My girlfriends daughter

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I found that dating an older woman would prove to be very educational for me. Jan stood about 5 feet tall with a nice 110 pound body for a 40 year old woman. Her tits were a C size and I loved how she shaved her pussy to mimic when she was a little girl except for a Hitler patch over her slit. Jan didn’t wear a bra. She wore lingerie type undershirts with lace and designer spaghetti straps.

We were making out so much on our second evening spending time together that I eventually worked my hand up her shirt. Jans tits felt just as nice as my 20 year-old girlfriend who had recently dumped me. I learned quick that Jan loved to ride cock and she was fixed so I could cum in her all I wanted.

Almost right away began spending nights and days at Jans. Her daughter and I hit it off good to where she felt comfortable in confiding in me.

One morning I was laying in bed with my hand wrapped around my cock. For some reason I just couldn’t cum the night before. I was really into my self inflicting handjob. I was breathing hard and letting out little grunt sounds. I thought that I was alone but quickly found out that I was wrong due to a holiday.

I caught Danielle walking through the bedroom door while I had my cock in my hand and about to explode. Quickly I covered up but I was already busted.

Danielle definitely knew that I was playing with myself. But tried to act ignorant even though my boner was pitching a tent with the sheet. I watched her and looked her twelve year old body up and down as she came closer to me. She said to me. “My mom doesn’t deserve you and everything you do for her. She just keeps you around because you are young and you like to fuck like she does.” Coming from a pre teen I didn’t know what to think or even say.

Danielle sat next to my knee on the bed. Her seductive eyes piercing mine. One foot was still towards the floor while her other knee was bent on the side with the bottom of her knee resting on her foot. I fought and struggled to continue with the stare down against her. But I was weak as my eyes rolled down to her crotch. Her nightie was high on her thighs and there was nothing hiding her light dusting of dirty blonde hairs around her tiny pussy. Her lips were still adhered together concealing her rose pedals and love hole.

I watch in like super slow motion as Danielle pulled the sheet off my cock and wrapped her fingers around it. Her pussy had to be buzzing as I watched her little titties jiggle inside her nightie with every stroke on my cock

I grabbed her hand and told her that we cannot do this. She gave me a deviant smile that I didn’t recognize.

Danielle climbed up on my lap facing me. My cock was impaled between her pussy lips and my pelvic bone. She said. “I need your help. Will you show me how to make you cum so I know how to make my boyfriend cum too.’ I was lost for a moment. She explained to me that her fifteen year old boyfriend used to get jerked off by his cousin and she tried a couple times but couldn’t get him to cum. She also swore up and down that she wouldn’t tell anyone that I showed her. I threw my wrist over my eyes to think. Suddenly Danielle began moving her hips as her wet lips slid over my shaft. She definitely had the right idea. At that point I wanted to fuck her so bad. I said. “Okay. But you can never even talk about this with anyone.” She agreed.

She slip down along side me again. I put my hand on her thigh. I began thinking that her mother has a beautiful looking pussy but it didn’t hold a candle next to Danielle’s young light pink lips. I wanted so bad to lick her tiny clit. The anticipation was almost unbearable. My breathing got rapid and heavier. I felt like I could cum but she wasn’t even holding my cock.

I reached down and put her hand on my boner. She gripped it tight. I began moving her hand with long strokes. After a few moments she developed the rythem. Then I wanted to see her reaction. I ran my finger up and down her wet slit. Danielle took a deep breath as her eyes opened wide and her cunt lips split apart. It was warm and very wet I demanded. “Stroke my cock sweetie.” She stopped and pulled her nightie up and off. Her titties looked amazing. Her nipples were big and pink. I could tell that she would have big boobs one day. She began stroking my boner faster and faster. She asked. “Will you finger my pussy?” I began tickling her clit. The expression on her face presented great pleasure. Her moaning and squealing was so hot and sexy by as I was about to cum I said. “I hope I get to fuck you one day.” She looked into my eyes and smiled. Suddenly she screamed. Her body tightened up. I could tell that she was having an orgasm. I couldn’t hold it back anymore with our shared pleasure. I released my jizz. Her eyes opened wide as my fountain of white cream suddenly erupted from my cock.

