Melanie visits her stepmom to find a nasty surprise

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Jennifer knew she was fat. With a heavy sigh, she sat on the edge of the immaculate porcelain bath in her richly decorated master bathroom. Completely nude, she smeared herself with baby oil, her alabaster white, perfect skin taking on a shiny, mirror-like reflection. The fact she needed a bottle for her massive breasts alone made her smile, as she knew her size was an attraction. Jennifer liked her big tummy and huge round ass. Coupled with her tits, she knew she looked like a round ball. She smiled to herself as she touched herself all over, but this little round ball knows how to use her fat, she thought.

The oil was part of a unique weight loss theory. Spread enough oil and your body would eject the oils it had. So, naked, alone and in her rich bathroom, she liberally covered herself. Jennifer even slicked down her blonde pubic hair. She had coated her legs, stubby and short, but correct in proportion to the rest of her. Each fat roll was meticulously done, even her deep navel and between her toes with their manicured nails. Smiling Jennifer covered her puckered anal entrance with a teasing swirl of her finger. In response to the tingly feeling, manually stimulating her anus gave her, Jennifer farted. It was a loud, thunderous rip that made her snort and laugh. Achingly, she moved on to her now aroused and wet pussy.

In her vaginal and anal teasing, Jennifer had taken a wrong step, knocked several open oil bottles over, creating a pool of baby oil on the floor in front of her. Slick and mirror-like on the black tiles, she could see her voluptuous figure in the reflection it created. Jennifer looked from the floor to the wall mirror. Lifting her armful sized breasts up, their weight taxed her arms. She pouted and shifted her body to amplify her cleavage. Jennifer made her best “I’ll suck your cock face,” then laughed, letting her big tits free and squeezing the sensitive nipples. The oiling-up was making her more than normally horny.

The oil was warm when it flowed onto her toes, as the heat lamps she had on were warming the black tiles. Looking down, she swore to herself and looked around to find a path out. She sighed with a hint of exasperation. Three bottles had fallen over.

“Stuck. Why did I take all the towels out?”

Was it because her tiny, weedy husband was not in the house this month, thus allowing her to strut around nude and masturbate where she liked; well, at least until Junior came home.

The thought of being alone and masturbating in here and then scooting out of the room oil covered and on her knees did appeal, she was horny after all. But damaging the carpet was something she couldn’t bear. Jennifer thought, could I grab a towel from the linen press around the corner, could I use the curtain or could I use the shower to hose it all down the drain? All the ideas sounded like they would make a terrible mess. Jennifer then remembered that, at this time of day, she was not alone. She was not the rich, lonely, horny housewife. No, this time of day, Junior, her step-son, was home. Jennifer yelled out for him.

She’d flashed him before, revealing cleavage, bikini tops falling off in the pool, outright panty flashing. This would be her ultimate flash. Jennifer naked and shiny with oil. She wondered how hard this would make him. Then. Not that she knew of other times But she liked to imagine him going back to his room and wanking to the memory. Deciding to look her most slutty she hefted and cupped her massive breasts and made kissy faces in the mirror.

Ever since he was kicked out of college, he had been forced to look at less savoury income streams. As he had not wanted to follow his father into the police. However a cam whore for strange gay and bi guys had not been his first choice. His cock ached from the five cumshots he had forced out of it last night, and the memory of the ejaculations came with a haze of bad memories. Chatting with horny dudes desperate to see his cock was tiresome, and in some cases traumatising. There it was again, someone calling his name. It was female and distant. Maybe it was the fat-assed maid. No, there was no accent. That narrowed it down to one person.

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