I miss Burt

I remember the summer that I was eleven.  My mom and I lived in a duplex that was owned by the old lady who lived in the house next door. My mom was dating a man in the military named Mark. I was woken up by them arguing about sex. I guess he wanted it but she didn’t. Mom kept telling him to leave but he wouldn’t until my mom went outside in her houserobe and socks. Naturally the idiot followed.

He began to get very abusive by yelling mean things at my mom and calling her names as he pushed her around. I watched in fear through the window. I wanted to call the cops but I didn’t know where mom’s cell was. Suddenly out of the blue Mark ran off to get into his car. I didn’t know what was happening until I saw Burt running after Mark before Mark sped away. I watched my mom almost collapsed in his strong arms. Burt was about six feet tall. Slender with dark hair and a matching mustache and beard. He dressed like an old time street hood. Blue jeans, t shirt, cowboy boots and a brown leather vest. He was in his early twenties. Attractive but not overly handsome.

My mom was about 5′ 5″ and 140 pounds. She looked good for a 34 year old woman with light blonde hair. I could tell by my mom’s body language that she liked the hero from two houses down as they talked for a couple more minutes. Then I saw mom stretch up on her tippy toes and kiss Burt on the cheek before he turned and walked away.


When mom came back in she told me to het dressed because we were going grocery shopping. It seemed pretty strange to me at 8 am but a cream filled donut from the grocery store did sound good.

We got back around 10:30 am and mom went to work making salad and preparing to make her delicious home made finger steaks.

It was getting close to noon when my mom had me set the table for three. I was thinking. “Oh no, not Mark.” Then a few minutrs later a knock came on the door. Mom rushed to answer it. When she opened the door I was surprised to see Burt standing there.

Mom immediately introduced me as Julie and her name was Bonnie. I listened to the adults talk and laugh as I kept smiling and quickly fell in love with the man who had a funny Northern accent considering that we were in the South.

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We were finished eating, mom and I were cleaning up. Burt asked if we wanted to go to the beach. I was so excited. I knew mom wouldn’t get hit on by the beach bums if Burt was with us.

Mom told me to go change my clothes. Burt walked to his house and got ready too. I went into my room. I grabbed my new two piece but quickly decided to wear my two piece from last year. It would be a little tight but I wanted my little boobies to stick out. I got undressed and stood in the mirror as I checked out my body. I felt a tingly feeling between my legs as I pinched my nipples. My boobies were developed well enough to fill a small size bra and lile my mom I had long light blonde hair. Even light bling hair sprouting out around my pussy. I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped my finger in between my pussy lips. It felt do good as I thought of Burt violating me. Then I suddenly heard Burt’s voice in the kitchen. I slipped onto a summer dress over my two piece and walked out. Mom mom was dressed the same as I but a taller version with different patterns and colors. Burt has bathing trunks on with a tank top. We loaded into his muscle car and headed to the beach. I sat in the back seat with my hand over my crotch. My finger felt so good as I tickled my clit through my bikini bottoms.

We went swimming, had ice cream, went on the rides then stopped for pizza on the way home.

Burt dropped us off in our driveway. Mom asked if he wanted to watch a movie. He said thst he will be over shortly.

Mom took a shower right away. I slipped out of my two piece but left my dress on. As I sat alone on the couch I couldn’t help but to play with my clit again. I know it seems awkward for a girl my age to be so horny but I was. And I had a good reason

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Eventually mom came out of the bathroom with just a different summer dress on. Her 36-C tits were jiggling around. Mom and I were talking about how we liked Burt when he knocked on the door. He had a fresh tank top on and looses shorts. But just the way his bulge was I didn’t think that he had underwear on. I was so aroused. I wanted Burt to play with my pussy. But I am sure that my mom’s pussy was on his mind.

It was getting late half way through the second movie. I though a revolutionary war movie was boring anyways so mom told me to go take a bath the head to bed. I was sitting between my mom and Burt on the couch. So when I got up I strategically set my hand on Burt’s dick for leverage as I got up.

By the time the movie was over I had climbed into bed. Mom came in and kissed me good night then closed my door most the way when she exited.

From the opening of the door I could see Burt with his head back and his eyes closed. It was evident to me that mom was sucking Burt’s dick. I stood in the darkness of my room playing with my pussy knowing that my mom would be fucking Burt soon. My pussy was soaked. Suddenly the lights went out in the living room. And I heard mom and Burt walk by to go to mom’s room. I listed and could hear Burt grunting as mom pleasured his dick. I pulled my night shirt off and slid my panties the rest of the way down to step out of them.

I stood in my mom’s doorway at the bottom of the bed fingering my pussy. Mom was between Burt’s legs sucking his cock as he laid there. Slowly and quietly I crawled on the bed next to my mom. She slipped her mouth off Burt’s cock to let me suck on it. Something must had felt different to Burt to get his to look down at his dick. He began to panic until my mom demanded him to relax. I continued holding his cock and sucking on it. It seemed like I waited forever to suck Burt’s manhood.

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I could hear my mom whispering to Burt. ” I hope you like her blowjob. No one will ever know so let Julie enjoy your cock.”

Then I heard Burt say. “Can I eat her little pussy?”

My mom didn’t have to say anything. I got up and squatted over Burt’s face. His tongue was magical on my clit. It was long and slid inside my hole. But mom straddled his cock. She said to let her know when he was going to cum. I know that it didn’t take me long to orgasm. I think it’s what triggered Burt. He said. “I’m going to cum in a moment.” Mom jumped off of him and I moved down to my mom holding his boner as I slowly slid down on to it. It hurt a little but it wasn’t the first dick in my cunt. Mom helped me ride Burt’s cock until her came in my little tight hole.

Even though I was exhausted my mom and I sucked his cock clean of all our delicious juices.

Now the part that I didn’t want the ready to know was. My older brother started having sex with me when her was fifteen. That was three years before. Mom Yes Yes out four different men until she found a good man with a cock the same size as my brothers. And that was Burt. My brother had left for basic training. And it was hard on me. I got so used to a disk in my cunt that I was missing it. My mom felt bad because she knew about my brother and I. So she came up with a plan.

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