Gokuldham Society : Ch 9

Padmabati lost all control of herself. Her grandson was a disgusting, arrogant young boy, she thought dazedly. He didn’t care about her pleadings, and he wasn’t ashamed of voicing all his obscene desires to his grandma. Which meant, she thought, that she might as well do anything with him that she liked! Padmabati grabbed her grandson’s wrist and pulled his hand forcibly from her pussy.

Gokuldham Society : Ch 8

Tappu looked at her in momentary surprise, wondering if his pretty grandma might really not be as horny as he’d thought. Then she stood, letting the dupatta fall to the floor, and Tappu  grinned again. Padmabati’s expression was excited and feverish as she dropped to her knees in front of him, grabbing his shorts and struggling furiously with his pants.


“You little shithead!” she whispered intently. “You’re just a dirty, horny little boy, aren’t you, Tappu beta ? Want to fuck your own Dadima, do you? Well, let’s just see if your Dadima can give you what you want!”

“Shit, you really get hot in a hurry, don’t you?” Padmabati ignored him. Her cunt throbbed and all she could think of was her hung grandson’s stiff prick. Her fingers trembled with lust as she opened his pants. Tappu lifted his hips slightly to help her as she tugged his shorts down to his ankles, freeing his throbbing cock. His fuck-rod was enormous, so long and fat that his naked grandma gasped at her first sight of his tremendous prick.

Tappu’s virile young cock rose straight out of the youth’s cock-fur, swollen to bursting with adolescent fuck-lust. His cock-knob was puffy and flared, and hot, milky pre-cum already gleamed at his prick-tip.

“Oh, God! Bhagaban, what a big, fucking prick!” Padmabati groaned. She wrapped her hand around his massive cock and started jerking it very hard, making her grandson wince with pleasure as she yanked her fist up and down his rigid fucker.

“Is this how you like it, Tappu sona ? Is this how you want your Dadima to stroke your cock? Huh? Or maybe this is how you want your own mother to beat your cock-meat? You do want to fuck your mother, don’t you?” Padmabati hissed.
“Ji Dadima!” Tappu said, grinning. “But right now I wanna fuck you, Dadima !”
“Why you filthy, disgusting…” Her words faded as the naked Dadima dropped her head, impulsively plunging her grandson’s  gigantic cock between her lips. She nearly choked on it, taking his throbbing prick as far down her throat as she could, until her mouth was stretched to bursting around the blue-veined stiffness of his aching prick. The horny widow grandma started sucking off her grandson, puckering and bellowing her cheeks to create delicious suctioning pressure around his cock-meat.

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Tappu sighed and relaxed on the edge of the bed, contentedly watching his Dadima giving him head. He dropped his hands, curling his fingers in her silky hair, silently encouraging her to suck his prick as hard as she liked. Padmabati immersed herself in the blowjob, thinking of nothing but her grandson’s hard young cock pulsing in her buttery mouth, oozing jism onto her tongue. His pre-cum was delicious, every bit as rich and salty-tasting as she’d dreamed.

Padmabati’s face reddened brightly with the intensity of her cock-sucking as she swiftly began to bob her head on his hairy crotch, fucking her mouth with his eager young prick. “Unggghhh, fuck! The Randi! ” Tappu moaned, a load of jism building rapidly in his swollen teenaged balls. He clutched his Dadima’s head tightly as he ground his hips, helping her fuck his huge prick in and out of her mouth.

“Uuuuuhhhh, yeahhhh, you love sucking my cock, don’t you? You love the way it tastes, don’t you, Dadima ? Harder now! Unggghh! Suck harder, if you want to make me cum in your mouth!” Padmabati sucked the boy’s rock-hard cock as hard as she could, repeatedly caving in her cheeks around the blood-congested hardness of his man-sized young prick. His fuck-rod swelled even stiffer, pulsing rhythmically on the roof of her mouth, telling her that he would soon be filling her throat with a salty load of hot, adolescent sperm. Her hand tightened around his thick, throbbing shaft and she began to jack him off, her fist complimenting the tight, sucking rhythm of her mouth. Soon, Padmabati’s long, slender fingers were moving in a blur, as she shamelessly pumped her grandson’s cock up to her cock-sucking lips. Her tongue constantly licked his spongy cock- knob, eager to lap up every delicious drop of the boy’s oozing spunk.

