Married lady Tony & her sexy body : part-4

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A gal who get married 3 months back can be a hot blonde but can’t be a lady as her age is just 22 years with height of 5’6 feet and her charming face with white complexion makes her beautiful,so her busts is of 32 inches with waist of 26 inches and her round dome shaped buttocks is bit heavy as it measures 34 inches.

Tony have kept her figure fit as her lovely boobs with bum and vagina are in a great shape , so in last three months her dressing sense have changed as her long hairs have been cut short and she is now a gal with modern thoughts .so as Tony and Mohit have spent a day inside a room in hotel,she is even not shy as I am well versed with her nature , earlier on whenever we get laid or have been physical ,she always kept herself aloof from me but after a hot day in morning,I wake up as I took my refreshment and now moved to dinning room as i can see mom as well as sister talking on some important issue but as they got my look ,they are voiceless and so I sit on sofa in opposite side as mom left us and looking at me ,Tony smiled…….

“come here
(I sit near him)yes what happened ?
(Tony)mom is giving me lecture on pregnancy
(Me)oh I see ,means a good news is coming soon
(Tony)no after 4-5 years or so ,let me enjoy my life first in metro city first
(Me)oh but what’s your plans for it
(Tony)not going to disclose it soon.”

And than mom came there with cups of tea as both are drinking it and she is not a gal who always felt ashamed of her /our sexual session as well as affair but she is too bold and now she said………..

“are you going to college ?
(Me)sure but why are you asking for it
(Tony)o k than leave it for a day but I need some favour from you
(Me)sure ,you can ask
(Tony bit serious)your friend Rohan ,do you recognise him?
(Me)oh ,yes he is my best friend
(Tony)let fix my meet with him next day
(Me)oh feeling jealous but why you want to meet him baby ?
(Tony)you know it ,so don’t be shy to call him and than book a room in hotel as I need two guys there
(Me)are you so slut or you are joking
(Tony)next day it will be a two guys versus one gal inside room.”

Now I walked away as I hold my mobile in hand,so while sitting on bed I am thinking of my elder sister’s illicit affair with my friend Rohan as she have never disclosed about it,may be she have had physical relationship with him prior to her marriage but when and how it took place, is still a mystery for after a while ,I put my mobile on table as I opened my wardrobe and took out my clothes ,now Tony came inside as she …….”I think you are feeling too shy while talking to Rohan ,isn’t it
(Me)no but want to know about your relationship with him
(She laughed)oh you foolish ,have seen him sometime here but in your presence,so have not talked yet with him
(Me)o k ,than why you are curious to have affair with him
(Tony)He is a smart guy and I know he will be pleased to join us
(Me) listen my sister,if you need a smart guy for love than gigolo will be best
(Tony smiled) you are so sweet ,but never got such idea to pay money with my sexy body to a stranger
(Me)o k ,if you want Rohan to meet ,you can talk as his number is in my mobile.”and than I frisked inside washroom as i removed my clothes ,so I opened the tap of cascade as I started having my bath and as my body got wet,I put my hand on a body gels bottle as I started using it on my body,so as i am rubbing the gel on my chest to neck and put it on my thighs to legs ,in a sudden I heard sound as door of washroom got opened and I am too nervous as well as scared ,elder sister Tony is moving inside and as her eyes are gazing my long cock ,I said…….”please don’t hesitate to leave soon
(She walked to me as she hold my cock)don’t hesitate to enjoy with a slut gal ,you are nervous and afraid of being caught,isn’t is ?
(Me)yes ,mom is in home
(She kissed my lips and opened the tap of cascade)mom have left for temple and we are alone here.”

