My step sister is the best

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I’m in my early fifties. Pretty fit and still strong. My step sister came to town on business. I haven’t seen her in 18 years. She is three years younger than me and still friggen gorgeous.

We are both divorced and even at our ages now, there was definitely an attraction between us, or maybe it was just lust. We sat in a nice restaurant looking more like lovers than siblings. A wrap-around booth and the table cloth hid my hand as I played with Carries waxed pussy under her short skirt. I felt like my cock was going to tear my jeans out.

I remember the days when we were kids, we used to play with each other when we shared a bed to keep warm in the big house through cold winters. I would slide my pajama bottoms off and underwear. Carrie would slip out of her panties I remember when her pussy was still so smooth and her titties were starting to sprout too. It seemed like everytime I sucked on her tits they seemed bigger and a little bit more hair grew in around her little pussy. It never took much for my fingers to help her juices flow from her cunt. I wasn’t even considered a teen yet and I wanted to fuck her so badly.

When I was fifteen Carrie asked me to lick her pussy like she saw watching porn. Apparently she got her hands on some VHS porn movies. I watched a couple with her in her room one day while mom and dad were at work. I mimicked what the guys were doing to the woman. I never imagined how much I would love the taste of Carrie’s twat juice. And it was the first time that I made her orgasm over and over. But I was well rewarded when she sucked my cock for the first time.

She paid close attention to the women in the videos to learn how to suck my cock properly. She had jerked me off many times before but Carrie sucking my cock was way better, and then I got to cum in her mouth. She was a pretty erotic little slut for a young girl. When my best friend Kevin spent the night. We watched a movie together in Carrie’s room. Carrie sucked me off first then she did Kevin as I licked her pussy. And I don’t know how she did it or what she said but she got her best friend Lisa to let me lick her pussy as Carrie sucked my cock. And Lisa was well developed for her age. Her boobs were bigger than Carries and she had a lot of black pussy hair.

That went on for a few months until Lisa was so aroused that she wanted to start fucking and she asked Carrie if I would fuck her. I really wanted to fuck Lisa but not until I fucked my sweet sister Carrie. Carrie knew how to please my cock and I knew she would be a great fuck. And she had to be my very first. By that time I turned 16. Carrie had some nice size tits and a cunt full of blond hair. Kevin was out of the picture because he had his own slutty girlfriend. I know she was slutty because she was my third, After Carrie and then Lisa
But anyways Mom and dad went out for a late night.

But before that I watched mom take a bath first. While dad was still at work. She was actually my stepmom. Carrie would always help me out. She would go in the bathroom to talk to mom and then leave the door open a crack. Carrie knew that I couldn’t get enough sex at my age. So she left the door open a little so I could watch mom through the reflection in the mirror. With the radio on in the bathroom mom couldn’t hear me jerking off or hears her daughter as she sucked on my cock. But that night I couldn’t wait for our parents to leave. I wanted to finally fuck Carrie and lose our virginity to each other. “Carrie had never had a cock in her cunt but my fingers were deep enough to break her Hyman. She wanted to watch my cock go inside of her for the first time so she climbed up on the dresser. We used some of mom and dad’s fuck gel. I could tell in her face that it hurt but she wanted cum in her cunt. She wanted to feel the pulsing of my cock as it pumped my cream into her. Her eyes closed as she screamed. “Aaaahhhhhhhh. Oh Danny fuck my little pussy.

Her nipples we so light. That they were almost the same color as her skin but had great definition when they got hard. Everything about her turned me on, and it was awesome to discover that she liked the taste of her own cunt juice, so she would suck my cock after we fucked. She wanted to suck the cum out of my cock after the first time, she was afraid of getting pregnant.
We fucked almost every day for about two weeks until her period. But she was a good sister. She didn’t leave me high and dry. She called Lisa.
Carrie held my cock to Lisa’s cunt to guide it in to make its way through Lisa’s Hymen. That little bitch was in pain when I got my whole seven inches in her cunt. Her pussy was tight but I felt bad because she kept crying so I stopped. She was just hurting in her pussy. My cock was covered with her blood. Lisa asked if she could watch me fuck Carrie. I laid down and Carrie climbed on my cock. I learned to love early a pussy sliding up and down on my cock. Lisa and I were making out as I shot my load right up inside of my sister. Carrie got a little mad but I wanted to cum and I didn’t think that she wanted to taste Lisa’s blood or her own.

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