A mom and daughter share daughter’s willing husband

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My wife Stephanie and I have been married for ten years and during that time we have taken many vacations to awesome beaches. Stephanie works for a car dealer and is their top salesperson. This could be contributed to the fact that she stands about five foot nine inches and had long dark hair. Her favorite clothes to wear consists of short dresses and stripper high heel shoes. Her dresses are usually low cut which gives her 36DD tits front billing with each deal she makes. She loves to show off her body as she sells cars and is free to let prospective buyers get a full show of what is under her hood. If their eyes meet she will wink at them and bite her lip. This drives men crazy and every once in a great while it revs the ladies engines.

I am a financial adviser and my business is doing quite well. My clients know me and my wife as we have attended many parties hosted by them. When we attend parties my wife gives anyone who wants a quick look more than they might hope for.

This past weekend, we took off our jobs early and drove 5 hours to spend the weekend with my wife’s mother. She has lived alone for many years and has gone on many vacations with us. She is a special woman who takes great care of herself. Beside my wife, the two could pass for sisters. She also loves to wear revealing clothing and when we vacationed together, in fact, her bikini was as small as my wife’s. I’m not complaining as her body is holding its own in a great way.

When we arrived at Linda’s house, we unloaded and made ourselves comfortable. Stephanie said she wanted to just soak in a tub for a little bit. I said I wanted to change out of work clothes so I put on a tee shirt and a pair of boxers. Stephanie took all of her clothes off while in the bedroom we were going to sleep.

Let me give you a layout of the house. When you walk into the front door you see the great room which is a large open family room with a large wrap around couch and several recliners. There is a very large screen TV on the left wall and there is a large ottoman in the middle of the room. To the left of the great room is the kitchen and a breakfast nook. To the back left of the great room is a laundry room with a full bath attached. The wall opposite the front door is full of windows. To the right of the great room is a doorway leading to a hall. The hall goes left to the master bedroom and right to the bedroom we were in. In the middle of the hall is a bathroom where Stephanie walked without any clothes on to soak in a hot tub. As she entered the bathroom, Linda saw me in my boxers and tee shirt and said that she was going to get comfy also.

She went into her bedroom and closed the door but left it partially open. I gathered up my wife’s clothes and sat them near our luggage. I turned and headed out of the bedroom; I could see in Linda’s bedroom and saw that she was in the master bathroom undressing. I paused and saw her strip naked and I have to say, her body is that of a 25 year old. She is smoking hot and as I said, her body is almost identical to my wife’s body. Before I could move, Linda turned and saw me watching and gave me a lusty look and blew me a kiss. Unsure what to do, I moved away from the door and into the great room. I sat on the couch and shortly after that Linda came in the room wearing a silky gown with spaghetti string shoulder straps and it was cut low in the front and stopped just below her cunt.

“Like what you saw?” she asked as she passed by me heading towards the kitchen.

Without thinking, I said “absolutely.” After I said that word, my body had a warm, tingly feeling, like you get when alcohol enters your system on a cold day. I turned as she passed me so I could get a good view of her ass and I was not let down. Her ass wiggled under that gown in a rhythm that I had only seen on my wife. I was mesmerized until I realized Linda had turned and was asking me a question.

“Do I look good from that view?” as she stood with her hands on her hips. She gave a quick wink and disappeared into the kitchen. In my mind I was conflicted if she was offended or turned on, I know I was turned on. I sat there thinking about what had happened and I heard my wife rustle in the tub so I knew she was close to finishing her soak. I shook it off and turned the TV on to a mindless station.

Stephanie came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. This towel was doing all it could to contain my wife’s magnificent tits. It was covering just above her nipple and stopped just below her cunt and she had wrapped it so that if she bent over, and she did, the front would open to give open access to her body. She walked over to me and bent over and gave me a kiss. Her towel revealed her shaven cunt and almost her entire stomach. My cock lurched in my boxers and my wife noticed saying “looks like someone needs some attention.”

“Absolutely” I said, and pulled my cock out of my boxers. Stephanie knelt down and began giving me a blowjob. My wife has a certain talent when it comes to giving blowjobs. She has said that she loves sucking cock and I believe her. I let her practice on me any time she wants. She takes my cock head in her mouth and somehow swirls her tongue around it in a way that gives more pleasure than anything else in the world. As she sucks the head, she fondles my balls with one hand and jacks me with the other hand. It doesn’t take long with her doing this that I cum hard in her mouth. She also loves to eat my cum, says she loves the taste and texture.

