Gokuldham Society : Ch 8

“Oh, Bahena!” Sundar gasped. “Oh, shit, I’m sorry! I guess I should have locked the door!” Sundar apologized. Gokuldham Society : Ch 7

Dayaben Gada, Garba-queen of the great Gokuldham Society, stood motionless in the open door to the bathroom, gaping wide-eyed at her naked brother as he dripped water on the tiled floor. His enormous, half-swollen cock hanging between his thighs would have been more at home on a donkey than on such a innocent-looking 21 yrs old young boy like Sundar. Daya instantly felt her pussy moistening and the nipples of her firm, round tits stiffening through the thin Saree as she stared at her brother’s big prick. Her face reddened at the same time… how could any decent woman feel sexual desire for her own brother ? she wondered.


“I… I’m sorry, Bahena,” Sundar stammered. He grabbed a towel from the rack, swiftly wrapped it around his waist and edged past her into the hall. He disappeared into his bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

Daya leaned against the bathroom wall and took a deep, quivering breath. The image of her brother’s huge cock was branded in her mind’s eye, and her pussy was throbbing as she thought of his cock. Her pussy was growing so wet that she could feel the moisture of her fuck-juices on her inner thighs. Only three days ago, her only son Tappu, had made a silly pass at her. It hadn’t amounted to much, just a leering attempt to prolong an innocent, motherly embrace, and a warm, lecherous hand stroking her full, peach-shaped ass through her saree.

But she had been horrified that Tappu wanted to commit some sexual motions with her. He was now staying with his grandma ( Daya’s mother ) Padmabati at Ahmedabad. Daya had explained the problem frankly to her widow mother, who had recently devoted her life in praying for the Goddess after her husband’s death.

Daya  desperately hoped that her mother would be able to help Tappu with his bizarre desire to fuck his own mother. Though, she knew very well, it wasn’t really so surprising after all. It would have been different if she’d been ugly, but Daya was an incredibly gorgeous woman just like Hindi film-actress Preity Zinta. Her hair was long, wavy, framing a beautiful, ruby-lipped face that had aged little in her thirty-seven-years, and which still earned her frequent offers to be a professional model.

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She was average in height, with long, show-girl legs, a slim waist and the kind of full, firm, saucily-wiggling asscheeks that men couldn’t resist pinching whenever she was in a crowded bus. But her best features were her incredible tits. Her shoulders and bone structure were delicate, almost girlish, and yet her tits were huge… two great, firm, milky-white melons that jiggled invitingly in even her most restrictive D-cup bras.

Her nipples were luscious, too… a deep red in color and as wide as a baby’s palm, with rubbery tit-buds that protruded nearly an inch when she was horny. She was nearly always horny these days, she thought shamefully. Ever since the wife swapping incident in Babita’s block and the formation of the “Holy Housewives Club”, her pussy got dripping wet when she did housework in the morning, and, her cunt was frequently just as hot and wet.

Recently the two studs she was really attracted to, in spite of all her shame, were her own brother and son. Yes, yes, yes! Daya thought miserably, groaning with frustrated lust. It had turned her on so, so much when Tappu had fondled her ass she’d had to send him to her mother or she would have wound up fucking him.

And now… the completely accidental sight of her brother’s enormous cock, his massive tube of fuck-meat hanging so enticingly between his young, muscular legs. A sudden image of herself sucking her brother’s giant cock flooded into her mind. She imagined herself on her knees, whipping her fist, furiously up and down his big, stiff prick, slurping loudly and shamelessly on his cock-knob. The flush in her cheeks turned nearly crimson, and she realized that she’d lost all control over herself. `Yes, oh, yes’, she thought dazedly. I need to fuck my own brother !’

Shaking with lust, the fuck-hungry sister impulsively left the bathroom and went to the Worship-room for puja. During the puja she couldn’t concentrate on chanting mantras as her brother’s huge shaft was floating in her mind. After some hardships Daya went to her brother’s room for the sacred ” Rakhibandhan”. She knocked lightly, her heart pounding in her chest. It’s open, she entered his bedroom, her big, firm tits were jiggling without bra and blouse as she moved.

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Actually after the great threesome with the two so-called decent housewives ( actually call-girls ) Anjali Meheta & Roshan Shodi of Gokuldham Society, Sundar always dreamt about their super sexy figures. But sometimes his elder sister Daya’s voluptuous body also flashed in his mind and he felt guilty himself for such nasty thoughts about his religious minded holy sister. Completing his bath that day Sundar was waiting for the great “Rakhibandhan” which he never missed till now, with a Bermuda pant only and the light from the window shining on his lean, bare torso. Daya stared shamefully at his bulging crotch as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“What’s up, Bahena ?” Sundar asked, grinning.
Daya whispered, “Sundar, every year in this great day I tie a Rakhi on your hand, but this year I want to tie it on your third hand,  I mean on your extremely large… um penis… I mean c….o….ck…mean lu…n…d ?”

Sundar looked at his respected elder sister curiously, surprised by her boldness. Daya instantly felt her cunt throbbing even harder as she realized that her brother was trying to look at her big tits. Deliberately, she squirmed in a way that made her only synthetic saree ( without blouse and bra ) slide from her shoulder slightly, so that he could see even more of her deep, spongy cleavage.

The saree now slid more, exposing her navel and girlishly-rounded belly, and the inner slopes of her enormous, milk-white tits. Sundar stared hungrily at his elder sister’s tits, and Daya suppressed a moan as she saw the obvious stiffening of his formidable prick under the pant.

With a wicked grin Sundar boldly replied,” Ohhh my dear Bahena, I was dreaming that also for a long time but haven’t the courage to express it. OK you can do that but before that you have to remove your saree also.”

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Daya couldn’t control herself, removing her only saree immediately she shuddered as she slid her hand down, resting her fingers feverishly over his huge prick. “Bahena !” Sundar gasped feverishly squeezing his prick through the pant. Sundar just gaped at her respected elder sister. By now, Daya was so horny that she knew she’d go mad if she didn’t start sucking or fucking very soon. Her fingers trembled as she fumbled her brother’s pant, unzipping the chain she pulled out his hard shaft.

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Sundar’s eyes bulged as he gazed at his sister’s naked tits, at the crimson, suckable nipples protruding a full half-inch from the creamy surface of her incredibly firm-looking breasts.

“Oh, my sweet Bahena !’ Sundar’s eyes were all over his sister’s  gorgeous naked body, and when she saw his gaze on her hairy crotch, Daya opened her thighs wide, giving her brother a good long look at her moist, gaping cuntslit. His man-sized fuck-tool bucked and throbbed, obviously as stiff as a prick could get.

Daya’s mouth watered as she realized how desperately she longed to suck the salty prick-juice out of her brother’s hard cock.

“Oh, dear bhaiya, this really is making you horny, isn’t it? Oh, sweetheart, I know you can’t go to sleep with a cock so stiff. It would hurt too much, and you’d have an awfully wasteful wet dream. Here, your sister better give you some relief, but please wait some time, l have to complete the “Rakhibandhan” first. Saying this Daya removed her brother’s Bermuda pant completely, exposing her brother’s naked body and his gigantic, stone-hard cock. His incredibly long, fat pole of meaty cock-flesh arched stiffly over his belly, capped with a puffy, helmet-shaped knob that oozed milky pre-cum. Her mouth watered as she stared at her brother’s magnificent cock, imagining herself slurping down his cum.

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