Sister & brother’s morning love : Mom joined it

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Sister & brother’s morning love : Mom joined it…. Bina is in her parent’s home as my hubby Anish left in the morning for Delhi and than I felt like a hungry tigress as Jeet is / was my first love on bed but brother & sister’s sexual affairs is not social or legitimate but relations between two young opposite sex always put blood relationship in dustbin as Bina and Jeet have done so. a 23 years married lady with fair complexion ,tall figure of 5’6 feet and busts measures 34 inches as butts is round in shape with smooth thighs to slender legs and my sexy glory hole is the door of love as it’s labias are too closer with little grown hairs on it’s surface .Jeet is two year young to me as his tall figure of 6’0 feet with wide chest and strong arms as well as thighs are attractive ,his 7-8 inches long with 2 inches thick penis is normal in measurement but his tool have ability to spend times inside hole and it’s a cold morning as in mid February springs are about to come while cold waves are making their way .

Bina is sitting in terrace as both mom & daughter are enjoying morning tea and than my younger brother Jeet came as he sits on a opposite chair “good morning mom &sister
(They smiled)good morning son …….brother
(Jeet)need a strong tea mom
(Mom put her empty cup on floor) sure wait for a minute” and as mom walked away I can see Jeet gazing at my chest ,it’s a soft round tits as it have grown bigger while getting sucked and squashed regularly but I can’t find the reason of getting sucked (boobs)as it pours nothing in guy’s mouth but it’s really a hot zone as I also feels my body getting aroused when hubby or brother sucks it.

Jeet is looking at my nude legs and his eyes are showing his desires as we both have even not touched eachother for 3-4 months and than Jeet moved his chair forward as his hand is on my thigh and while holding his hand and putting it on my boobs ,I said “squeeze it you bastard
(Jeet starts pressing my breast)yes my slut sister ,his many guys have enjoyed with you on Noida
(Me in anger)no one but you can’t interfere in my personal life .

I just want to be used

“and as mom came there with a cup of tea , looking at us she screams “dirty guy and gal ,even don’t hesitate Infront of your mom
(Jeet),sexy lady don’t have enjoyed my cock earlier on and several times
(Bina put away his hand )oh I see ,both are in illicit relationship .”

So as mom put cup of tea ,Jeet hold it and starts drinking it as mom sit beside him on chair while Bina is sitting opposite to them ,so as Jeet starts hitting my legs with his leg mom moved away and I smiled “oh you have sent your sexy mom away
(Jeet)see how it looks like
(Bina confused)what my brother ?
(He signals to his bulge)just take it out of cage as it’s a hungry one.”

And I moved my chair closer to him as I put his shorts up and took out his semi erected penis as it’s in my hand ,I am jerking it fast while Jeet starts squeezing my breast hard and our terrace is too safe as it’s not visible from any end .so while sunrays is making us feel hot ,Jeet put his cup on floor and now he make me sit on his thigh and my arms is in his neck ,so lips starts kissing his face to neck while my right breast is pressing hard on his chest and I can feel Jeet’s hand on my butts.bina is in a nighty but as my breasts are free from brasserie and a panty is making my cunt covered ,I just hold my brother’s neck and put my long tongue on his lips to lick but like an intelligent lover ,he opened his mouth to swallow my tongue.we are getting horny as Jeet is sucking my tongue hard and as he have hold my back ,I am rubbing my right breast on his chest and our bodies are getting aroused as my eyes are closed but his cock is getting erected and it’s in my hand .so as I felt salivas coming out of my mouth ,I pushed his face and freed my tongue but my mouth is getting ready to swallow his penis and as I knelt down , Jeet just hold his penis and removed it’s foreskin while I put my mouth open as I have it and 2/3 rd penis have filled my mouth as I started sucking it like a hungry being physical in the morning as mom is in home while dad have left for office , I know day will pass like a romantic love hours and as I am spinning my head fast ,Jeet have just put his hand on my left breast as he is pressing it hard and his voice

“uh ah um sexy it’s nice ah”is making loud sounds , so I can feel his cock growing bigger and harder but there I can hear some sound “you both are so excited that you have lost your cool and in presence of mom ,it’s nothing more than a sin”as I felt my mouth watering ,I took out his wet penis and now looking at mom I felt too shocked

“it’s too hot ,your semi nude body is not going to attract your son my darling
(Mom sits near me)just let me lick it first as both can make him hot early
(Jeet)sure but let’s move inside bedroom”and as maid have not reached home ,we three moved to bedroom and there ,Jeet get laid as Juhi my mom pulled his shorts to legs and now feeling too horny ,I opened my nighty ropes as I am nude with panty out of legs .