She has me on edge and about to cum when Linda comes back in the room. Stephanie doesn’t stop even though I am unsure what Linda is going to say. “MMM, that looks like fun” she said as she plops down on the couch next to me. She has a wine bottle, glasses and some beer for me in her hands. She opens a beer and hands it to me while my wife is between my legs sucking my cock. With one hand on my wife’s head, I reach for the beer. I felt like I was in a dream with my wife sucking my cock and my mother in law handing me a beer while she watched.

“I taught her everything she knows” Linda said as she watched while pouring herself a glass of wine. She sat back and took a few sips and put her hand on my thigh. She began rubbing my thigh slowly as if she was getting into what we were doing. “So how is she doing?” Linda asked but with my state of mind, all I could do was lay my head back and moan. “I’ll take that as a yes” she said.

As I refocused, I started to cum. My wife knew and withdrew except for my cock head and she took every drop of my cum in her mouth. When I finished cumming, she looked up at me then at her mom as if asking a question. I didn’t get it until my wife moved over to her mom and they kissed, sharing my cum between the two. I was blown away when the kissed and my cock jumped as if it was left out. My wife’s hand took my cock and continued stroking it while she and her mom were sharing my cum. After a few minutes of sharing, they broke their kiss and my mother in law said “your cum tastes so good and the texture is great.” I have never had anyone other than my wife tell me that so I didn’t know how to respond.

Sitting back on her feet, my wife let her towel drop to reveal her awesome tits. At this point, she was naked and I had my cock sticking out of my boxers and Linda was wearing a silky gown that was revealing most of her tits. “Your body is so sexy” Linda said to Stephanie. “Do you still work out?”

“I go to the gym several times a week to relieve stress from my job” Stephanie said as she looked down at her body, rubbing her hands across her stomach and tits.

“Well, you keep it up baby because your body is toned just right.” Linda was looking at every part of Stephanie’s body. “You keep your pussy shaved too?” she said as she saw Stephanie spread her knees apart.

“Yes, I have kept it shaved since the first day you shaved me” Stephanie said as she ran her hand across her cunt. Her fingers were wet from the rub so she licked them clean. “And I love the taste of my juices too.”

Linda had lifted her gown to expose her cunt and had run her hand across hers as well. Her fingers were also wet so she licked them clean. “I like mine too.”

“What does yours taste like?” Stephanie asked.

Linda leaned back and pushed her ass to the edge of the couch “taste and see.”

Without hesitation, Stephanie moved between her mom’s legs and started sucking on her mom’s cunt. Linda closed her eyes and leaned her head back while Stephanie closed her eyes and sunk her tongue deep into Linda.

“Ew, yes, that feels great” Linda moaned.

Stephanie broke her contact long enough to say “Mom, your cunt tastes great and I love your lips, they are so soft.” After that, Stephanie continued to eat Linda’s cunt. Linda had sat her glass down as Stephanie started eating her so she took her hands and put them on Stephanie’s head to hold her hair back. This gave us a great view of my wife’s face peaking over Linda’s cunt.

My wife’s tongue has a mind of its own. It didn’t take long for Linda to orgasm as she held my wife’ head tight to her cunt. Her orgasm caused her body to convulse in pulses which caused my cock to pulse along with her. My wife, meanwhile, had not stopped jacking me off. I was about to cum when my wife broke from Linda and asked if she wanted to suck me off.

Linda quickly hit the floor on her knees, almost running Stephanie over, to suck me off. She had not gotten to my cock long before I exploded in her mouth. I sent rope after rope of cum in her mouth and she did not lose a drop. When I was finished, she and Stephanie shared another kiss and shared my cum between them.

My wife was fondling Linda’s tits as they kissed, pinching her nipples causing Linda to moan more. After they finished sharing, Linda asked if she could take a ride on my cock after I recovered. I looked at Stephanie and she looked at me as if to say sure, why not. I finished two beers while waiting for recovery of my spent cock. Linda and Stephanie finished off a bottle of wine and Stephanie went to the kitchen to get a second.

