Fucked Mother & Daughter 1

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Hi all, good to connect back with you. Myself Ravi from Hyderabad with a new story explaining how I fucked mother and newly married daughter. Thanks for the response emails I received. Now getting into the story…

This happened during my collage days, I was trying to get a seat for my masters and preparing for the entrance. During that time, I was at my home town. To pass time I was working as a teacher in a school locally to have my pocket expenses, in the evening I used to go out for an evening walk. One day I got to know that my cousin’s friend has become a doctor and opened a clinic there. I went to greet him and since it was new clinic the patients were less, so I had time to talk. There I saw a nurse aged about 33 years. She was healthy with a good physic. She was around 6 feet. Nice stiff boobs which can be seen from the side of her saree pallu, round ass which makes any dick hard.

She ignored me and spoke to the doctor and went away. I was surprised to see her walking in front of my house, and understood that she stays near to my house 2 lanes after my house. Attracted to her looks I used to visit the clinic whenever I was free and made myself available outside the house to show her that I too live in the same area. One day she saw me and since I was doctor’s friend she smiled at me and we greeted each other. Slowly we started to talk to each other and very soon I joined her evening walk from her office to home. This brought us together and I knew about her, she is a widow and her husband passed away 14 years ago. She was missing her sexual life, I knew that I can full fill this gap.
I went to her house for the first time and found that she has a daughter married to her brother and her widow mother staying in one house. Her daughter was newly married and was stunning beauty, since it was an arranged marriage and the daughter was not interested in that guy, because of her family conditions she had to marry him. That guy was useless and lazy.

I started to go to her house regularly and was familiar with the timings when people will be there around. She being the nurse the timings were not fixed and she had to go for night duties and shift duties. One day I made my move and went to her house at 11am. All the family members had gone to their relatives place and will be back in the evening. This was the right time for me to take control of her. I stepped in to the house and was sitting in the hall watching TV, she went into the bedroom and was changing clothes, I could not hear the sound of the bolt and understood that the door is not locked, I waited for 1 minute and then slowly went near to the door and peeped in and saw that she has taken her blouse and bra off, her bare boobs were open and standing stiff even without a bra. My dick was hard by now and was waiting for some more clothes to fall off. She removed the petticoat and was in her panty only.

I pushed the door slowly and it opened and she was surprised to see me there. I went near to her and before she speaks a word I hugged her and started rubbing her neck with my lips. Starving for sex these days, she started to moan and wrapped me with her hands. I got the green signal and slowly stepped back together and put the bolt on so that nobody sees us in this position. I started to run my lips on her body starting from her neck. I kissed her and she has closed her eyes and enjoying the moment. I was licking her lower lip and inserted my tongue in between her lips and exploring her mouth. She started responding and we kissed passionately. I made her lean to the wall and kissing all her body, her neck and slowly running my tongue down so that it makes a tickling feel in her and stopped at her boobs. The boobs were 36 size and were perfectly maintained. I put my palm and held it and started rubbing.. She was biting her lower lip and moaning. I took one boob into mouth and running my tongue around her areola. The nipples were protruding stiff. I bit the nipple and she made a sound ouchhh….. I changed to other boob and rubbing the first one and sucking the second one.

She was biting her lips and moaning and I was sucking her boobs one after the other, this continued for 7 to 8 minutes and I went down running my tongue to the naval and down till her love hole. She was in her panty and I kissed her pussy over panty. I could smell the juices and that made me crazier. My dick was jumping to come out and it was difficult for me to control it anymore. I pulled the panty down and I was the shaven pussy with juices oozing out. I separated the outer labia and placed my tongue on the clitoris and started licking it. She was going mad and started pressing my head against her pussy. The pussy juices were salty and I was licking them fresh. She could not stand anymore and I was in between her thighs now licking her pussy.

I made her lye on the floor and took off my clothes and was standing in my undies. I went to 69 position and put her hand on my dick. She was pressing it on top of my undies and took my dick out from one side of the underwear. Since I wear cut briefs the dick slid out and she held it and pushed the foreskin of it and started jerking it and pulling it to her mouth and took it in. Her tongue was rubbing my dick stud and the blood was rushing at a high speed all over my body. I continued licking her pussy by spreading her thighs. She could not control anymore and asking me to fuck her immediately.

I went on to a missionary position and started rubbing my dick on her pussy. This was making her even more crazy and she wrapped her legs around my waste and pulled me into her. My dick entered her pussy a bit tight as her pussy was unused for many years. She made a sound “HHmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, and my knees were on the floor and struggling to make my grip and started pumping. She was moving her body in rhythm and boobs were jumping in the same pace.

I increased my pace and she was giving a response with a reverse thrust. Since the pussy was licked and the juices were flowing out, the room was filled with sounds made with the rhythm of two thighs and balls hitting the pussy, “ Thap Thap Thap………..”, she was moaning in pleasure and had a vibration in her body and pulled me on to her. I understood that she has cummed.

Now I made her take a doggy position and I entered from behind. Since she had a heavy personality than an average lady, I was feeling that I am riding an Arabian horse and the view was also the same. I asked her whether she had an anal fuck before but she said no. Means that is a virgin hole. But that moment she preferred for a vaginal fuck, so I entered my dick from behind and again started my movement. We fucked for few more minutes and I was going to cum. I increased my pace and she too was going to cum simultaneously. She was making sounds “ Hmm AAh Hmm Aah….”, and I could see the sweat on her back which was broad in front of me. I put my hands on the boobs hanging and moving as per the body movement. The y were giving a good view and challenging me to press them. I held them and increased my pace and we both cummed together and I fell on to her. We stayed in that position for few minutes and both went to wash room and cleaned each other.
Going forward this has become a regular habit and whenever she was free from her duty she used to come to my house as a friend and have tea and used to tell me her availability, and I used to follow her timings.

I shall tell you how I fucked her in different positions and places. How I fucked her beautiful daughter in my next episodes..
Please feel free to get in touch and any ladies or girls would like to have fun feel free to contact on [email protected].

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