Mom & Daughter : Sexual desires fulfilled

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Sexual desires fulfilled,Mom & Daughter… I am not a virgin gal as my dad’s friend Hitesh ,a much older men fucked me to meet his desires but still feeling alone while I made a distant from Hitesh .

Now a days Dipaali is influencing Sam ,a neighborhood 23 years guy as he is my mom’s bed partner also ,my naked eyes have seen both of us inside room and my mom ,a 37 years matured lady have kept her physique fit as she is a beautiful women with big busts as well as round dome shaped buttocks ,she loves putting modern outfits as her strict discipline have made me an introvert .so Dipaali ,a 18 years cute girl with tall figure of 5’7 feet as her measurements reads 32-24-34 inches keeps her nice body in sexy dress as my school uniform is also so sexy that miniskirts reaches to my knees only and I have impressed Sam with my adorable style (read previous story ” impressed Sam with my adorable style“) but in a university ridge zone ,we both have only enjoyed oral sex ,so once I got fucked by Hitesh forcibly and than I thought to put his long thick cock again in my a days thinking to enjoy Sam’s dick as I know it’s pleasure from my friends or I have got it once ,so it’s a weekend as I wake up in the morning and after getting refreshed ,I moved to dinning room and so I can see dad having breakfast as mom is sitting in balcony ,household maid Shanta is in kitchen .so I asked maid for a cup of tea as I am sitting in balcony with my mom Rina and looking at me as she is reading newspaper …….

“too late baby
(Me)was late getting sleep ,so
(Rina)oh I see ! after tea have bath and breakfast as I will see your classes copies with assignment
(Me)sure mom ,I am serious in study
(Rina)yes ,so I got news that last week you were seen in university area .”

And my scared mind is reflecting on my face as maid put cup of tea and a glass of water,so I drink lot of water as I starts drinking tea and mom walked away ,now thinking about my illicit affair with Sam and even mom got the news ,how to react Infront of him if she asks it again .so as I put cup on table and took newspaper to read ,mom is back there as she sits on chair opposite to me ……..

“so baby , bunking classes and getting love with a guy ,is it true ?
(Me voiceless)………….baby I know it’s true but it’s your age to shape your career as now a days you are not so serious in study ,why ?
(Dipaali)I am sorry but it was a mistake ,I will never do it again
(Mom laughed)that’s good but once I will love to see that guy here ,will you call him ?
(Dipaali)leave it mom , please don’t make me feel guilty
(Mom)if guy is Sam than he will be here after an hour and than both have to confess .”

And I am too frightened but walked away to my room ,so I took a blue long skirt with tops and frisked into I removed my shorts and tops as under cascade ,I am nude and now as water starts flowing on my sexy body ,my mind is still wondering about getting our ( Sam & Dipaali) looks inside university campus ,who have seen us ? ,I don’t know but I am feeling crazy about Sam as I will reveal the truth to mom before Sam came here and I have had a 15 minutes video of mom & Sam in a compromising position as this will help me from getting back in my normal after putting body gels on my body ,I made my body fully covered with foams and than have my bath ,so little hairs on vagina and armpits is of no use as it’s not going to have love rubbed my wet body with a towel as I am in my room ,now took out a G string as I put it on waist to cover my vagina but kept my boobs nude to get some fresh airs on it as it’s a routine task to put undergarments on sexual organs for 5 days in a put my skirt and tops as looking like a simpleton girl ,now as I am in dinning room ,maid put breakfast on table as I can see mom walking out of her room , looking too sexy in her bath robes as she sit beside me and so we both are having breakfast ,she smiled

“Dipaali ,you have put such a dress ,it’s not of a modern girl like you
(Me)mom ,I am in home as it’s a comfortable clothes
(She laughed)it’s 09:30 am and after an hour your friend will be here
(Dipaali showing some sort of confusion)but who is she ,puja or Rekha
(Mom laughed)I know you and your boy friend Sam .”

And my face turned reddish as I am too shocked with mom’s statement and as my breakfast finishes ,I left him and now inside bedroom ,I am sitting on my chair with my laptop on table doing some work.later on ,my mom Rina is there as she have removed her robes and put a sleeveless tops with a miniskirts but it’s a sexy lingerie as it’s length is covering my mom’s upper portion till her half of tummy as nude belly with waistline is showing it’s shape ,it’s her strong smooth thighs to legs which are looking too sexy as she said

“Dipaali ,I know your sexual desires and your mom is also looking for it but I want to confess
(Me) confessions about your extramarital affairs ,isn’t it ?
(Rina)yes ,I love Sam as we both get laid on bed several times like a hot couple.”