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“I’m getting close! Ohhhhhh my darling Dadima!” Tappu moaned. He gripped her head very hard, his hips lurching off the edge of the bed. He moaned and panted as his jism churned in his packed balls.

“Jack on it faster, you whore, saali randi ! Ahhh, shit, I’m really gonna shoot it now! Oh, Fuck! You’re really gonna get a bellyful of cum!” Padmabati whipped her hand wildly up and down his swollen prick, tirelessly jacking his cock up to her sucking lips. Her blowjob was very loud and sloppy-sounding. The naked widow Grandma continued to feverishly bob her face on his crotch, fucking her mouth over his prick as her fist squeezed the root of his cock.

“I’m cumming, Dadima ! Swallow it! Swallow my fucking load! Ahhh, shit! Ohh God! Fuck! Here it COMES!” Tappu pulled her hair and jerked his hips off the bed, choking his cock-sucking grandma with the bulging thickness of his cock as he stuffed it even farther down her gullet. The long-awaited explosion of cock- cream erupted suddenly from the boy’s dilated piss-slit, squirting down his horny grandma’s throat in a veritable torrent of spunk. His jism was delicious, the best-tasting load Padmabati had ever sucked out of a man’s balls in her life.

She fought back her gag reflex and clung to her grandson’s squirting cock, continuing to suck and jack on the twitching, jerking pole of flesh as hard as she could. Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky jizz welled up from Tappu’s balls, filling the inside of his pretty grandmother’s mouth and splashing across her licking tongue. Gratefully, Padmabati nursed down all his cream, sucking on his huge, glistening prick until she’d lapped the last drop of sperm from its swollen tip.

“Oh, shit!” Tappu moaned happily. He grinned down at his religious minded grandmother wickedly as she finally let his still-hard cock slide out of her mouth. “My God, you are a professional cock-sucker, aren’t you, Dadima ? The way you were talking before, I almost thought you’d turn me in to the cops. I should have known all along how bad you wanted my cock!”

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“Oh naughty boy!” Padmabati grinned. She rose to her feet, breathing very hard, staring intently at her grandson’s magnificent prick. She knew that she could not stop now until he made her cum. Her pussy had never felt so wet and hot. Her pouting cunt-lips were swollen painfully, pulsing lightly as if to grip around an imaginary prick.

“I love you Dadima…” Tappu said.
“I also love you sona !” Padmabati smiled at her grandson in a strange, almost lust-maddened way. “So, you like getting sucked off, do you, dear Tappu sona ? I’ll bet you’d like to fuck me now, too, wouldn’t you? Is that what you’d like, Tappu ? I have an awfully tight, hot pussy. You’d like to put your big prick in it and fuck the shit out of me, wouldn’t you, my sona?”

Tappu just grinned as his Dadima, crawled onto the bed, trembling harder than ever with her incestuous passion. She wiggled her huge bubbling ass into a good humping position, then spread her slender thighs as wide as she could, letting her horny grandson see all of her tight, wet, pouty-lipped cunt.

“Okay Tappu sona!” she said breathlessly. “I think you need a good lesson in pussy-licking. So get down there and eat it out, Sona ! You’ve got to make me cum with your tongue before I’ll let you fuck my pussy!” Completely naked now, his huge, wet cock throbbing more stiffly than ever, Tappu moved onto his stomach between her legs.

“Oh Dadima, you got a gorgeous cunt!” he said as he stroked his fingers over her lightly-furred sex, experimentally feeling the slippery wetness of her hairy, aching pussy-slit.

“Please Sona, Suck my cunt and make me cum!” She grabbed his head by the hair, roughly pulling his face onto her creaming fuck-hole. Tappu moaned with pleasure, enjoying the pungent aroma of his matured widow Dadima’s horny, wet twat. Padmabati gasped as the boy suddenly glued his lips to her pussy, thrusting his tongue deep into the interior of her hotly burning cuntslit.

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