I laid there breathing hard, enjoying the moment as her hand slowed down. Then I told her to taste it. She gave me a weird look but I took her hand and licked my jizz off her fingers. Then I used the finger that got her pussy off and wiped some jizz off my belly and placed it to her lips. She grabbed my hand and suck our combined juices off. I was aroused even more by her licking up my jizz and her cunt cream. I said. “I think this is a good time for you to learn to suck a cock too if you want.” But she shook her head and replied. “I don’t know. Maybe another time. I am supposed to meet Matt at eleven.” I was fine with her response. I opened my arms for her to find comfort and security in..

That evening after Jan got home. Danielle and I acted normal like nothing happened but with Danielle on my mind. Jan got the best fuck of her life that night.

About a week went by and Danielle came home a little upset. She explained to me that she still hadn’t made Matt cum. And that he really degraded her about it but she eventually she came completely clean and told me Matt tried to make her orgasm and when he got frustrated he blamed her by saying her pussy stunk. I knew she was feeling bad so I wrapped my arms around her and comforted her. It actually felt good holding her. After a moment I sat on the couch. Danielle got down between my knees and looked at me with those big blue eyes and said. ‘Maybe if you will show me how to suck your dick that Matt would like how I suck his.” That sounded like a good idea to me.

Jan wasn’t due home for a couple more hours. Danielle pulled down the front of my shorts. My cock was already throbbing. She put her lips over my little head then halfway down my shaft. I placed my hands on both sides of her head and guided it up and down. She was most definitely a natural.

I enjoyed her first blowjob for a couple more minutes then figured her little mouth needed a break. I asked her. “Does Matt suck on your nipples?” She snook her head and said. “No.” So I instructed her to sit on the arm of the couch. That put her titties at the right level with my lips. I unbuttoned her blouse and slid it off her shoulders onto the floor. She wiggled out of her under shirt and pushed out her chest. I began sucking her nipple as I stroked my cock. We were both breathing hard

I started to finger her slit over her pants and panties. I asked her if she wanted an orgasm. She nodded her head. I whispered. “I wish that I could fuck you and your mom tonight.” Then I asked her to get down and stand between my legs.

I unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. I slid them down to her knees to let her step out of them. I instructed her to trade spots with me. She laid down and spread her legs. Her pussy was so smooth and untouched. Slowly I moved my tongue to her clit. She arched her back and took a deep breath. I loved making her 90 pound body squirm around and slip into her first major orgasm.

Her pussy was well lubricated by her cunt juice. I pulled her to the edge of the couch and grabbed my cock. I.smeared the head up and down her slit while looking in her eyes. She smiled and said. “You can fuck me.”

I pushed my dick into her little hole. I could see that it was causing Danielle pain with every thrust. The more I pumped the deeper I got though. Her eyes were full of tears, her expression full of pain and my cock was full of blood.

I worked to my feet with Danielle in my arms and my cock still in her cunt. I sat down on the couch allowing her feet to rest on both sides of me. I grabbed her hips and demonstrated how to move her body. And through the pain and discomfort Danielle grasped onto another orgasm which triggered my cock to almost release my jism into her but I thought about the task at hand. Danielle needed to jerk me off.

Slowly she climbed off me and onto the floor. I figured she would think that the blood was gross but she nothing of it when she knelt down and took hold of my cock in her hand.

Danielle was successful with making me cum within a couple minutes. We still had about 45 minutes so we jumped in the shower together. I could tell that her pussy was sore as she washed it. Then she had some fun washing my cock as it got hard again. She began stroking me and said. “Cum in my mouth.” I knew we didn’t have a lot of time so I grabbed my cock and started jerking off. It to a few minutes but finally I filled her mouth with my cum. She didn’t spit it out she swallowed it. Then I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around me and we made out.