And both mom and daughter are too happy as she have planned a nice day with Sam .so mom took out a sexy lingerie for me as holding it ,I am too shy ,it’s a baby doll clothes with attached transparent brasserie and a G string ,so while putting it on my body I am sure that nothing can be covered for him (Sam).now my mom said…….

“don’t hesitate to put it on your body and come soon in my bedroom.”

And feeling too hot as I have to join mom & Sam ,but a lady of 37 years with a guy of 23 years as lady is my mom ,it’s really tough to enjoy together .

So having drinks can make me more bold and shameless ,now I removed my skirts as well as tops while I put baby doll sexy lingerie on my body ,my tall figure of 5’7 feet is not well covered with it as my boobs are looking hot in a attached transparent brasserie ,so my flat tummy to waistline are covered but my sexy upper parts of thighs are looking sexy in a transparent doll dress and it have covered up to my semi thighs as a G string is covering my vagina but my sexy butts is showing her I stand Infront of a large mirror as I am bit shy and now walked out of room to see my mom Rina sitting on sofa ,her legs are crossed as thighs to legs are nude but it’s her nude arms to big boobs are great as it’s like a pair of peaks of mountainous range ,she smiled at me …….

“oh baby !really love to see you in this dress but
(Me)yes mom ,what’s the problem ?
(She)nothing ,just sit and wait for Sam as he is in market .”

So I am looking at mom’s cleavages as she is still in great shape and looking at me ,she said………

“baby ,put three glasses here and a bottle of water “so I moved to kitchen as I hold three glasses and well back , putting it on table as mom said “really your butts seems nice as boobs are in good shape
(Dipaali sitting beside mom)you are making me feel like a slut gal but mom ,trust me I am only in friendship with Sam
(She kissed my face)baby ,I know your desires as you are going from teens to a next phase ,so be cautious before getting laid with guys .”

And mom is behaving me like her friend ,so door bell starts ringing as mom wake up to open the door ,while sitting on sofa with my legs crossed ,I am feeling too shy and than as Sam came inside and hugs my mom ,his eyes got my my head is down as both sits on opposite sides ,now Sam took out three bottles of beer as mom said……

“Dipaali keep one inside refrigerator.”

So as I wake up ,Sam is looking at me like a hungry wolf and so I leaned down to hold the bottle but he made me too scared as his hand hold my breast on dress and pressed it hard “oh auch ,leave it” ,so his hand moves down as I moved towards kitchen to put bottles in I am standing in kitchen behind door as I am looking at them ,my mom Rina is kissing his face as Sam’s hand is squeezing her breast on let them go ahead with their past memories as Sam have hold my mom’s long silky hairs and put his lips on her lips but she kissed it as she put away her head “let him come first , enjoy drinks and than “so I came back as Sam is eyeing at my boobs in a transparent brasserie ,so as I sit on sofa ,Sam have already filled glasses with beer and looking at me “you are really too sexy as your V shaped butts have made my cock erected “and looking at them I hold a glass as I drinks beer in a hurry,so mom is surprised to see my drinks and as both are drinking beer ,Sam lit a cigarette as mom smiled

“oh I see !baby is enjoying beer for a long time” and as I am feeling too horny ,my mind refreshed my past memories with dad’s friend Hitesh as he have made me a drunk girl and now as I hold bottle to put beer in glass ,Sam is smiling on me and I starts drinking beer as Sam is rubbing my mom’s thigh with his palm.rina’s miniskirts have gone up as I am feeling bit unconscious and going to an intoxicating phase ,so I can see mom’s blue panty covering her vagina and as my drinks finishes ,now I am a slut as well as dirty gal for them.

I can see Sam’s hand rubbing my mom’s vagina on panty as she is removing his shirt and now I stand infront of Sam as I waved my hand to come near and he is a young guy with a nice physique ,so left my mom and stands near me .now as he is in jeans and vest ,I put my hand on his waist and unbuckled his jeans ,so he pulled it down as his hand hold my Sam put his lips on my lips as he kissed it hard but my hand is on his bulge on undies and I hold it hard ,so our lips kisses turned hot as I pushed my tongue in Sam’s mouth .so while sucking my tongue hard ,his hand is rubbing my sexy butts as it’s a transparent back with a G string on vagina ,so my smooth bum is feeling his palm hard and as my eyes are closed ,I am standing with Sam and pulled down his brief.

