The New Girl – 3

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Please read the previous parts The New Girl-2 so you can enjoy this better…

I quickly finished all my homework and had dinner and went to bed. Today I was feeling so elated because I had lost virginity of all my holes with countless orgasms. For now, the doctor and Hardeep were my heroes in bed. I was recollecting all instances when boys and some uncles too used to grab me squeezing my boobs and pushing their cocks over the clothes into my ass.

I decided to revisit most of them if not all to see how good they turn out to be in bed if I let them continue. I went to sleep after squeezing my boobs and fingering my pussy to another orgasm. Next morning was usual and I got ready and Hardeep came and was staring at my chest and said my boobs were looking very sexy in the new bra and I was going to attract a lot of attention everywhere I go.

I thanked him for his compliment, on the way we came across a farm with thick bushes and we went inside and Hardeep quickly raised my kurta to my neck and squeezed my boobs sucking my nipples and then ate my pussy till I orgasmed. I gave him a blowjob in return swallowing all his cum. We got dressed and reached school.

Today many men and boys on the way were openly staring at my boobs and because Hardeep was with me no one dared do anything more. Listening to their dirty one liners was normal for me but today I felt proud and smiled to every comment. After morning prayers in the school assembly we went to our classes. Most of the male teachers were taking interest in staring at my boobs even in public.

I was wearing the normal neck school kurta with a dupatta so obviously not much was visible except the outline of my big boobs. I knew what exactly they all wanted so I decided to make them happy when I get a chance so I could keep them as my trump cards for future needs. The 2nd class we had was Vikas sirs class who teaches us maths.

He had also been staring at my boobs earlier today and he came and stood by my side touching his body with mine in the class. I sit on the last bench because of my height and from there I have a good advantage to hide things. I looked up at him and he was staring right down my kurta. I lowered my dupatta and because of my push up bra a little cleavage was still visible.

I looked back up at Vikas sir and he was smiling because I was cooperating with him. We were all busy trying to solve a maths equation that he had given so everyone was busy. My classmate Priya was absent today so I was alone on this bench. He sat next to me facing behind and put his hand on my inner thigh leaning towards my book. I quickly spread my dupatta covering my top completely.

He whispered in my ears “you are looking very beautiful today Preeti”. I told him “thank you Vikas sir, but only beautiful?” he placed his palm on my boob from below my dupatta and gently pressed it and said “very sexy too”. I said “Thank you Vikas Sir, I knew you would notice”. He continued squeezing my boob while talking to me.

I said “sir I am having a lot of problems and don’t have anyone to go to, can you please help me?” he pressed my boob harder now and said “yes how can I help my dear”. To give him a direct hint I took his hand from my boobs and pushed it under my kurta placing it on my pussy and pressed it. I looked around and no one was watching.

As he was siting so close to me I whispered “I hope you understand my problem now” and quickly returned to my position. He started rubbing my pussy from over my salwar arousing me and making my breathing heavy. After a few more mins of this action he placed my hand on his cock over his pants and whispered in my ears “come to the terrace store room after school and I will solve all your problems”.

I looked at him and took his hand from my pussy pushing it under my kurta and touched on my bare boobs nodding yes. He smiled and got up and left to continue with the class. He came a few more times and sat next to me and this time I had already untied my salwar and unhooked my bra below my kurta. This helped him squeeze my bare boobs from under my kurta and also rub my bare pussy.

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