Michaela is fucked by Justin (Her son)

It’s Thursday evening and the family is all having dinner when the phone rings Michaela answers the phone and hands it to her husband Mike, Michaela and Justin her 26 year son continue with eating their dinner.

At the end of the call Mike informs Michaela that he has to go away on a business trip from tomorrow till Monday evening when he should be back home.


As the Thursday evening starts to wind down and Mike and Michaela head for their bedroom Justin flops himself down on the couch to watch some TV…Back in the bedroom behind the locked door Michaela who is a very attractive 56 year old woman who stand 5’6″ tall has sandy blonde hair that is just past shoulder length her weight is very appropriate to her height her bust is around a B cup and she has large aureola around her nipples was now getting undressed as she was about to grab a shower before climbing into bed…Mike had been sitting in his chair watching his wife slowly and deliberately stripping till she was totally naked…Mike watched Michaela walk off to the shower and Mike who is also 56 and is a stropping 5’10” quickly dropped his clothes as he wanted to have some fun before he was gone for a few days. Mike now naked and with his uncut cock starting to grow entered the shower with Michaela and quickly pushed her up against the wall so that they were facing one another, with the hot water flowing over both of them Mikes cock growing till the foreskin was pulled back as he was ready to have some fun when Michaela said to him “Wait till we are in bed I have a surprise for you” Mike’s brown eyes lit up with the anticipation of what was to happen very soon.

They both finished their showers and Mike was first on the bed as he lay there legs slightly apart his raging erection in his hand as he slowly stroked it getting ready for the surprise that was promised to him, Michaela quickly put on a robe and says just 30 sec I left the surprise in my bag and I will be right back…She exits the room and returns just as quick…Now close yr eyes and don’t open them until I say so regardless of what happens…Do You Promise… Mike agrees and does as he is told…All of a sudden Mike feels the stinging sensation of something cold being slapped hard against the area near the base of his cock just above his balls he flinches and is about to open his eyes when Michaela is looking at his face and she is within 2 inches staring at him through her blue grey eyes and says keep them closed.

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Mike’s cock is now all flaccid again after being beaten to submission with something cold and he says was that the surprise as I was hoping for something more…Then he feels Michaela’s hands gripping his cock and he is thinking that he’s about to receive a blow job but the surprise is something else…Michaela then says you can open your eyes now. Mike opens them and looks down and is at a loss for words as to what he sees…Michaela then tells him I know you always play up when your away on trips but from now on you will do what I want and if you ever expect to use yr cock on me again you will wear this cock cage till you get home on Monday and then when and if I remove it you may have me…Mike was upset and excited at the same time…he had just become cuckold and he licked it…Both now off to sleep as Mike had a busy few days ahead of him especially the anticipation of what was to come on Monday evening.

Its now Friday the family is all up and getting ready for breakfast and then work…as they leave the house Michaela drops Mike off at the airport and leans over to kiss him goodbye and whispers Monday cant come soon enough…Mikes cock tries to grow but its restraint give him pain and pleasure…By now Justin is also at work and being that its Friday and like most young guys hes planning his weekend…the rest of the day was uneventful until that evening.

Both Michaela and Justin are home from work, Justin has told his mother that he’s off to grab a shower before heading off…Justin is a 26 year old who is much like his dad standing 5’10” and very buff as he works out…Michaela is now collecting some dirty clothing when she enters Justin’s room to collect his wash stuff when she notices the bathroom door is ajar…she sees Justin with his back to her and she is admiring his tight arse and firm body through the slight gap in the door…Justin is unaware that he is being observed and to Michaela’s surprise Justin turns around and her blue grey eyes enlarged as she observed Justin stroking his cock…it was at least 8″ long and very thick…Michaela’s mouth started to water but she quickly snapped out of it thinking hes my son I cant do this…but seeing his cock was enough to make her horny and she quickly gathered his dirty laundry and exited his room…dropped the laundry in near the washing machine and headed back to her own room.

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Michaela decided that she was also going to go out as she was about to be left on her own so she locked the door…she quickly strips to complete naked and then starts to put her outfit together on her bed before getting dressed.

As Justin is leaving she hears him yell out see you tomorrow mum I am off to have some fun dont know were I am spending the night yet.

Michaela decides to grab a matching lace see thru bra and panty set but the panties are crotch-less and lays them on the bed…then add a red pair of suspender belt…ahhh yes she thinks add on sheer black stockings with the seam in the back of them…now what else…Oh yes she reaches into her cupboard and pulls out a short black skirt one that will hardly cover her arse and a black coat with the front just low enough to hide her bra…Now what to wear on my feet…will it be my 4″ black peep toe shoes or oh yes its going to be my 5″ come fuck me thigh high boots she decided on…Michaela gets dressed and head out the door but where to go…Now realizing that she is in a rural town of Wagga Wagga and as she dosent want to be seen by any people who may know her Michaela decides to head off to Yass a two hour drive…she is hoping that she might get pulled over at a police breathalyzer roadside testing on her way just to see their eyes when they lay their eyes on her as she is such a tease when she is in that frame of mind.

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Arriving in Yass she quickly locates the nearest nightclub and enters…she sits in a booth where she can see all who enter the place and orders herself a drink…as many men and young guys enter the place all seem to eventually notice her and particular a guy who just smiles at her…Suddenly the waitress brings a drink over to Michaela and says from the gentleman at the bar…Michaela accepts the drink and raises it thats all the man needed and headed off to her booth…Some small talk to pass the time and Michaela is getting horny as a few drinks and the memory of seeing Justin’s cock get her excited…As she is sitting beside this guy whose name is also Mike she quickly reaches between his legs and finds his cock which is also hard in his pants and says I want this now…As they prepare to leave and unknown to Michaela…Justin is also in the same nightclub and he has been observing his mother…

Michaela and Mike leave the nightclub and she follows Mike back to his motel…Justin also does the same but from a distance…Once back at the motel and in his room Mike grabs Michaela and throws her onto the bed but as she lands he notices that with her legs spread he sees her crotch-less panties showing him his awaited prize a clean shaven cunt and Mike licks his lips with anticipation of whats going to happen very soon…Little did they know that Justin was outside the room peeking in through the window and observing what was happening…

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