While Stephanie was in the kitchen, Linda took my cock in her hand and started playing with it to get it hard. It didn’t take much and soon I was hard. She stood up, finished off her glass, then took her gown and pulled the straps off her shoulders and pulled it down over her tits and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of me, totally naked. Her body was better up close, not to say it was bad far off when I saw her earlier.

She started to straddle my legs just as Stephanie walked in “good, I didn’t miss anything” she said.

“I can’t wait any longer. His cock looks like it will fill me up” Linda said.

“Oh yes, he is very talented with is cock, you will not be let down” Stephanie said as she came over the couch and sat beside me. She gave me a quick kiss before Linda eased my cock into her wet cunt. As she slid my cock inside of her, she closed her eyes and took a long, slow breath. She stopped inhaling when she bottomed out and I had moved my hands to each side of her hips.

“Oh my, he feels so good” Linda said as she looked at Stephanie. Stephanie agreed and they held hands as Linda pulled off my cock but stopped with only my cock head inside then slowly filled herself back up. Stephanie moved the hand she was using to hold her mom’s hand to Linda’s ass. She was feeling her ass as it raised and lowered on my cock.

Stephanie’s fingers moved between Linda’s ass crack and her middle finger began massaging her pucker hole. This made Linda breath heavier so Stephanie stuck her finger in her pucker hole to the first joint. “Fuck, that feels incredible” Linda said as she continued to impale herself on my cock and Stephanie’s finger. It didn’t take long for Linda to have her first orgasm but she didn’t stop riding me. She pinched her nipples and moaned as she increased her riding speed. I was rubbing her clit with my thumb so she could have a second orgasm before I came. Her second orgasm followed closely behind the first one and I came shortly after that.

When I came, I said “I’m coming” and Linda sank my cock to the inner most depths of her waiting cunt. As I exploded rope after rope of cum into her cunt, she moaned as her second orgasm continued to shake her body. My wife was steadily pumping her finger in Linda’s pucker hole and Linda was pinching her nipples.

As we settled down some, Stephanie removed her finger and Linda lay across my chest as her chest heaved for air. “That was the best fucking I have had in many years” she said as I caressed her back and ass. After a short caressing session, Linda sat up and eased off my still hard cock and bent down and cleaned me off. As she did this, Stephanie moved behind her and ate every drop of my cum out of her soaking cunt.

As Stephanie ate her mom, Linda took extra care to clean my cock and my balls as her juices had flowed pretty good over them. Stephanie finished and the two stood and embraced each other for an extended kiss, swirling tongues and fluids between them.

After they were finished, we all sat and drank more alcohol. We all went to the kitchen as we were famished for food. After a scrambled meal, we all went back to the great room to lounge. We sat around discussing the rules for the weekend and decided that either of the women could use my cock in any way they wanted. We further decided that this would be a “no clothes” weekend that is unless we had to go out get anything at the store. We did say that if someone didn’t go in at the store, they were free to go naked there and back. The ladies could also have fun with each other and not include me if they chose, I could only watch if not invited. We all agreed then shed our clothes for the weekend. It was a good thing it was summer and warm all the time.

Being naked around the house is great and I recommended it be tried by all.

We settled in for the evening on the couch, lying in various places on the couch and recliners. We would take breaks from the drinking and sexual petting long enough to refill glasses of wine, replace beer and pee.

Some time that evening, we decided to all sleep in Linda’s bed so we could continue our “weekend” when the mood struck us. This way, no one would be left out at “play time.” Close to midnight we all went to bed with me in the middle as the ladies said they would have to get up during the night to pee and didn’t want to bother anyone.

After climbing into bed, Stephanie rolled up on top of me and slid my cock into her wet cunt. We slow fucked for what seemed like an hour and we mingled petting on Linda during our session. Stephanie would suck on Linda’s tits and kiss her as well as finger her cunt while I would suck on Stephanie’s tits while she rode my cock. We came together while Linda and Stephanie shared an intimate kiss. This and Stephanie’s fingers were enough to bring Linda off. After we settled down, Stephanie rolled off me and Linda rolled over me and ended up eating Stephanie out, careful to get every drop of my cum. She moved up and shared her mouthful with Stephanie and they rubbed their bare cunts while sharing which drove them to mini orgasms again.

