Losing my virginity with unknown aunty on long ride to bike lift

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Hey readers myself pravin 25 and my dick size is 7inch iam from goa im a big fan of iss longback from 8 years I used to love incest stories like incest, aunt, mature ladies Iam from goa and uncle stays at karnataka So let me come to story the queen of the story is rekha aunty she was not my uncles wife but the lady met me on the way when i was visiting my uncle house at feb journey started from goa to karnataka 170kms on bike while I was riding alone and when I was on way I had to stop to take water bottle and hav some tea and snacks while

I stopped at shop like dhaba I ordered one tea and omlet pav my fav1 and ordered one cigarette cause it was too chilled and there were 10 to 15 people’s were there suddenly while i was standing near shop having tea I got call from my uncle and i started to talk when I was talking one aunty in that dhaba she noticed my talk and i had eye contact with that aunty and i turned and neglect and continued my conversation with uncle I told my uncle thr is too chilled I’ll come slowly cause it too cold and said ok and cl hanged .

I finished my tea and omlet pavand went near bike took my headphones and was going to play songs and suddenly that aunty came near me and asked where are you going I told where iam going and she smiled and asked me whether ill get a lift and I was thinking what to do I asked her where she is going she told her address and I dint knew that address I told her I dnt knw the address and she asked me where iam going I told my uncle address and by telling her she told she is juz 10km before my stop and i agreed cause she is near my uncle house 10 km away and I invited her she was wearing yellow saree and was looking hot red lips and her boobs jus shaped outside curvy were big 36 and round ass she was not too fat but little bit okey like normal lady .

I started my ride and it was about 45km and the main thing was she was reaching directly to her house cause she dint had any buses late at night cause the time was 6:30pm

I started my ride and aunty is sitting back after 10 to 15 mins I started the chat with aunty and chat was normal asking about her family she was married lady and had two children’s one girl and boy and her husband was working at pvt company and she was visiting her native coz next day she had some function in her relatives house and only she had came coz her children’s school and husband had not leave holidays in company so the chat was on and suddenly asking about me and i introduced myself and after that asked about my girlfriend and I told her I don’t hav girlfriend and iam not interested in it and I kept quiet little while I knw i used to like married women’s aunty coz I had lot fantasy on mature women’s and I kept thinking inside my mind and continued my ride while riding I was obviously acting like i dint hear anything from back side and she was coming too close upon me from back pressing her boobs back and I was getting hard and I dint had any bad intension on her later while wer on the way and it was night now streets lights were on and suddenly she puts her hand on my right thigh upon my pants I dint even knew that later while I feel something and than I was quiet she suddenly asked me why you are quite dear

I replied nothing and I was hard and I told aunty what you are doing she told me directly I was watching u wen I was sat on your bike you are trying to touch and press my boobs from your back side I noticed you dear and I was shocked listening to this and she was 7km away from her house and time was about 9:30pm and suddenly she told me ull get late and time is 9:30pm u stay to my house and go morning and I was thinking what to do what to say uncle and she asked what happen and I was juz 9km away from my uncle house and she asked me what your thinking I replied her aunty my uncle is waiting me and I dint had any plan to stay and thinking that I reached to aunty house she was alone and she invited me and forced to stay to her house

I was 10:18pm I seen the big watch in aunty house and I planned to call uncle I was at aunty house sitting at hall on sofa and aunt went inside to keep hot water to bath and to make some black tea and she asked whether ull drink black tea I nodded yes she smile and went inside i was hard and sexy and was planning to fuck aunty but I was not getting any plan to say uncle a reason for this night I was bit nervous too and finally I called my uncle and told him uncle my bike is punture and iam stuck between here and garages are close and time was about 10:35pm and uncle asked me the address I was confused cause uncle will come to take if iam nearby to him and suddenly I got my one frnd address and it was about 17kms away from uncle house and I knew that would not be coming to pick me at night he is patient and I told uncle I’ll call my frnd and I’ll stay to his house and I’ll take my to garage tomorrow and I’ll cum at morning and uncle agreed and said ok beta keep ur bike safe and call was hanged and aunty heared what I told my uncle and laughed you are lier naughty smile and gave a cup of black tea and went to cook food for us and she told me don’t go outside the house and my bike was out of compound

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