Gokuldham Society : Ch 7

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There was an intimate but secret relationship between Anjali Mehata ( in short ATM, wife of writer Tarak Mehta ) and Roshan Sodhi ( wife of auto-garage owner Roshan Singh Sodhi ), which was only known by their husbands only. Gokuldham Society : Ch 6

This is an account of their hard times years ago, Sodhi was wroking hard, they had only one kid Gogi, so Roshan was stuck at home most days for his school and private tuition, this is one way she could help out, she tell her husband about all her fun and shared their relationship with others.

Many years ago, things were very tight, they had to sell things to make ends meet and Gogi’s tuition fee, clothes and shoes etc, but money wasn’t coming in, her husband was working hard but his  job didn’t pay much.

However they had a close relationship with Anjali and her husband, for swinging, and later found out she did a part time job as a call-girl in a nearby four star hotel with strict secrecy some evenings for business guys. At first Roshan didn’t say any thing, as they got on well and met them a few times, then one day Anjali rang her asking if she was busy that night , she said no,,, did they want to come over for some more fun,,,,

That day Anjali was worshipping the God after her husband’s leave for office in the sacred room when the bells rang, she opened, it was Sundar Bhaiya ( brother of Dayabhabi ). He immediately touched her feet, Anjali welcomed him by blessing him, went inside the worship-rooom, chanted mantras jointly. Finishing the sacred puja, she offered the ‘prasad’ to Sundar, taking it he touched the sacred prasad to his forehead and ate. Then offering Rs. 40,000/- to her he said, ” Aaj raat ke liye, I have been dreaming you since I see you”

Anjali became surprised, ” Yeh tum keya bol rahe ho Sundar Bhaiya, mujhe toh kuch samaj nahi arahi hain”
“Bhabi, tum jis Preety hotel main  kam karti ho, uska manager mere khas dost hain” Sundar said.
Anjali realized that her secret profession was disclosed to Sundar, being frightened she requested him not to disclose it.
“Tum mere apni hi didi jaise, tumhari ijjat meri ijjat, so don’t worry mrei pyari Anjalibhabi” Sundar assured her, she became relieved from the tension.

After that Anjali phoned Roshanbhabi and said well kind of, did you want to go out, Roshan said yes thinking she meant for a girls night out, then she said before you say yes,,, it’s to meet a rich guy, you know him very well, he is Sundar Bhaiya who wants to see them together in lesbian sex, in which Roshan became surprised very much and turned down the proposal.

Then Anjali told her all the incidents and conversations between them and convinced her, ‘Yes, I should be ok, why’. Anjali said, he’s willing to pay Rs. 20,000/- each if they do, and then he wanted to fuck her, but would like to fuck Roshan too, if she was willing to let him fuck, if not she still would get the Rs. 20,000/-“.

Being a Sati-saddhi Hindu wife, Roshan told her husband about her new job and took his permission. So she told Sodhi, she would be home later, and got dressed up like a slut ; he said as Roshan was leaving “you look beautiful and sexy, have fun”.

Roshan met Anjali at the Hotel, she was dressed sexy too, and carried a small bag with her, they both went up to the room together, as he opened the door Roshan thought , tonight’s going to be fun, he was good looking and much younger, with a nice body, and judging by the growing buldge Roshan’s pussy tingled.

They had a couple of drinks, Anjali and Roshan sat opposite him, Roshan played with her friend’s pussy a bit as she kissed and fondled her boobs, then he said lets get naked,

Roshan watched as he stripped, omg he was nice, nice muscles and a good size cock dropped out, around 8 inches long. The cock was quite thick in girth, with a nice knob head too, Anjali stripped her friend and then she played with her slowly getting her gear of too, his cock looked good as he played with it, they both worked one another bodies, going down eating pussy and fingering one another, which they had done many times at Gokuldham Society too,

She had told him that Roshan wasn’t a pro , but did need some spare money, so had agreed to play with her tonight, but that they hadn’t played together before, to heighten his sexually state, then Anjali pulled out a few toys from her small bag using them on Roshan, making her cum hard, juices now flowing down her ass-crack.

