Stepmom desires a hot night : part -3

It’s a day full of classes and Garry is well back home but stepmom Cathy forced me for physical activities as I have had fucked my stepmom Cathy and household maid Rani but as I have ejaculated semen twice I am well exhausted.

Garry,a 18 years guy with tall figure and a strong physique have made Cathy and Rani a hot lady on bed and so my stepmom Cathy ,a 28 years married lady is a sexy ,hot and beautiful lady with her slim figure as her lovely boobs with heavy V shaped butts are household maid Rani is a 23 years newly married lady as her fair complexion with sexy body is hot ,she is a young girl/lady and Garry have fucked her vagina as well as anus hole after fucking my stepmom and maid ,I slept nudely on bed as I was lacking energy and my eyes opened after sleeping soundly for 3-4 hours and than ,I left bed as I frisked inside washroom and took put a Bermuda and moved to dinning space to see Cathy and Rani drinking wine as stepmom smiled

“hi Garry ,how are you feeling now ?
(Me) fine my sexy mom
(She)ok ,so have some drinks and than go inside bedroom to see your sexy sister’s nude body.”


And I moved towards refrigerator as I took out a cane of beer ,as my dad is out of town for 2-3 days my stepmom Cathy have planned for fun and arranged each and every items to enjoy night I took a cigarette as I lit it and starts drinking beer while smoking cigarette ,so as I moved towards sister’s room Rani followed my eyes are on Lili’s nude body as she is on bed on her back and her sexy butts to back are well covered in oils as Rani said “madam got a nice massage
(Me)oh I see ! It’s my sexy sister Lili
(She looked at me)yes Garry ,I am waiting for you to get fucked.”

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And in hurry I finished my drink as I am on bed ,while Rani is sitting on bed’s Rani hold the cigarette as she is smoking it and I put my hand on Lili’s back as I am rubbing my palm on her butts and Lili than turned back.lili is straight as her legs are stretched ,so I hold my sister’s breast as I put my face on it to swallow it and while sucking Lili’s breast I am squeezing her other breast as it’s slips in my hand but getting hot I starts enjoying her lovely body and she is sounding sexy

“uh ah Garry ,suck hard some thing is moving inside my cunt “and I left her right breast to suck left one as my hand is rubbing her flat tummy to waist and now I am feeling Rani’s hand pulling down my Bermuda to legs as I have bend down my upper portion of body ,my back portion is on knees and as my nude cock is getting a jerk in Rani’s hand ,I am in I left her breast as tastes inside my mouth are full of oils and now I start kissing my sister’s face to lips as she hold my neck and took out her long tongue .

So Garry took her tongue in his mouth and starts sucking it hard ,as I am on my knees Lili hold my cock as she is jerking it fast and after a while as I am sucking sister’s tongue ,her face have turned reddish as her eyes are my cock have got lot of strength and after a while ,Lili pushes my head back as she took out her long too curious to love her vagina ,I am bit confused as her breast have given my mouth a bitter oily we both moved to washroom as both stands nude under cascade and as Lili hold me in her arms ,I opened the cascade as water starts flowing on our body.

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Lili is in a romantic mood as she is kissing my neck to face and as my palm is rubbing her nude butts ,she is in fire and starts rubbing her boobs on my we nude brother and sister is wet as I took my sister’s lips in mouth to suck and starts sucking it hard ,she is rubbing my ass hole with her finger as she pushed one to fuck my ass hole.really our bath cum physical love is going on and as Lili is breathing fastly ,my finger is rubbing in her butts crack and lastly ,Lili pushes my face and took out her she put cascade on hold as she hold a bottle of gels and both started rubbing eachother’s front portion of body as his palm is rubbing my chest to waist ,my hand have hold her breast and our upper front portion are foamy.

Lili is in dominance as she moved behind while leaving my ass hole lot of friction ,so she starts using gels on my back as my cock is getting bigger and than she hold me from behind as her hand hold my cock and her soft boobs are rubbing my Garry is too hot but Lili is more horny as she knelt infront of my ass and starts licking my anus hole with her tongue ,that’s the love which can make your penis hard in a brief I am sounding louder”uh ah it’s hard rock “and than she put lot of gels on my back to bum as she turned me ,now while sitting on her legs ,she is looking at me as she hold my cock and removed it’s skin to lick the soft round glans with her tongue.lili is igniting my body and as she swallows my 2/3 Rd penis in her mouth to suck ,her hand is on my waist and now she starts spinning her head fast as I am feeling my penis growing harder and bigger in sister’s mouth but things turned more romantic as Cathy came inside with a glass full of beer for me as she is looking sexy in her Lili’s tongue is rolling on my wet penis as Cathy gave me glass of drink and I starts drinking it ,so Lili wake up as she is rubbing my chest and Cathy is behind me as she have hold me from behind.garry’s drink finishes in hurry as I sit on my legs and now stretched my sister’s legs to kiss her vagina hard as Lili screamed “uh Garry lick fast you dog”and than her crossed fingers widened it’s hole but as she lost her virginity couple of weeks ago her hole is little flexible and my tongue is licking her cunt fast as she is in fire

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