After much fun, we all drifted to sleep, tangled in the sheets and each other.

The weekend had gotten off to a great start. There had been plenty of fucking and family sharing with my wife Stephanie and her mother Linda. We had spent the first night in Linda’s bed after an evening of opening new doors in our family relationships.

Linda woke first and slipped out of bed to pee. When she returned, she climbed into bed on Stephanie’s side and cuddled with her. Linda’s arms were wrapped around Stephanie and her hands were full of tits. As she massaged her tits, Linda gave Stephanie soft kisses on her neck and it caused Stephanie to slowly wake with a smile on her face. I wake her this way and it always ends up in us fucking the morning away. As Stephanie woke more, she noticed I was laying next to her smiling. She turned her head only to meet her mother’s face and a morning kiss.

Stephanie said “mmm, morning love” and turned over to face her mother. They embraced and began kissing as Linda massaged her tit and slightly tweaked her nipple. Stephanie put her hand on the back of Linda’s head as their kiss became more passionate. Linda’s hand moved from her tit down her side to her cunt and placed two fingers in her now wet hole. Stephanie spread her legs so Linda’s hand could fit better. Linda moved her hand so her fingers entered Stephanie repeatedly.

As they were kissing, my cock grew rock hard. I knew they were going to fuck as soon as I saw Stephanie roll over. Once her engine gets started, she is ready to roll and today, she was more than ready.

I reached down and took my cock in my hand and stroked it slowly so I could enjoy what was happening inches away. My wife and her mother were kissing and finger fucking and I got to witness it. My cock was rock hard as I stroked it and as the temperature rose around us, I removed the covers so I would not miss any action. Stephanie had wrapped her leg around Linda as Linda was finger-fucking her like mad. You could hear the wet noises they were making and the bed was rocking as Stephanie had started humping Linda’s hand. Linda was humping Stephanie’s leg in rhythm as they grew closer to orgasm.

Stephanie broke the kiss and began sucking on Linda’s tit. Linda leaned up a little to give more access to her tits as Stephanie took it in her mouth and let her tongue go to work on her nipple. Linda gasped as the sensation hit her.

I felt my orgasm coming and I didn’t want to waste it so I sat up and moved so my cock was between Linda’s face and Stephanie’s face. I was going to see who wanted it and to my surprise, Stephanie released Linda’s tit and sucked my cock to the base. I thought I would explode instantly but before I could, she had moved back to only keep my cock head in her mouth. I exploded in her mouth but this time, a little came out the edge of her mouth but Linda immediately licked it from her mouth and waited for me to finish so she could share my load with Stephanie.

When I finished cumming in my wife’s mouth, I pulled out and Linda took it and cleaned any leftovers off before she kissed Stephanie and they shared my cum. After the share, Linda looked up at me and pulled me down and kissed me. I tasted my cum for the first time and to my surprise, it wasn’t that bad. I could grow to like this taste but I’m not sure if I could eat another man’s cum. This was a big step for me so I leaned down and kissed Stephanie also.

She said “honey, I am so proud of you. You made a big step kissing mom and me after we ate your cum.”

“Thanks babe” I said as we kissed again.

My cum wasn’t that bad and actually, I think I can get used to it more this weekend, based on how it was going so far. All three of us got up and went into Linda’s huge shower and took a group shower. It was filled with touching, licking and rubbing but no sex, we were reserving that for drier spaces. I have to admit though; it was slippery fun that we all enjoyed.

After our shower, we all toweled off and headed to the kitchen for food. We had fresh fruit and coffee, two staples in our corporate world as we go full tilt at our jobs. After we ate, all three of us moved to the back porch were the warm sunshine kissed our naked bodies in all the right spots.

We lounged the morning away and had to move inside as the sun began to burn our pale parts. Once inside, Linda took my semi hard cock in her hand and said “I need a fill up please” and pulled me by my cock to the couch where she guided my now hard cock into her waiting cunt. I slipped in pretty easy as she had been fingering herself out on the back porch.

We fucked on the couch for a short time before I sunk deep in her, unloading my cum. Stephanie had sat down by our feet, waiting for her turn to eat my cum. I surprised her when I pulled out and moved so my face was right at Linda’s cunt. My first cream-pie ever was about to happen. I slowly pushed my tongue into Linda’s dripping cunt to taste my cum. At first, it was different but after I sucked more and more out, I became more aroused and my cock got hard again.