Roshan returned the favour ramming a nice 9 inch dildo deep in Anjali’s pussy, and licking her clit, gave her an almighty orgasm, they knew both did anal, so Roshan pulled another thin dildo out and slide it deep in her asshole, Sundar’r face lit up, then they both got toys, and worked one another to heaps of orgasms as he watched,

Sundar was standing close by watching, his cock hard and proud, as he looked at the two gorgeous sati-saddhi housewives of the Gokuldham Society from differnt angles, at one point Roshan was knelling above Anjali, her face deep in Anjali’s pussy, a toy in her butt-hole, she had a vibrator deep in Roshan’s pussy too and licking her clit, when Roshan felt his hands of her  ass-cheeks, stroking her , fingering her tight butt hole,

By now Roshan was ready for cock, so she pushed back slowly, letting him know that she wanted him, his fingers went in, massaging her huge soft ass, making her orgasm once more, he seemed to like this, then Sundar pulled his fingers out, Roshan gasped. Thinking bugger that was good, only seconds later to feel his cock push against her opening,

Sundar was gentle, slowly easing his cock in deeper, the large head taking some time to enter her tight butt-hole, inch by inch he went in, then when he slapped his balls against her arse, Roshan knew he was home, his speed built up quick,

Roshan could just see her friend Anjali was playing with his balls behind her head, still licking her clit, as Roshan had a few more orgasms. He was good, fucking Roshan’s arsehole for some time, changing speed and rhyme and depth, he pulled his cock out. Removing the dildo from her pussy he swapped into Roshan’s pussy, fucking her hard, his fingers back in her arsehole, then swapped back.

Then that feeling Roshan felt, his cock swelling up, the heat hit  her body as he shot ream after ream of man juice inside her sloshing cunt. He wanted more still pushing back, he stayed hard for awhile before Roshan could feel the emptiness begin, his cock going soft slipped out. Roshan heard her friend chuckle as she lapped up cum oozing from the cunt and sucked his cock, he fell back watching them clean one another up, as Roshan kissed her face licking his spent cum from her, When Roshan had finished licking her clean, she started on his cock, sucking him in deep, then licking his cum from his soft cock.

He sat talking with them for awhile, as they cleaned up a bit, then Roshan went down sucking his cock again, wanting it to get hard, it didn’t take long, with Anjali working on him to, he began to look at who to fuck. Roshan laid down and told Anjali to straddle her, so he could fuck her doggy and Roshan could lick his cock for him, his eyes told that was a good idea, as they began fucking once more, his cock going in Anjali’s pussy first go,

Gokuldham Society : Ch 4 ( Komalbhabi )

Roshan’s tongue flicking his cock as he filled Anjali’s hole, being his second cum load he was taking things slower, building up his cum reserves once more, as he settled down for a long fuck session with them, Anjali was loving it, so Roshan told her to let him try her arse too, she pulled forward then pulled her butt open for him to slip in, and they carried on, he fucked her for ages, then turned and said, ” Ok I want your pussy now Roshan,”.

So they changed around, and he rammed his cock home making her jump, but Roshan loved the fullness of him in her cunt, they fucked for hours he made sure he filled every hole as much as he could with his cock and even used the toys in them with his cock, to dp them.

At one time Roshan lay on top of Anjali, their bodies together, Roshan’s pussy just above her friend’s pussy, and he went from top to bottom in both, first Roshan’s asshole then her pussy, from there to Anjali’s pussy and then her arsehole, fucking their each hole for one minute or so, wow it was nice, then he returned up their bodies once more.

Then they changed their positions, now Roshan’s mouth glued to Anjali’s pussy and from below Anjali pressed her mouth to Roshan’s cunt. Kneeling behind Roshanbhabi, Sundar pushed his hard shaft into Anjalibhabi’s tight pussy.  Roshan, a late-thirty and mother of one kid, turned and sucked Sundar’s cock, he nearly blew then but held of, wanting more, so with her mouth right on Anjali’s pussy, he fucked each on different strokes, one for Roshan’s mouth and one for Anjali’s pussy, kinky guy, but at all times he asked if they were ok with what he wanted to do.

The sophisticated call-girls of Gokuldham Society were fine and loved it too, specially Roshan would have fucked him for money any day. Then as his balls got fuller, he showed signs of wanting to fill some ones hole again. Roshan asked him where he would most like to cum this time, he looked and said, ” in your mouths”.

