Now and then love between mother and son

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He rolled over and slowly opened his eyes. Immediately Richie closed them, shielding himself from the sunlight which was streaming through the thin part between his bedroom window curtains. It was a narrow stream of light but enough to make the sandy-haired, naked 20-year old decide that he needed to get up. Opening his eyes again, he looked to the other side of his bed. It was empty, save for the fuchsia thong. He extended a muscular arm and scooped up the flimsy underwear and put it to his nose, taking a long hit of it. His mind vividly recalled the thong’s owner.

Her musk—I can never get enough of it. He inhaled deeply again. I never have been able to get enough of it for a year. Another sniff. I never will.

The earthy, piquant, female scent made his prick twitch awake. Richie smiled, tossed the thong to the floor and rose out bed. He padded out of his bedroom down the hall to the kitchen. He stopped in the archway. There was the thong’s owner.

She was a little shorter than Richie. Her back was to him, her flowing blonde mane tied in a ponytail. The blonde hair was a nice contrast to the green of the Packers T-shirt she was wearing. The young man took in the ravishing site of this sexy woman. Seeing how the hem of the jersey barely covered her ass, a curvy masterpiece which Richie felt was an ass to die for, caused his dick to further inflate. Her legs, long and tapering, were slightly parted with her dainty feet flat on the tile floor. He sauntered over to her, his semi-hard penis bouncing about.

“Good morning,” he murmured as his arms enveloped her waist, his head tucked into the nape of her neck, and his woody nestled on the jersey against her ass crack.

Mag had been sipping her morning coffee in the kitchen, leaning against the counter top, lost delightfully in the memories of the previous night’s carnality. Richie and she had celebrated their first anniversary together the previous night. Actually they knew each other for two decades. But it wasn’t until a year ago yesterday that they knew each other. Being in his arms always gave her a feeling of security and love. The feeling of his hard-on against her rear caused the peach-shaped bum to reflexively push back against the adored stalk of young manhood.

“Good morning,” she responded.

Her lower push-back caused Richie’s penis to solidify completely. He lifted the hem of the jersey, bent his knees and sensually rubbed himself up against her. She released an erotic sigh.

“You really shouldn’t be doing that.”

The college student smiled to himself. He chuckled at the half-heartedness of her cautionary statement.

“Why?” he confidently inquired, after his hands reached under Mag’s shirt and cupped her large, bare breasts.

“Mmmm,” she purred, relishing in the double approach of his prick and hands. The onset of moisture started in her cunt.

Richie lovingly squeezed the tits, his fingers tweaking the hardening nipples. Again he asked, “Why?” It was a sexy Q & A they frequently did just at the start of some epic sex.

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