Mom & daughter : sexual desires fulfilled :part – 2

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It’s a day full of love , romance & sex as my mom Rina got the news of her daughter’s physical affair with her lover , Sam and Dipaali have got a nice and pleasurable fuck Infront of mom as losing virginity with a men of dad’s age was like a bad dream.

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So Dipaali ,a 18 years gal is on bed nude as her body is under sensation with semens filled inside vagina and to some extent it’s coming out of young guy Sam have made me a sexy gal as his 7-8 inches long and 2 inches thick cock have given my hole a hot penetration ,my mom Rina ,a 36 years lady is too experienced in her business as she have had extramarital affairs also with young guys.rina’s fair complexion with figure of 36-30-38 is attractive as her soft boobs with squared dome shaped buttocks are heavy ,her hole is too flexible and as I moved inside washroom to urinate and wash my sexual organs ,my mind is thinking of their physical activities. so I put a sexy robes on my body as I walked to dinning space ,Rina and Sam are sitting nude as they are enjoying drinks and so I can see Sam squeezing her right breast hard.looking at me ,mom smiled

“come on baby and enjoy drinks
(Me)mom I can drink beer only as wine tastes bitter
(Mom)have it from refrigerator.”

And I walked to refrigerator as I took out a bottle of beer and well back I put bottle and glass on table as looking at them I am too shy and now as I starts drinking beer while getting their physical activity looks,I can see Sam dropping wine on mom’s nude boobs as he hold it and starts licking it with his tongue .

Sam’s cock is still semi erected as Rina is jerking it fast and it’s a nice weekend for me as looking at mom’s breast getting sucked ,I am too excited and as I felt bit hot ,I moved to as Sam is sucking her breast ,she is sounding sexy

“uh ah um Sam ,don’t make me horny ash it’s itching “and so I sit on my mom’s legs as I put her both legs wide ,so her reddish vagina with wider hole is inciting me for Dipaali hold her glass of beer as she dropped little beer on vagina and starts rubbing it’s upper portion hard ,now she is in fire

“uh ah both are making me a wild lady”as I put glass on floor and now starts licking her hole with my long as my crossed fingers have widened it’s hole ,my vagina is rolling in her deep vagina and it tastes natural , so Sam left my sexy mom as she is screaming in pleasure

“uh dipa , suck hard my cunt”and I hold her fleshy labias as I am sucking it hard with my hand moving on her tummy to breast and my tiredness have vanished as igniting mind is curious for great sex,so as I am sucking my mom’s glory hole hard ,she shouts louder

“uh ah dipa ,it’s cumming”and I tastes it as I left her cunt.

So as Sam is back there with his long thick dick in full erection ,I moved to washroom as I have my refreshment and than back in dinning room ,so Sam is standing as my mom is looking like a slut with her body on legs as she is spinning her head fast while Sam’s penis is in her mouth,so I starts drinking beer as I can see Sam’s hand grabbed my mom’s long hairs as he is fucking her mouth with his long and thick waiting for live sex show of mom and Sam as watching mom’s fuck will be a nice moment and as I put empty glass on table ,I can see Rina licking Sam’s cock with her long tongue and her fingers are moving in dense pubic hairs .so mom walked nudely to washroom as I am sitting there and Sam than walked to me as his long and hard cock is Infront of my mouth ,he hold it and starts rubbing it’s glans on my feeling thirsty with his soft round glans on lips ,I swallow it as he hold my hairs and pushed his cock in my mouth ,his 2/3 rd cock have hit my throat as I hold his waist and starts sucking it ,Sam is in fire “uh ah suck hard both mom & daughter are best in blowjob as I felt his cock growing harder in my mom is standing behind Sam as she knelt down Infront of his bum and starts licking his anus hole ,he is fully aroused as he took out his penis from my he looks back

“sexy ,now leave my ass hole and enjoy my cock in your hole”.

Dipaali is too hot as she removed her robes and as mom stands with her palms on wall with butts straight to Sam’s waist ,I can see a four legged lady waiting for her fuck .so Sam hold her waist as he pushes his penis in mom’s wet vagina and Rina is a sexy lady as she pushed her butts back to swallow his cock and now Sam is fucking her with speed and power as she is shaking her butts fast and now nude Dipaali is near her mom as she holds her saggy boobs to massage,my mom’s sexy voice

“uh ah yes fuck fuck hard” is making room’s condition too romantic as her butts is in hold ,so Sam took out his penis as he spits on her ass hole and starts pushing his cock ,Rina screams louder

“uh it’s hurting Sam ,don’t fuck my ass” but Sam is deaf now as he starts penetrating his penis in a little anus hole and my mom is in immense pleasure as she is screaming

“uh ah fuck hard you mother fucker ash it’s a fire boiler uuh “and Sam is sweating with his waist in friction for last 7-8 minutes and as I can see mom’s legs shivering fasts ,she is begging for cum as she shouts

“uh ah Sam don’t make me too hot , please rain your cum in my ass hole”and after a while ,Sam’s penis poured semen in my mom’s ass hole and she is a satisfied lady as I took out his penis and swallows it to taste it’s cum…….

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