ,jo ki bur se bahar the ko pelne ke liye jor kaa dhakka diya and now i was in pain but just moaning,he was giving a hard fuck……… second love in life……..sunny mere jism par sawaar ho kar meri bur chudai karne laga,thodi der baad main apne chuttar ko up-down karte huey chudai kaa maja lene lagi.sunny ki chudai 5-7 minute huey thi ki meri bur gili ho gaya and we both moved to washroom for bath. now we both were in standing position facing each other,he stretched my legs wide open while holding my waist,i was pushing his penis in my chut was somehow wet & 1/2 of his lund was inside my vagina,now sunny took my one leg on his hand,keeping near his waist and pushed her cock inside……now ……..dono aek dusre se chipke huey the aur uska lund meri bur mein jaa chuka tha,sunny dheerey-2 bur ko chodta hua meri chuttar ke mansaal bhaag ko dabaa raha tha,meri bur mein uska lund ragraa marne laga,lekin sunny kaa lund jeet ke lund se mota tha,wo jor-2 se bur chodta hua mujhe chumne laga and my chut was spaceless with his penis………bur mein uska lund aisey aa jaa raha tha maano sunny ka lund meri bur ke chudai ke liye hi hai.main sunny ke lund se chudte huey usko onth ko chumne lagi…….”sunny….bol saali……apne goud mein lekar mujhe chodo naa………jarur be randi.” sunny meri bur mein lund daale huey mujhe apne goud mein kiya,wo meri chuttar ke nichey apna haath lagaye huey tha……main uske goud mein jhulte huey apne dono pawn ko uske kamar se lapetey huey chudne lagi,sunny mujhe kaskar pakda hua tha aur apne goud mein utthaye huey meri chudai kar raha tha……………then my pussy become wet and she left me,i was on floor and he started fucking me from rear side,lastly he ejaculated wirya on my bum,face & i took her mouth to taste cum. ……….later he left me alone.

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