Stephanie moved under me and proceeded to clean my cock of all the juices left behind. I was eating Linda out and she was pulling my head closer to her cunt as she had another orgasm. When I could take no more in my mouth, I sat up. Stephanie met me with a kiss, her tongue went wild in my mouth as she pulled my cum into hers. Linda sat up and said “hey, what does a girl have to do to get some cum around here?”

We laughed and Stephanie moved over and they kissed as they pressed their cunts together. Moans came from the direction of the two lovers and I sat back and savored what was left of my cum in my mouth. I looked down at my cock and wondered what it would take for me to suck my own and actually tried but had about 6 inches to meet it. I would have to work on this but I did want to actually suck my own cock, eventually.

When the ladies broke their kiss, Linda moved to the side a bit so Stephanie could lay in the crook of her arm and they cuddled and fondled each other for a few minutes. I lay back on the other end of the couch and stroked my semi hard cock.

Saturday evening, we decided to put clothes on and go out for a meal. There were some rules, however. The first rule was that, since it was hot, no underwear would be worn. The second rule was that the ladies had to wear spaghetti strap sundresses and I had to wear loose fitting shorts and a thin tee shirt. The third rule was that if one of us felt like feeling up another one, the person being felt up had to allow it. Agreeing with those rules was an easy thing to do but we made them just in case we wanted to play.

We loaded up in Linda’s convertible with the top down and headed to the restaurant. Stephanie sat in the back middle and I sat in the passenger seat up front. I sat sideways so I could see and talk to Stephanie as we drove. I did it mostly to see knowing the wind might be blowing her dress up and I didn’t want to miss it. I noticed on the drive, that Linda had moved her rear view mirror so that she could see Stephanie better.

So on the way, we passed some vehicles and the wind from them did cause both dresses to blow up. Stephanie, at first, pulled it back down and I reminded her that she couldn’t do that. She blushed some but let it go and up the dress went giving everyone a view of her stomach and where it disappeared between her thighs. “Are you happy? Nothing to see” she laughed.

I moved my right hand through the bucket seats and pushed her knee to the side and revealed the top of her slit. When I did that and the air hit her slit, she took a quick breath. I don’t think she was anticipating that feeling. Linda smiled as she must have known that feeling and when I looked at her, her legs were apart and when her dress whipped just right, you could see her hand between her legs. She was getting off while she drove. Because of the wind noise, I had to lean between the seats to tell Stephanie what Linda was doing. Her mouth dropped and then it turned to a big smile. I believe it gave her the idea to do the same as her hand sunk between her legs. She laid her head back on the seat as her hand found her slit and she pressed two fingers between her lips. Stephanie slid her ass forward in the seat so she could have better access to her cunt which gave me a better, up close view of what she was doing. I knew that Linda would close her eyes when she came so I was hoping she had a plan so we didn’t have a wreck. I looked at her and she had her mouth open as she pumped her cunt with her fingers and she had started rocking on them so I knew she was getting close.

Just as she started to take longer breaths, she whipped into the restaurant parking lot and found a space quickly. Just as she turned the key off, she laid her seat back and had her orgasm, right there in the parking lot. Stephanie followed her shortly, her head was back and she was letting out a high pitched moan as her fingers worked her wet cunt. Both orgasms slowly eased the ladies down as they worked their cunt lips with their wet fingers. They both moved their hands to their mouths to clean them off before we left the car. They regained composure and we got out of the car, me sporting a tent in the front of my shorts after watching the best show on the planet.

Linda commented on my tent saying “Oh good, you brought our favorite play toy”, which caused Stephanie to immediately look at my crotch.

“Oh, poor baby, we left you out this time. You should have taken care of this” as she grabbed my cock while we walked into the restaurant. The waitress at the front check-in saw my wife’s hand on my cock and she stared for a few seconds. She quickly apologized and moved us to a table in the back corner of the restaurant. “Honey, don’t be sorry. You haven’t seen this yet but it is amazing” my wife said to the waitress before she left us. “Come back in a little bit and you just may get a good look at it.”