Cool, as Anjali turned and lay next to Roshan. They shared his cock, he pushed deep in both their mouths, but soon he wanked himself hard, holding his cock just away from them. This looked good, as he exploded over both, what a nice load too, hitting their faces and mouths. They both took his cum in their mouths, licking his cock head and balls, then kissed one another. He loved it, slowly his cock went soft, their attention turned to one another again as they both kissed and licked his cum from their faces, sharing the last moments, he sat back wide eyed.

When the two decent housewives cum prostitutes got dressed and talked, he said that he would come to Gokuldham Society every other week or so, and would be keen to meet both and maybe, bring along a friend who would also enjoy the fun. Anjali said that’s ok, but would be double the price, he said ok and pulled out more money giving Anjali Rs. 50,000/- as advance booking, saying it was worth every Rupees, and more.

Anjali and  Roshan kissed him good bye, saying how much they looked forward to their next orgy, he asked if they minded getting a bit kinkier next time. They smiled at one another and said sure, maybe they can arrange some thing, new, or he can come up with some kinky ideas.

A couple of days later, Roshan’s friend Anjali had taken her out to meet the owner and business gentle man of “Gada Electronics”, it was Dayabhabi’s husband Jethalal and they had a great 3 way with him. Anjali and Roshan putting on a lesbian show for him which he loved and he offered Rs.20,000/- for each, Roshan was just there to play with Anjali, and then leave and her to satify his needs.

The last meeting with Jethalal was only meant to be playing, and then let him to fuck Anjali, As it turned out he was a great guy, and when he touched Roshan, she wanted his cock in her pussy and showed him so. He ended up fucking both in every hole and having a great time, paying them more than they contracted at first.

My Uncle (part 2)

But this time he wanted to invite his own father Champaklal too, saying that they wanted to meet them around 7 pm at his shop. She asked Roshan If it was ok with his father being there to, and that it would mean twice the money, of course she said yes but puzzled at the proposal of his old father’s inclusion in the foursome orgy.

Roshan and Anjali both knew that he liked their sexy gear last week, they laid it on more for him. Roshan wore just a sheer dress no undies and high heels, Anjali had a great looking dress with slits though her thin Salwar showing most of her body but hiding enough. Jethalal was more than happy when he opened the door, his eyes telling that they got things right, he asked his best friend’s wife if she had brought along what he wanted,, she smiled back saying Yes.

He showed them in, where his father Champaklal was sipping beer on a sofa, mmmmmmmm tonight will be good and we’re getting paid to, Roshan and Anjali thought.

Then both the housewives cum call-girls touched the feet of the most respectable and senior person of Gokuldham Society, prayed for his holy blessings. Observing their respect for him, Champaklal’s eyes moistened with emotion, he hugged both, blessed them by touching their heads, kissed their sweet lips and began to maul their soft ass.

Champaklal was about 5ft 7, clean shaved with nice looks, he said he heard a lot about them and that his son was right to. Roshan went straight over to him kissing him and thanking him, looking down at the lump in his white dhoti that was rapidly growing, gave away his keenness to get started.

They had a quick drink with them both, then Jethalal reached over pulling his best friend’s wife to him and kissed her long and hard, his tongue going down her throat. Anjali’s dress came off in seconds, his hands exploring her body once more, as Champaklal gave Roshan a going over, then he told them to play on the bed, while they watched.

Roshan and Anjali started, licking, sucking and pushing fingers into one another, Anjali’s toys got handed out, as they stood and watched, wanking their stiff cock’s, Roshan wanted him in her pussy again, remembering how good he was last time,

Then just like before, her pussy had a finger pushed in, followed quicker this time by Champaklal’s cock, Jethalal was fucking his friend’s wife hard now, as they enjoyed their bodies. They played with one another, sharing their cocks and their pussy juices, Champaklal seemed to be in hurry, wanting to cum, Roshan held him of as long as she could, but soon her pussy flowed with his hot cum, Anjali coming over to eat her friend out and share his cum with her.

It was then that Jethalal asked Anjali for her bag, Champaklal was still playing with Roshan and she didn’t see what was going on, then strange noises, got her looking harder. Roshan peered over her customer’s body to see Jethalal on the edge of the bed, on his knees. Anjali was behind him, Oh wow, she was fucking him with a strap on, cool Roshan thought as she do that to her husband too. Anjali was going wild, the 7 inch vibe hitting home with each trust, his head rolling with pleasure,

Champaklal wanted to watch too, so they sat up, his cock was hard once more. Roshan sat on him taking his cock in her asshole, as she did, he looked surprised but moved slowly pushing in deeper. Then Anjali said to her friend, want a go,?

