Me and manager


I’m Harrison from Hyderbad 26 Years , I read stories regularly and Inspired to share on my Experiences with you all This Story Happend Year Back with My Manager Siri (Name Changed)

So Coming to the Story She is 32 Yeras Old Fairy Looks She is very Fair, Tall- (around 5 feet 5 or 6 inch), and curvy (30c-28-34) she was married and got divorced Present she is living with her parents in Hyderbad She Joined 2 Years after Me Very Strict Manager Very dominating others In her Earlier Days later she became Very friendly to Everyone Later On Things Going Good She is Getting Close to me At that Point She Shared Her Past and Personal Bad Phase Her Husbad cheated on her She Fell in Love With Another Women and Made Her Pregnant She became Very Emotional and Seriously I felt very Bad for her and I Consoled her through that we shared very Good friendship I used to care her a lot and Respect her alot So She Felt very Comfortable with me In Earlier Days there is No any kind Lust On Her But Later On her Moments Towards me Had Some Crush on Her , I was Very Shy O never Cross my Limits We Used to Chat in the Nights Very Normal Chat It all started like that After that many days it going like that very decent Talks

Later she Relaized I’m taking care of her Respecting her She was very impressed and she used hold my hands she comes with me for having lunch she used feed me her food it was going like that One day She asked me to drop her at her home on my Bike I said Okay I’ve dropped her many times dropped her on my bike Unexpectedly One day she came Early to her shift for office I asked her what happend madam Why came Early today she replied I’ll Go early today I have to attend my relatives Marriage reception an I said Ohh Okay So We both ate Breakfast which I Bought from outside after 15 minutes She Came Beside me Asked me for Hug I was Shocked (Nobody came yet to office it was 8:00 In the morning) What happend madam I asked She said I asked as a Friend So I said Suer madam I gave her Hug she said Thanks and the Day complete we went back to homes Every Night we used to chatting She was Very upset about her Husband She has lots of desires Once she asked me dont call me madam Call me Bangaram If You Dont mind I said Okay I call her as her Wish Bangaram and She is getting Closer day by Day she is telling everything about her

So Now I took a Step and Dare asked her I want Kiss She Acted Like She was Very Upset with my Behaviour I was tensed and End chat Next day I went to office I said I’m sorry Madam she said Okay Leave it In that Evening She took me to another Room in our office Before Leaving Office She asked me Do you really want Kiss I said No madam I’m sorry About you leave she pulled me back gave a kiss on my Cheeks.

Two days later Everyone left office as their shifts over In the last me and madam left we were above to leave and Lock the shutter before leaving I pulled her back into room started kissing her and pressing her Boobs She started Moaning slowly we did for 10 minutes and left From there and locked after 2 days i took her to my Cousin’s room after office we spend 1 hour there we started Kissing her and Undress her top pressing Boobs She Started Moaning I took her Bra Playing with her Boobs Kissing she is enjoying it for 20 minutes now I asked her to take off her Phant She feel shy to take later I forced her and she said dont insert inside I said Okay But I forced her and Put my Cock inside she was moaning after 10 minutes of play I’m about to Cum so I took it out went to washroom and cleaned ourselves and dropped her On that Night Chat She told about her sex fantasies and chat goes Very dirty and very next day I asked her to Why dont you come to my Place this Weekend, and She Said Okay so I was Imagining That We Both Had Sex in dreams in my mind Before the Day she comes to my room I texted her Wats the Plan for Tomorrow In Room She said ? S

he replied What Is You Planned So I Kept Silent She Said Hello ?

I Said Yes You just Come will Plan something I said.

The Day Came I Got very early and Cleand room and filled with Fragrances She texted me that She started I send that exact address after 30 minutes She rang the Bell I was In shorts and Opened the Door and Welcomed her she came inside and she bought some home made food for me , we went inside the room sat and had some conversation I pulled her towards me her Fragrance was So Good she Looks Beautiful in her red Chudidar I started Kissing her and all of sudden she became wild and Kissing Ruvbing Dick so hard She Pulled out my tshirt Kissing my Body after 5 minutes I Undressed her Top Kissing her Boobs in Bra slowly Unzipped Bra Pressing Boobs She Was Moaning like Awwww Awwwww Awwwwww I’m going Down Down Kising Stomach I I Undressed her Fully Kissing Thighs And Her Fantasy is I have Suck her Pussy She told me So Started Teasing her Pussy with my finger her Pussy fully Wet I teased her Pussy with finger for 10 minutes and started Sucking she started moaning loudly I started her Pussy Very Hard and Licked her salty Juice she Pressing my Head Towards her pussy Very Hard with Pleasure I sucked for 15 minutes she started begging me Please Harry Please Insert Your Cock Inside me Please and Pleading me after few minutes started her Pussy with my Dick she was out of Comtrol So I entered into her Pussy with One Stong Move she was in tears and Shouting I’m stroking Hard On Hard she moaning very Loud I asked shall I Stop She Said NooNoooNoooo after sometime she started enjoying the pleasure 5 minutes later she was ready to Cum she said I didn’t stop stroking Hard She moaning loud and She released her cum on my dick She asked me to Put her mouth I went to her Mouth She stroking my Cock Hard I was ready to Cum I said her She told me to Cum inside her Mouth She drank all the juice and after 2 minutes I started sucking her Boobs Pressing Very Harder She Was In Pain and Again I started fucking her Pussy Stroking very Harder than she Shouting and Crying Now I asked what happend why you Crying ?

She said after 5 Years I’m having the real Sex I was enjoying the Pain and Pleasure She Pulled towards her started again I was stroking very hard She moaning and said about Cum 2 minutes later we both summed together I toom out from her pussy and Cummed on her Stomach she was Surprised to see lots of Cum on her Stomach and we both went washroom and Cleand ourselves We had food which she bought from home and after Lunch we had two more rounds and She above to leave finally She Took my dick into her hand and Gave me Mindblowing Blowjob which I Never forget I cummed in her mouth within 5 minutes she was Pro in Blowjob Next I Booked Cab and She left to her Place

After that we Fucked many times…

This is one of my Story If any queries Pls Send me to
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