My first Sex Shop adventure

I can see my mom holding brother’s penis as she have put her peticoat on her chest to cover boobs with tummy to vaginal zone and thighs while I am nude as I sit on Jeet’s face with my legs in opposite direction as my vagina is inches closer to him and as Jeet hold my waist , kisses my vagina hard ,I just put my crossed fingers to widened it’s hole ,it’s a flexible hole and his tongue is rolling in it with my both legs bend on knees ,I have balanced myself like a slut lady on his face and his hand starts squeezing my breast as looking back I can see my mom enjoying his sweet dish ,Jeet’s cock is in her mouth as she is screaming in pleasure “uh ah um “and my vagina is getting ready to cum while Jeet’s tongue is licking my clitoris hard ,I am feeling my legs in sensation as my sexy voice “uh ah Jeet suck my labias ash I will cum soon “and as Jeet put my fleshy labias in his mouth to suck with hand moving on my butts ,I poured cum in his mouth and than Bina moved to washroom as Juhi is rolling her tongue on son’s wet cock and I sits on toilet seat as I urinates first ,than washed my sexual organs .as I came back things have changed as Juhi is sleeping on bed with her legs wider ,I can see brother’s face in between her thighs and now I can see him licking her mom’s glory hole as sitting near my mom ,I leaned my face and took her left breast in my mouth as I am sucking it hard and Juhi is pressing my saggy breast hard as I can hear Juhi’s screams “uh ah Jeet now finger my cunt and make it cum”as I have made my body hot while mom is in fire ,I just left her breast as I moved to Jeet to see his face and now he took her mom’s labias as he is sucking it .

Juhi is putting her butts up as she is fully aroused and as mom shouted “uh ah it’s cumming my son “,I got chance to be fucked and there door bell starts we both lady put our clothes as I moved to door to open it and as I am feeling too horny , looking for fuck ….madam maid came there as she enters into our home but while putting door closed ,I frisked inside my bedroom where Jeet was nude at that time but as I moved inside ,he was in shorts and I said

Accepting Sam’s love : first night like her wife

“let me inform my mom to don’t disturb us for half an hour
(Jeet)why not ? Let maid come inside.”and I am in dinning room as maid have put her legs inside kitchen as mom is sitting on sofa “mom , maid have lot of works to do ,so
(Mom )ok she will not disturb you “and I am in my bedroom as I locked the door ,so moved on bed and pulled my brother’s shorts as his cock is just straight with full erection and there I removed my nighty ,so I sits on brother’s cock as my legs are in opposite direction and putting my butts slight above of it as Jeet hold my waist and I hold his cock ,so shoved it inside hole as it’s half portion elopes soon and than my sexy butts is going down as his cock is entering my vagina ,so as 1/3 part is out of my hole he fucked me hard and it seems like my soft cunt getting her hymns break again but soon as I starts bouncing my butts on his cock ,he is just screaming in fire

“oh ah it’s nice ,move fast you bitch ah it’s a new sensation with you my slut sister”and after 2-3 minutes of getting fucked at my own ,my waist is bit tired and now Jeet starts fucking my cunt from below as he have hold my waist hard while putting my butts 4-5 inches up of his cock as his 2-3 inches cock remains static inside and it’s a nice cow girl position as I am enjoying brother’s penis in my vagina and he is fucking me with lot of energy as well as speed ,so my wet cunt is dry with burns inside but it’s going towards orgasm and after 2-3 minutes ,Jeet stopped his hit as his cock is tired in my cunt and now he hold my breast as he is squeezing it “now just bounce your bum baby “and I start doing it but soon both are giving their organs in motions as his penis is making me hot and dying for his cum ,he ejaculates soon and said “it’s raining my baby ah”and his penis semen filled my dry cunt but lot of drops are on his pubic hairs as I moved towards washroom and than our first sex session ends.

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