Impressed Sam with my adorable style

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My life is too romantic but it’s a secret affair with a much older men , Hitesh ,my dad’s friend as he is just double of my age but we both have an illicit affair as I lost my virginity also with Dipali ,a 18 years gal , height of 5’7 feet with white complexion have kept her figure fit ,as my busts measures 32 inches ,my waist is curvy of 24 inches but my squared shaped buttocks is 34 inches and I love to wear modern outfits as my thoughts have changed after I get physical with a men of my dad’s age as he forced me for sex and than our affair got started as I starts enjoying physical relationship with him but it was up to oral sex only as i got his long thick penis in my mouth,I tasted his cum also and he have licked my glory hole as he sucked my boobs but lastly,he fucked me as I lost my virginity and again I took risk to know the real pleasure in getting fuck.

So I have matured lot in last 5-6 months as my mind is now too hot as I love to watch porn videos regularly but for a month,I have not given Hitesh uncle any chance to love me and so my eyes are on Sam ,a guy who is in illicit affair with my mom and I have seen their sexual activities twice but my mom have put me under control as she want to keep me aloof from sexual pleasure but she don’t know my secret affair with my school classes are in process as I am looking for Sam’s presence in home or on road as he is a neighborhood guy of 23-24 years and his tall figure of 6’0 feet with fair complexion as his strong thighs with arms are attractive.

So one morning ,as I walked out of home with my school bag ,I am looking nice but miniskirts covering my 2/3 portion of thighs as my lovely boobs are making me too hot and white stockings on thighs to legs are making me little as I am going towards bus stop to board a bus for school,I got look of Sam coming from opposite direction and his eyes caught my look as he came to me,so I stops near roadside as he came on his bike……………

“Hi Sam
(He)hello ,going to school
(Me)yes Sam and you
(Sam)going to university premises
(Me)o k ,I will board bus for my school
(Sam laughed)oh baby,you are so innocent or making me fool
(Me)so what Sam
(Sam)you don’t know that I will go to university via civil lines.”

And I got the lift from my mom’s lover Sam as I sit on bike with my both legs in same direction as i put school bag in the back of bike and my one hand is on his shoulder as I am sitting too closer and my right sponge boobs is touching his back ,so put my other hand on his waist as I am making him bit starts pressing my boobs on his back and as civil lines came ,I said……….”now please stop the bike.”as he stopped the bike and looking at me ,he smiled………

“when your school will be over?
(Me)at 03:15 pm Sam but why ?
(Sam)oh that’s nice ,my classes will end at 03:00 pm and so wait for me as I will pick you from here ,now I walk to school premises as having a ride with Sam was like a nice morning and my classes are in process as I am thinking of him but will he propose me soon or not,let me flirt him with my adorable it’s 03:15 pm as i walked out of classroom and reached near main gate of school,so waiting for him near roadside and looking towards busy path,so 4-5 minutes of wait turned into a nice meet as he came there and I sit on his he is driving his bike smoothly as I have kept my hand on his waist as other hand is on his shoulder , so pressing my boobs hard on his back and at speed breaker ,my boobs hits his back hard and my hand is going down to his bulge as like a bold gal ,I have put my hand on his bulge and rubbed for a showing my sexual desires with love and Sam is not in hurry as he is driving bike at slow speed but as I reached near Bus Stop ,I asked him………

“Sam ,now stop please
(Sam)ok baby.”and I left his bike as I said……..”thanks Sam for your lift
(He)oh don’t say anything ,so I will wait for you tomorrow morning at same time.”

And I walked towards my home as I am feeling bit tired with day long as I frisked inside home,I am in my room as i starts removing my school dress ,now only in brassiere with panty as I took my shorts and tops, walked inside washroom as i urinated and took refreshment,so put my shorts with tops as I am in my dinning I can see mom coming out of his room as looking at me,she said………

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