Daddies super bowl debt

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Hi my name’s Megan Im sharing a day of my life. I don’t remember much but it includes my father and a super bowl party I went to with him.
It was my dad’s weekend to have me and we went to his friends super bowl party. I don’t remember who was playing I didn’t watch any sports or anything like that a bunch of people were there everyone was into the game. I was getting sleepy and my dad and a couple of his friends were drinking and getting really loud being rowdy. It was getting late and it was just me and my father and his friend Mike. I walked up half asleep to my dad to tell him that I wanted to go home. Just then Mike picked me up and put me against his chest as if to put me to sleep. I was so sleepy I leaned on him and closed my eyes.

Not fully asleep I heard him tell my dad so give me my 100 bucks. My dad was like come on man I lost my job and this bitch left me. Mike told him wasn’t his problem. It was quiet for a minute when I heard mike tell my dad “you know meg has a pretty cute mouth ” .

my dad: “what are you getting at”.

Mike: Well maybe we can work something out with little meg here. She can do a little job for me.”

My dad stayed quite for a couple seconds when I heard him say “ok but keep your hands off her bottom area and dont be rough with her,wear a condom and don’t take all night either, you got 20min. I’m gonna drink this beer and watched the highlights” Mike got up and put me down my dad told me that he was taking me to his room for a little bit and to listen to what he’s says and that he was gonna be nice to me.

Mike then leads me to his bedroom and sat me on his bed told me I had a pretty face and started kissing me in the mouth and set his phone timer for 15min. He kissed me all over my body over my cloths. He kissed my neck alot and told me that I was gonna give him a blow job. He put his boxers down and I saw his peepee out it was hard and he told me to touch it. He wrapped my hands around it. He made me rub it up and down. He reached over and grabbed a rubber and he put it over his whole peepee. He laid on his back and he moved my mouth towards his peepee.

Mike:”open your mouth and suck on it ”

I did what I was told. it was warm in my mouth and he told me to relax.

Mike:” let me control your head and he moved it up and down.

After a minute or two he got stiff and my mouth got hot and he moved my head up and down fast. Then he relaxed and told me to keep going till I heard the timer. I saw alot of white goo coming out the bottom of the rubber and his peepee was all soft. The alarm went off and he went to the restroom, came back and asked me how my first bj was. I said it was ok but I didn’t really know what I just did . Mike said good girl kissed me and carried me out to my dad. Dad”are you ok baby did he hurt you? Did he wear a rubber ? ” me “no daddy he was nice and yeah he wore a rubber?

Mike: ” we’re good on that bet, she did a good job for her first time”.

dad:” ok good we’re taking off then see ya next time.”

We got home and my dad carried me to my room and asked me if I had fun, he thanked me for taking care of his debt. I nodded my head yes and your welcome daddie.

Dad:” ok baby how about you give me a freebie and he took out his penis. I didn’t answer. He layed on my bed the same way mike did. I finally answered ok. I asked him where’s the rubber?

Dad:” no baby I’m your dad I don’t need one.”

So I started sucking and my dad and he put his hands on my head and making me choke on it alot and he kept letting out salty water (pre cum) From his peepee.

Dad:” baby I’m going to cum in your mouth your gonna feel liquid filling your mouth up you have to hold it in your mouth and don’t stop sucking till I tell you” I kept going and he pushed me faster and deeper when I felt his cum fill my mouth up.

Dad :” Oh yeah baby that’s good keep going till my dick gets soft”

I felt his dick slide out my mouth leaving a mouth full of warm hot cum I wanted to spit it out but my dad said ” open your mouth and show it to me” I did what he said.

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