Sister’s Wedding: Sylvia’s final fling with brother & dad before her wedding

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What the fuck? Randy sees his older sister come out of her room wearing nothing but a pair of bikini panties. He couldn’t sleep and decided to text message a friend of his but remembered he’d left his phone in the living room. He got up and was sitting on the couch, messaging, when out of the corner of his eye he saw his sister’s bedroom door open. It’s about one o’clock in the morning and his sister is standing very still outside her door, like she’s listening for something. Randy assumes she’s going to the bathroom as he watches her move down the hallway.

Sylvia is twenty-two years old and Randy can’t help but admire her firm, panty-clad ass, even if she is his sister. He watches her stop just before his doorway, with her back against the wall, listening again. The light they always leave on in the bathroom bathes Sylvia’s naked torso with a cool soft glow that gives Randy a great view of her tits. Randy’s cock stirs involuntarily as he savors the view of her perfectly round globes with their pointed tips jutting out as if they’re aroused. Randy has stolen peeks at his sister’s tits a couple of times but nothing like this. He’s careful not to make a sound as he watches her scoot past his bedroom toward the bathroom.

Sylvia moves past the bathroom and continues down the hall toward their parent’s bedroom. Where could she be going, he wonders. His parent’s bedroom door is slightly ajar and Sylvia opens it, disappears inside and closes the door tightly behind her. Maybe she needs something from his Mom and Dad’s bathroom. Maybe she’s unexpectedly started her period and is hoping Mom has some tampons. Whatever. Randy adjusts his semi-erect cock and goes back to his messaging.

Sylvia stands inside her parents’ bedroom, letting her eyes adjust to the light. She knows her daddy’s waiting for her. Her mom is out of town and her dad couldn’t take his eyes off of her all evening. It’s her first day home in over four months and she and her dad have a lot of catching up to do. She moves closer to the bed, taking her panties off and leaving them on the floor. Slipping under the covers, she slides her naked body close to the center of the bed. Her lips find his at about the same time as her hand closes around his erect penis.

“Hi Daddy,” she whispers, kissing all over his face. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too, Sylvie,” her father sighs as her hand, encircling his rigid cock, starts sliding up and down his shaft.

“I’ve really missed your fat cock,” she says, laying her head against his shoulder, while she gently cups his balls, rolling them around in her hand. “This is going to be our last time, Daddy,” Sylvia says, almost regretfully. “I don’t want to keep doing this after I’m married,” she says as she sucks his nipple into her mouth, biting it between her teeth.

“I understand, Sylvie,” her father tells her as her nibbling on his nipple sends pleasure waves all the way to his cock. “I’ll miss it terribly, but I’d do anything to make you happy, you know that.” God knows he’ll really miss it. He and Sylvia have been fucking for almost four years now. She’s an exciting, adventurous lover, willing to do things he’d only fantasized about. Unlike his unadventurous wife, who willingly engages in sex, but never initiates it, his daughter is always up for anything. They’ve fucked in every position imaginable, experimented with mild forms of bondage, and tried dildos, vibrators and even vegetables on her insatiable pussy. Now she’s getting married and it’s going to end, but not yet. They still have a few days.

“When does Mom get home?” Sylvia asks as she kisses and licks her way down his stomach.

“Tomorrow night,” her dad answers her. “Which gives us the rest of tonight and tomorrow during the day, while your brother’s in school,” he tells her as her mouth reaches his cock and she flicks her tongue across the head. “God, Sylvie,” her dad moans.

“Since it’s our last time, Daddy. Let’s make it memorable,” Sylvia says, sucking his cockhead into her mouth. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” she says, licking the sides of his dick. “In my pussy,” she adds, licking down to his balls. “In my ass,” she’s licking up the length of his throbbing cock. “On my tits, all over my face, in my hair. Make me your slut for the next two days, Daddy,” she stops talking and sucks his cock into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she pumps his shaft with her hand.

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