The waitress looked at my crotch again and I swear she licked her lips. She left to seat more people who came in behind us and my wife commented at her being very curious, based on her staring and her neck beginning to flush before she left us.

After we ordered, Stephanie reached over and into my shorts to grab my hard on. “Oh baby, you need some relief” as she managed to free my cock from the top of my shorts. I balanced myself on my hands in the chair as my wife moved my shorts down to get my cock out more then she proceeded to jack me off. It was a good thing we were in a booth in the back corner. Someone might have gotten quite the show otherwise. Stephanie leaned over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked the head as she jacked the shaft with her hand. Linda was sort of the lookout as waiters passed by but that never stopped Stephanie, she was a woman on a mission.

“The waitress is coming back” Linda said and Stephanie sat up but kept pumping my cock. As the waitress approached, she looked down at my cock and froze. We didn’t know what she was going to do until she licked her lips and moved closer.

“That is a beautiful cock” as she continued to stare. Linda commented that she had to go pee and stood. She whispered in the waitress’s ear then walked off. The waitress looked around then sat where Linda was.

“She said I could touch it if it was okay with you” she said as she looked at Stephanie for approval.

“Honey, you can suck if it you want to” Stephanie said as she removed her hand from my cock. The waitress wasted no time as she wrapped her tiny hand around my cock. The feeling of someone new holding my cock caused it to jump and I took a deep breath.

“I didn’t hurt you did I?” she asked as she pulled away.

“No, quite the opposite, it felt great. Please feel free to touch it again, all you want to” as I put my hand on the back of the booth behind her.

She reached again, after looking at the door to make sure no one was waiting. After seeing it was clear, the waitress surprised me by going down on my cock. I looked at Stephanie in shock as she made the facial expression of “well okay then.”

The waitress’s mouth was wet and warm on my cock and her tongue was as talented as Stephanie’s. With the visual stimulation in the car and Stephanie previously jacking me off and now this young sexy waitress going down on me, I needed to cum bad. I was close so I leaned over and whispered that I was about to cum and the waitress sucked harder. It was obvious that she wanted my cum in her mouth so I leaned back and let it happen. When I came, she stopped and sucked as much as she could in her mouth, swallowing as fast as she could. This took a few minutes as I had built up quite the load on the drive over.

When I stopped cumming, the waitress sat up and wiped her mouth on her hand and licked any cum on her on off. My wife told her that she was impressed and should come to the house later for more. She agreed so Stephanie gave her instructions to the house and the waitress leaned in over me and gave Stephanie a quick peck on the lips. She stood up and left just as Linda returned.

Linda asked how it went only to see my now shriveling wet cock, and then she knew as she smiled. “So it went well” she followed up with.

Stephanie told her what happened and that the waitress was coming by later. She asked if that was okay and Linda said “oh yes, more meat to eat” and we all laughed.

Our meal was great and the service was fantastic. We ate and drank and the ladies played with my cock at the table. I had a few wet fingers playing with the ladies and I am sure there were people close by that got a free viewing from under the table but no one said anything to us.

As we left, Stephanie confirmed that the waitress, Tess, was going to come by. Just before Stephanie left Tess, she looked around to make sure no one watching and then she grabbed Tess’s ass. She kissed Tess then walked out the door with us. “Damn that girl is smoking” Stephanie commented as we walked to the car. My wife loved to look at hot women but never had the courage to do what she just did. I’m going to say she was already worked up from the show in the booth and the alcohol. However you look at it, this was new for my wife and I was okay with it. Who knows where this would go from here.

On the ride home, Stephanie took her dress off and rode totally naked home, playing with her tits and fingering herself, she was one horny woman. When we got back to the house, she got out, totally naked, and walked in the house. It was a good thing no one was outside or Linda might not be okay with it. After all, she did have to live here after we left.

Entering the house, Linda and I stripped out of our clothes and we all dog piled on the couch where we spent the next hour fucking. I fucked Linda first while she ate Stephanie out. After I came, we reversed and Linda sucked me while Stephanie ate Linda, getting every drop of my cum. When Stephanie finished, we all met for a cum-sharing kiss. I was growing more fond of the taste of my cum as we swirled my cum between our tongues. Some fell on Stephanie’s leg and I moved to lick it up. It was a larger drop and it was quite tasty as I moved it around in my mouth before swallowing.

