My Daughter

I am 35 and my daughter. I never saw my daughter with lust until then. She is my only daughter. My wife had to leave out of town to take care of her sick mother, as my daughter had school she stayed with me. By then it was a week since my wife was away from home.
Everything was normal, my regular work routine, my daughter’s school. That night Me and my daughter helped each other in cooking as we usually do, after the cooking I sat down for dinner and my daughter served food. While serving food she was bending and that was the first time I actually saw my daughter’s cleavage, my god she really has well grown boobs, it didn’t look like a 14 yr old girl.
For the first time i saw my daughter cleavage and that turned me on. I couldn’t resist looking at it. After the dinner I went to my room. I couldn’t take that site of my head it was stuck in my head.
Though I felt bad to think about my daughter like that, I still couldn’t control myself. My mind kept saying that I want her, want her naked. I was thinking what to do, and how to see her naked body.
I kept thinking for a while but never got anything, still I decided to go to her room to see her.
I went to her room and she was on her bed, but didn’t sleep yet. When I entered her room, she asked “What happened daddy”. Honestly I had nothing to say, but something came up to my head and I just asked her if she can sleep in my room.
She asked me why, I replied saying, ” Just simply”. She didn’t know my intention. She said ok.
She got down from her bed, she was wearing thin shorts and tank top, without bra. First time I actually saw my daughter in that costume.
She came with me to my room. We both slept on the bed. I was waiting for her to fall asleep. After hours she was sound asleep.
I slowly turned towards her, and removed her covers until her hip. She was sleeping on her side facing me, I could see her cleavage actually more of her boobs. I slowly took my hands close to her, i was hesitant to do that but still i did. I slowly moved the lace of her tank top so that I could see her boobs.
When I was doing it she suddenly turned and slept on her back. I was scared for a sec.
I slowly removed her top and lowered it to her belly I could see her well grown boob. My god hey were beautiful. I could control myself , I wanted to see her completely naked.

I slowly and very carefully slid her shorts down, she wasn’t wearing a panty. I could see her vagina. I had to struggle a bit but managed to remove her shorts completely. The same way I role her top down and now she is completely naked. She is so gorgeous.

I undressed myself and we both are naked lying in the same bed, I took pics of her beautiful naked body. That wasn’t enough. I slowly pulled her towards me and hugged her. She is unaware that she is naked, she hugged me back in sleep. I lied hugging her naked body for a while.
Now I started sucking boobs slowly, after few seconds she woke up and asked me what am I doing. I didn’t know what to do. I stopped doing what I was doing, she was shocked to see both of us naked …
My penis was up and hard, I am sure that was the first time she saw a naked man and his penis. She was dumbstruck for a while.
I didn’t know what to do, I hugged her and started kissing her. She did not resist. I understood she is either in shock or she is liking it. To confirm that, I stopped kissing and looked at her. She didn’t say anything. I kept my hand on her face and slowly leaned to kiss her, I noticed that she is receiving it, I confirmed she liked it. She wouldn’t have expected her dad to her first kiss. She started reciprocating and and we started kissing passionately.
The kissing went for a while and then I got down to suck her boobs, She was enjoying it. I went further down to lick her pussy, she was moaning and that turned me even more. I kept licking her pussy for almost 30 mins while squeezing her boobs at the same time.

I asked my daughter to suck my cock, she was hesitant at the beginning, but slowly got into. I should say she is a great. I know her pussy would be tight, so I didn’t wanna hurt her, so I fingered her and I gave my daughter her first orgasm, while she was sucking cock and giving me mine. We both hugged each other and slept naked. After our orgasms, we had a chat and came to an agreement that we will keep it a secret . Since then every time we get chance, we do it.

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