So his long thick penis is in my hand as his hand is under my dress and now I took out my tongue as his long cock is becoming hard in my hand .so he is too agressive as he put his hand on my shoulder and pulled down the straps of dress ,seems to make me nude as I put other straps down .now dipaali’s boobs are nude as Sam removed my dress and a G string is only on my body as he hold my breast and put his mouth on it ,not feeling ashamed of making love with Sam infront of mom as she stands near us and now hold Sam’s cock .so she sits on her legs as Sam left my breast and I moved back to give my mom enough space to suck his cock , so Rina hold his erected penis as she starts rubbing it’s glans on her face and looking at me ,she swallows his cock as she starts spinning her head .now as Dipaali’s boobs are nude ,Sam starts massaging left one and as he is in fire his hand is rubbing my vagina on G string ,so I opened it’s strings as I am now a nude gal and while Sam is screaming in pleasure “uh ah um you sexy suck hard ,but will fuck your sexy daughter’s cunt only “as I starts rubbing my palm on Sam’s chest ,not getting enough space to stand infront of mom left his wet cock as we moved to bedroom ,so only mom is in clothes and as I sits on bed ,Sam hold my mom’s tops and removed it as I am pulling down his elastic band skirts down and on bed we three are nude.

Sam slept straight on bed as I hold his cock and looking at him ,I leaned my face as I starts kissing it while my mom is now a more greedy lady as she sits on Sam’s face with butts slight up and her legs are in opposite as I swallows Sam’s whole cock ,glans stuck at my throat and I started sucking it fast as my eyes are going on mom’s vagina through her butts down portion and I can see Sam’s tongue licking my mom’s vagina fast as she is sounding sexy “uh ah it’s in fire ,oh Sam fuck me soon”as I took out Sam’s wet cock and my long tongue is licking it .so my glory hole is in full sensation as I left Sam’s penis and moved to washroom ,well back there as I can hear mom screams “uh oh Sam suck my hole soon ,it’s cumming “and it’s a hot romantic affair going inside home as dad is busy in making money ,his wife and daughter are enjoying their lifes with a neighborhood guy .

So my mom left his face as she moved inside washroom and now looking at me ,Sam said “have your cunt got wet
(Me)yes Sam ,it’s a wet vagina now “and so he sits on bed as dipaali get laid ,now Sam hold my legs as he made it wide ,now his cock is going to fuck me first fuck of life was a dirty dream for me as Hitesh have fucked me after giving me some pills in water to make me unconscious but it’s my pleasure to get fucked with a young guy. so I stretched my legs wider as Sam knelt in between my thighs and hold his penis ,his skin is removed as it’s glans is going inside my vagina and it’s not a mature cunt of my mom .so as his 1/2 cock moved inside ,I felt my hole in bit pain as it feels like a hot iron rod in my smooth hole tearing into parts .so as Sam hold my waist ,I made my mind for little pain and there he pounded his cock hard as it disappears in my little vagina ,I shouted

“oh no ,take it out ,it’s in pain with lot of bruises
(Mom)really than Sam fuck me
(Me)no need to do it ,I will enjoy his cock with little pain also .”

As mom is sitting near my face and squeezing my boobs hard ,I am fully aroused as Sam is fucking me with speed and power ,so I am screaming “uh ah it’s a nice cock ,I love it ,Sam fuck fuck hard “and my mom smiled “so who fucked your vagina earlier on “and my face have become red as I am breathing heavily ,it’s a hot romantic affair going on inside parent’s as my vagina is in fire ,I am begging for it’s cum and starts shouting “uh ah Sam please rain your cum ,it’s cumming “and it’s a nice coincidence that as my vagina starts crying profusely ,his penis ejaculated semen in my vagina but Sam have took out his cock in hurry as it’s my mom direction ,so Rina sucked his cock and tastes his cum. I am well satisfied while I am on bed feeling my legs in pain as bruises have hurt my vagina also ,Rina and Sam walked away nudely………….wait for it.

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