After our kiss, Stephanie laid back on the couch and I filled her wet cunt. We fucked longer this time as I had just cum so I could last longer the second time. I rode her hard, driving my cock deep in her cunt. Linda straddled her face and Stephanie gladly ate her again. It didn’t take long for Stephanie’s talented tongue to bring Linda to another orgasm. Stephanie had two orgasms before I came. She was pinching her nipples and pulling on her tits as she bucked under me. Linda was going crazy on Stephanie’s face as she had a massive orgasm. She was moaning and throwing her head around like she was possessed.

I came deep in Stephanie as she pulled me in with her legs wrapped around my butt. My orgasm was epic, I came like never before. Between what was happening right in front of me and what had occurred over the course of the weekend, I was on a totally new high.

Linda moved off Stephanie after she stopped rocking and turned in anticipation of eating my cum. I pulled out after the final rope filled Stephanie and Linda eagerly sucked my clean then proceeded to suck my cum out. Stephanie had another orgasm as Linda licked and sucked her clean. I lay back on the couch and watched this session play out.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang so I went to answer it while the ladies continued their time together. I didn’t think about my clothing status as I opened the door only to be met by the waitress from earlier. She looked at me then her eyes fell to my semi-hard cock and said “looks like I got here a little late.” I motioned her on in and as she passed me, she took my cock in her hand “going up or going down?”

I told her “down sadly” as I shut the front door behind her. We walked into the great room to find Stephanie eating Linda. I guess it was in response to Linda taking her turn first.

“Fuck, that is so hot” Tess, the waitress, said as she started to disrobe. “May I participate in this?”

“Absolutely” Linda said as she rocked on Stephanie’s face. She was massaging her tits and pinching her nipples as Tess moved around the couch, dropping her clothes as she walked. Tess has a body that is smaller than Linda or Stephanie, her tits and ass are smaller and her cunt has a small strip of hair just above her slit. Her skin was tanned all over which made her body look that much hotter.

Tess and Linda began kissing and Tess took Linda’s tits in her hands and began massaging them then she moved down to suck on them. Linda pulled Tess’ head tight to her tits as she began to climax. The three of them together was a sight most men only dream about.

When Linda started to come down from her orgasm, she moved her cunt from Stephanie’s mouth only to be replaced by Tess’ cunt. Stephanie wasted no time eating Tess and Linda moved so her cunt was rubbing on Stephanie’s cunt. Linda humped Stephanie and Tess rocked on Stephanie’s mouth until Stephanie couldn’t take it any longer. Her orgasm caused her to buck from under Tess but she replaced her mouth with her fingers.

After all three had cum several times, they collapsed in a pile of heavy breathing flesh on the couch. I, during this lady time, was steadily jacking off in front of them. Tess saw me and quickly began sucking me off. It didn’t take long and I blew my load in her mouth and as expected, the other two scrambled to share her bountiful mouthful. After some brief sharing, we all sat on the couch to regain our strength.

Tess knelt in front of Linda and began eating her and as soon as she had her orgasm, Tess moved to Stephanie. As soon as Stephanie had her orgasm, she moved back to me. Before she started sucking me to erection she said “I have so much catching up to do.” That was all it took to get me hard again. Tess is very talented on her knees with her tongue. She licked me from head to pucker hole and when she was sucking on my balls, she was stroking me. She never left my cock unattended and that made reach my orgasm faster. I was about to cum and she took my cock head in her mouth and sucked every drop. When she had finished, she moved up to Stephanie and shared it with her and Stephanie shared with Linda.

Tess asked if she could stay with us the rest of the weekend. She told us that her apartment was being painted and she had nowhere else to go. Who were we to kick this young beauty out on the street?

The remainder of the weekend was spent, sucking and fucking with breaks to pee, eat and sleep. On Sunday evening, we all had a meal, in the nude, and Linda and Tess talked about her moving in with Linda. After all, she had plenty of room and they seemed to get along so far. The clothes optional portion was a bonus for both as they were very much into each others body. We packed our stuff, what little we took out of our bags, dressed, and loaded the car to return to our “normal lives” and jobs. The events of this weekend will go far during our future sessions at home. It will also cause us to want to come back more often.

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