Hot July day sex

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It was a hot summer day July 1985 and was living in a studio apartment in an alley my great-grandparents owned. I had the cooler going that afternoon and was arranging stuff. I was wearing a teal colored shirt and dark blue shorts with gold trim and tennis shoes. I had the radio station blasting music and did not hear my 63 year old grandpa come in as I was putting some paper in the lower desk drawer since I was starting junior college next month.

I offered him a Pepsi and after small talk he said the reason he came over is that he had something for me and it was okay with grandma to give it to me. I was expecting money but he suggested I close the front door as he patted me on the butt. I smiled because that “gift” I enjoy getting.
Not only was I the grandson but also the “granddaughter”. I was 6 feet 1inch 200lb and had C cup breasts due to gynecomastia and a smooth white ass and 6 inch cut dick. This was not the first time he nailed me.

So after shutting the door I removed my shirt and he helped remove my shorts and I laid on my back on the bed and he dropped his pants and boxers and I spread my legs as he lowered his 8 inch thick cock on my dick and frot fucked me. then after a few minutes he sat up on the side of the bed to rest and used my phone to call my grandma and told her he was doing me again. Then after he hung up he went back to frot fucking me. After some time he asked me to slide down to where his cock was and when I did and stuffed his cock in my mouth he face fucked me. Then he arched up and groaned and squirted his load down my throat. I tightened my lips around his cock and got the last drop and let his cock out with a “pop” sound. He rolled over on his side and I kissed his cock one more time and said “I liked it”.

I showered and dressed and he took me clothes shopping. Its 2pm today 5/27/19 and in 3 more hours my 97 year old grandpa is coming over and going to fuck me again. I am nude and horny and looking forward to when he comes.

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