And so her sexy night robes get wet as I hold him in my arms and kissed her lips hard,so my hand is on her back as we both are getting wet but my body covered in foams are getting washed as her robes is getting I hold my sister’s hairs as i starts licking her lips with my tongue and she is a great sucker as she swallows my whole tongue,now my hand is rubbing her wet ass as her cotton robes is fully as she is sucking my tongue hard,my chest is getting soft touch of her boobs and now I am feeling too hot with my elder sister,later on as I took out my tongue from her mouth ,she opened her front ropes of robes as her sexy body is nude and I hold her boobs hard as I started squeezing it and my sister took out her robes as she is kissing my chest to tummy,now moving downwards to my waist and lastly ,she sits on his legs and took out his tongue .so she is rubbing my penis on her tongue and it’s like my cock getting erected as I am screaming “uh ah suck it suck you whore”but she is rubbing it’s glans on his tongue as my legs are shivering and than as my mind become firesh ,I hold her hairs and now pushed my whole penis in her mouth,so she closed her mouth and starts sucking it like a shameless lady ,my body is under her heat and she is giving me a nice blow job,so I am shouting “uh ah yes ,suck suck you bitch ,will arrange dozen of cocks for your hot tunnel”and she left my penis as she is rolling her tongue on my wet penis and I am now looking for her vagina as i want to lick it and fuck elder sister’s fingers are moving in my pubic hairs as my cock have been loved with her long tongue,now she wake up as standing in front of me with her hand on my Tony’s sexy body is wet as I put cascade on hold and now hold a bottle of gels but she screamed”dear suck my boobs first,than do it
(Me)as you wish baby.”

And my hand hold her boobs as i am pressing both of it and now I put my face on it as I swallow my sister’s right boobs to suck and she is rubbing my hairs as her voice”uh ah Mohit , suck suck hard”and I am tasting my elder sister’s breast as it’s not a milky tank till now,so while sucking it my hand is rubbing her cunt and she is too horny as i took her other ones to suck ,so mom have left for mandir as she have paved way for both of us here and my elder sister Tony have surprised me with her move .now I sucked her tits as my cock is fully erected but I am looking for her vaginal zone to love and now I knelt down as Tony stretched her legs wide ,so looking at her glittering vagina ,I put my middle finger in hole as I am rubbing it hard and so ,Tony screamed louder “Mohit , don’t make me wait for your cock but lick my cunt soon darling”and than I hold her one thigh as I put it on my shoulder,so my face is in between her thighs and I am kissing my sister’s vagina hard.later on ,I put my fingers crossed on her sexy vagina as i put my long tongue on her hole and while licking it,my hand is rubbing her butts as I am licking her glory hole fast like a stray dog and she is in fire “uh ah yes lick lick fast my brother”and I am hitting her clitoris with my tongue as I felt it’s cumming ,I pushed my finger inside to fuck but my tongue is rolling on her hole,so her vagina got wet as I am tasting her salty cum with my tongue and as she is shouting “uh oh Mohit , please leave my vagina soon ,just fuck fuck me ” ,I wake up and now moved to toilet seat as I urinated there .
Inside washroom ,Tony a 22 years newly married gal is in physical affair with her younger brother Mohit ,a 21 years guy with lot of stamina as well as strength with long and hard I hold the bottle of gels as I put it on my palm and now starts rubbing it on her sexy boobs as she is holding my penis ,now her front parts of body is foamy and now I turned my sister’s body .

So Mohit is eyeing her round dome shaped buttocks as I sit on my legs and now widened her anus hole,it’s a tight one as I starts licking it fast and looking at me she is screaming louder “Mohit ,oh don’t waste your time ,fuck fuck me darling “and now I put gels on her back as my hard palm is rubbing her sexy back while massaging her soft boobs ,nothing gives more pleasure than loving your sister’s sexy body as I made her body well covered with she is bit shy as she turned back and both are facing eachother’s body as Tony hold my cock and starts rubbing it on her cunt as I hold her one thigh in air and Tony have pushed my penis inside vagina as i fucked hard and in a smooth hole ,my cock have made way as I started fucking her hard while she is kissing my face to lips and our waist to flat tummy are brushing eachother as we are hot and my cock is fucking her in speed as my jerks are she have hold me tight in her arms as our body is making rub to eachother and our sexual organs are in love.she is a horny gal as her foamy body is making my body foamy and now while fucking her ,I opened the cascade as I am going hard in her cunt and so I can feel her vagina too dry as well as Tony halts my fuck session as she turned and now put her both arms on wall as her sexy ass is infront of me ,so she is like a four legged animal as I hold my cock and starts penetrating it but her dry hole is in fire and so I drops some gels on my penis as i pushed my long cock in her vagina,now as I started fucking her fast,she is a slut gal and her butts gets moving and so we both are in fire as well as fire ,while my cock is too hot and after a while ,I screamed louder “oh yes move your ass fast baby , aah I will cum soon”and my penis ejaculated semen in her vagina as i took it out and Tony ,sucked my cock to taste the our bath with sex in shower lasts .

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