Family Adventure – Family opens up to a new level of love

As the summer of my daughter Leslie’s 21st birthday approached, she started giving subtle hints about taking a cruise to celebrate. Leslie is a beautiful young lady standing five foot six inches tall with short brown hair that just touches her shoulders. She has a cute figure just like my wife and probably has a D cup. I say that because my wife, Candy, is a good C and Leslie looks bigger. Yes I look, what red blooded man doesn’t?

I own my own company and have done quite well for myself and my family. I am a forty two year old, clean-cut, average Joe who eats right and I take care of his body. I have a fitness center membership where I run 5 miles daily. I don’t smoke but I do drink every once in a while and I love eating seafood.


I had already booked a cruise before prices skyrocketed but kept it from the entire family. A cruise was going to happen for the three of us and maybe Leslie’s friend Tabitha, Tabs as we called her. I was planning on telling them about the trip tonight during dinner and since Tabs eats at our house, she will learn of the trip as well.

Candy was in the kitchen with Leslie toiling over supper when Tabs let herself in the front door. “How’s it hanging Ray?” she asked walking by me, slapping at my foot. I was sitting in the den with my feet up, relaxing. It had been a long day of meetings and this was my relaxation time.

“Low and full” I said as she looked at me out of the corner of her eyes, smiled, then continued into the kitchen. I have to admit that Tabs was a gorgeous young lady. She loves to show as much skin as possible and I figured who was I to tell her any different.

Tabs Is a dancer and her favorite clothes to wear were those spandex shorts and a tee shirt that had the arms cut out and tied above her waist in a knot. Inside her shirt, sometimes she wore a sports bra while other times she didn’t . Her breasts weren’t quite as big as Leslie’s but when she didn’t wear a sports bra, you could get a good side view of her breast just short of the nipple. Today as she went into the kitchen, I noticed she had on a shirt with the arms cut extra low but I didn’t see a bra. My eyes sank quickly to her shorts that were fighting to hold in her fine ass.

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I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew Candy standing at the kitchen entry calling my name. “Ray, Ray. I need your help in the kitchen.” I stood up and joined her there.

In the kitchen the girls were attempting to get Candy’s new mixer to work and for some reason they thought I would know how it worked. Les and Tabs both told me what they had done as I was trying to make heads or tails of this beast. After moving a handle and pushing a part or two, then flipping a switch, it sprang to life.

It was at that moment I realized that no one had reminded me the content in the mixing bowl was mostly liquid. I guess I should have seen it but that was not why I was called to the kitchen. When the mixer started, it was on extra whip, sending all of the liquid out of the bowl. Tabs got hit with most of the liquid and I came in second with Les running away just in time to only get a small amount on her leg.

Tabs jumped and tried to deflect the flying fluids with her hands only to cause it to splash more and cover more of her body. I froze as it was over as quickly as it started. When Tabs stopped moving, her right breast had popped out of her shirt and was covered with liquid. We all noticed it at the same time but from my vantage point up close, I got the best view. Tabs arm quickly covered her breast and turned away to repack herself while I burned the image in my mind for later use.

When she turned around, our eyes locked and her mouth fell open. I went bug eyed as I just stared at her. Like a flash, my wife had gone to get towels, returned and was handing one to each of us. When I broke my stare, my wife was consoling Tabs and helping her dry off. “Oh sweetie, let’s get you one of Ray’s tee shirts to change into.”

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My wife can defuse almost any situation with her kind words. As she talked to Tabs, they walked towards our bedroom to get her changed. I attempted to dry off as Les laughed and laughed “this is funnier than TV.” I smiled and chuckled at what it must look like while dabbing wet spots.

“Funny huh!” As I flicked the towel at her. We continued laughing as I attempted clean up on the liquid that was everywhere.

Back in the bedroom, Candy and Tabs were getting Tabs a dry tee shirt out of my dresser. As my wife opened each drawer to find my tee shirts, Tabs removed the wet shirt she was wearing and wiped off the liquid from her breast that was hit. “Can I use your bathroom, I need to clean off” looking down at her breasts.

Candy turned to look and said “yes, I think it would be best. I’ll show you where everything is in the shower” She turned and went into our bathroom, Tabs in close pursuit. In the bathroom, Candy gave the quick tour, pointing out towels and wash hand towels, soap and told Tabs “your welcome to shower if you’d rather.”

Tabs said she might, she just felt sticky all over now. Candy opened the large walk in shower and made sure it was presentable then stepped back for Tabs to inspect. Tabs walked in, turned and said “oh yeah, I’m showering! This is a huge shower!”

Candy smiled and turned to leave so that Tabs could shower. She stopped at the door and turned to ask if she needed anything else and saw Tabs had already turned the water on and had stripped free of all her clothes. My wife’s eyes immediately fell to Tabs clean shaven pussy. Forgetting what she was going to say, she apologized, shook her head then turned to leave.

Tabs said “can you do me a favor?” as she stood naked in the middle of the bathroom. My wife was steadily scanning this young beauty’s body, soaking up all of her…attributes.

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“Well that depends..” Candy trailed off. In her mind, she was thinking that she probably wants me to go wash her wet clothes them bring them back.

“I know it will sound weird but can you help me wash my hair?” as she took the large bun from her head. Her hair hung to the crack of her ass and it was thick.

“What do you mean, help you wash your hair?” with her head slightly turned.

“Well, my mom usually helps me because I can’t get all the soap out of it when I wash it and it would look dirty.” Tabs had a very innocent look on her face. How could Candy deny that, she was a sucker for that innocent stare.

“What do I need to do?” She asked, thinking of all she really needed to be doing. She was hoping Les and I were cleaning the kitchen while she was helping Tabs.

“Well, I can wash it but I’ll need help rinsing it” she said as she pulled her hair around her body and covered her right breast. She stroked her hair with her fingers, slowing as she crossed her nipples, then her eyes fixed on my wife. Naively, my wife agreed as it was just innocent help and after all, Tabs was like a daughter to us.

Tabs entered the shower and soaped up her body as my wife waited. Candy fiddled around the bathroom as our shower door is all glass with a non-steam accumulating film so she had full view of Tabs soaping up. Candy felt her insides getting warm as Tabs ran her soapy hands all over her body, careful to get in every crack. Turning her body ever so often, giving Candy a great 360 degree of her toned body.

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