Fucking traditional Brahmin classmate

“Namaskara Bengaluru”Hi I am pavan from Bangalore23 years old with an average body and 5.11 height. This is my first time as a writer, I hope you people will encourage me. Let’s come to the story…! It happened when I was in my degree, with one of my classmates called Varshini. Her dam body structure

Sex with stranger (escort)

My name is Maddy, a decent looking gentleman. This happened during the first week of May 2023. I’m married and currently my wife is pregnant. I generally have sex with my wife weekly 3 or 4 times but currently I was sex starving as my wife is pregnant. I don’t know what to do and

Fucking an aunty i met in gym

My name is Arjun Yadav and this is the story of how i lost my virginity to an aunty whom i met in my gym. I am 26 years old right now and this incident happened to me when i was around 23 years old.  Now coming to my story i was a studious and

My mom fuck by muslim man in beach

New story ⛵ My name is abhi read my other stories in sex4stories.com . I m heare for new story of my mom .my mom name in bandana . She was a house wife . Mostly were saree and blouse . She is little dusky colour but having a roung boobs black nipple and hairy

First Threesome, Wife gives her husband a threesome he has been begging for

Have you ever had a threesome? Like two girls and a guy. Well neither have I, but my husband has been begging for one. I just don’t know if I could bring myself to do it. Really another woman touching me is not my thing. I mean what woman really enjoys having another woman touching