So they swapped places, Roshan was fucking Jethalal’s arse hard now as Anjali took Champaklal’s cock deep in her arsehole too.

After some time Roshan turned and said “my turn” arse held high as Champaklal moved over to butt fuck her with his hard cock. As he did, Roshan said push the dildo in her pussy too, and he did , bloody tight , but nice, as he fucked her hard.

Anjali was now sucking her husband’s best friend off, her face showing that he had enjoyed it all and gave her a huge load. Roshan moved over to kiss her and share his cum again. Then she looked at Jethalal and said once you’re hard, you are going to dp me, his cock sprung up, quick smart, a smile a mile wide, as he pumped the last few inch’s up again.

Roshan got Champaklal to lay down and sat on him, Jethalal coming up behind took her arse, then with some difficulty at first, father and son began to fuck her, long strokes filling her pussy and butt nicely, as she had a few good orgasm. Her juices running down her legs onto Champaklal, Anjali was sitting on Champaklal’s face now, with her butt right in front of Roshan’s face, so that her tongue went in deep in her asshole, making Anjali jump back. They played like this for awhile before swapping,

Anjali then taking both guys in her cunt and asshole as Roshan stood behind Champaklal with the strap on back on, some lube and the 7 inch dildo went in his butt, he jumped big time, and then pushed back, still with his cock in Anjali’s asshole as Roshan worked the artificial penis in harder.

They kept this up for awhile then Champaklal let fly again, his cum filling Anjali’s butt and running down onto his son’s cock. Although a 65 yrs. old senior citizen, Champaklal seemed to keep having one long cum as Roshan continued to fuck his tight butt-hole.

When they moved Champaklal kissed Roshan deep and said “ Oh Roshan beti, I love you”, she looked and he told that was his first anal fuck and he loved it, especially seeing as a woman had done it to him, Roshan laughed and said next time she might bring a big dildo, that will make him scared, he said ‘Ok’ your on”

After that Roshan offered a new proposal in which both guys jumped in excitement. At first Roshan got Jethalal under her again and his cock in her cunt, then looked at Champaklal, saying you too, he looked and said ‘How am I going to get my cock in your pussy, Jethia’s cock is already in the way,’

Although Champaklal was surprised a bit, he took position behind Roshan. Placing his cock at Roshan’s cunt beside his son’s cock he pushed forward. Roshan moaned as Champaklal pushed his hard shaft, inch by inch going in her pussy, once fully in Roshan moved and pushed back saying “go hard boys”,

Oh shit they did too, her pussy forced to take both cocks at same time and it was finding things tight, father and son took great pride in fucking her pussy, saying it was so tight inside and strange, feeling the other cock against theirs.

Both father son were worn out having cum a couple of times, but their cocks stayed hard, Roshan’s pussy straining now to stay on them, as they fucked her, her orgasms now one long blissful experience, as both guys began to swell and burst man hot juices in her cunt.

What a orgasm, Roshan’s cunt flooded, her mind going crazy, as Jethalal held on tight for a wild ride, Anjali took her by surprise as no soon had the guys dropped out then she pressed her mouth over the flooding cunt and licked the mixture of both guy’s semen along with her friend’s pussy-juices.

As Roshan lay on the bed, hands began to rub her tits and pussy, do these guys ever have enough she thought, only once more to see it was Anjali, she stilll licked the cum from her cunt-hole and bringing some for her to eat, sharing a kiss.

The night came to an end, with Champaklal filling Roshan as Jethalal hit the high note, and they lay chatting. Well as they left, Anjali took the money, and they both agreed that was a good night and that they would love to meet them again, with big kisses and hugs.

Aunt bites hot mom

Anjali handed her friend a wad of notes, kissing her, as she did, when Roshan got home and counted it Rs. 20,000/-, she was happy that her husband was awake. As she told the illicit  happenings to him, Sodhi became highly excited, Roshan sucked his cock and rode him for another great fuck that night, her husband going down eating the cum from her after she lay resting,

It was then Roshan showed her husband the money, he became pleased very much and proposed her that he himself wanted to become her agent/pimp in future.

End of Ch 7

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