I put her down. And we got out and got dressed.

That night I fucked her mother while thinking about fucking Danielle too.

About five days passed by. It was that time of the month for Jan.

Jan was sucking my cock in bed one night and I jizzed down her throat then she laid with me. I love titties resting on my chest. Jan said to me out of the blue. “I think Danielle and Matt are having sex. I noticed Danielle walking funny.” I didn’t know what to say so I just grunted a couple times. Then Jan said. “I was her age when I started having sex.” So I asked. “Is that a bad thing?” She shook her head and said. “No she is more physical developed than I was as at her age. Her boobs are going to be big and She has pubic hair growing in.” My cock was getting hard again. Jan noticed it against her leg. She reached down and grabbed it then asked. “Is this sex talk about my daughter getting you worked up?” Just that question made my mind wander and my cock fully hard. Jan climbed up on my cock and let it ease into her wet pussy. She began riding my boner good. I was holding her hands in mine. She managed to say while stroking my cock with her cunt. “It’s suck a turn on thinking about you fucking Danielle. I may have to talk her into joining is very soon.”

Jan had her orgasm and she collapsed on top of me. Then I said. “I have never been into youngest ladies but Danielle does have a nice body.” Jan giggled. “You want to fuck her don’t you?” I didn’t know what to say. Then I asked. “How old was the guy that you lost your virginity to?” She thought and replied. “Vinny was a freshman in college. We had sex for a couple months.” I asked. “Did you have pussy hair?” Then she stated into my eyes and asked. “Talking about this has got you curious about Danielle doesn’t it.” I replied. “I was 16 and she was 16 and she was not a virgin. She was a school slut. I am curious about Danielle’s virgin pussy now that we have been talking about it.” Jan kissed me on the lips and said. “Let get some sleep. Maybe you can dream about a three way with me and Danielle.” I smiled and played it cool when I said. “It’s just conversation anyways. Good night.”

Friday evening I took Jan and Danielle to the Drive In Theater to see a Walburg movie. But we had to sit through two other movies first. My plan was to drop Jan and Danielle off at their place then go home and spend a few nights in my own bed.

I was exhausted when I got home around 2 am. I figured I would sleep until noon then go fishing and enjoy some me time. But around 9:30 I woke up by Jan sucking my cock. I love blowjobs and Jan knows it. But our of the corner of my eye. I noticed Danielle walking in my room with a light blue bra and panties. I looked down at Jan as she looked at me with my cock in her mouth. She said.

“Danielle and I talked after you dropped us off. She has been having sex with Matt but he doesn’t treat her well and he seems to have no idea what to do to pleasure a girl. Danielle wants you to teach her and I want to watch.”

Jan got up and stood beside Danielle. They looked like mom and daughter. The same height but Danielle was just a little more petite. They got undressed together and right away I noticed that they both shaved their pussies. The first thing that I wanted to do is lick Danielle’s cunt. I scooted down as I had her put her pussy in my face I licked her little girl cunt as she and Jan sucked my throbbing boner. I got up and stood behind Danielle at the edge of the bed. Slowly I entered her cunt with my cock. I took my time and she acted as it hurt her. Before I knew it my cock had some blood on it. Jan commented that I broke her hyman. After a few more moments I pulled out and entered Jan from behind so Danielle could rest. I made sure that Jans cunt took a beating from my cock. She came twice within a minute then I laid on the bed for Danielle to take over. Jan helped her every step of the way.

I wanted to cum inside Danielle but Jan said no. Then Danielle requested that I cum in her mouth.

Jan put her pussy over my face. I licked her clit as Danielle stroked and sucked my cock. And I fingered her young cunt.

We had an encore that evening. It quickly got to the point where Jan was so worn out that I had her permission to fuck Danielle at any time.

Matt was forgotten about. I got some online blue pills And became Danielle’s after school pleasure and Jan got plenty too.

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