Hot July day sex

It was a hot summer day July 1985 and was living in a studio apartment in an alley my great-grandparents owned. I had the cooler going that afternoon and was arranging stuff. I was wearing a teal colored shirt and dark blue shorts with gold trim and tennis shoes. I had the radio station blasting … Read more Hot July day sex

Remembering Mr. Smith

In 1992 I was living with my 89 year old grandma and I was 26 at the time. I worked at a nursing home as a nurse aide and had sex with a few of the male patients. This one October Sunday morning I was off work and I thought I would go visit this … Read more Remembering Mr. Smith

Sex with Doctor

On June 2nd 2017 I had to have kidney stones removed with use of a stint. So for 2 weeks I was peeing like nothing else. On Saturday July 8th I was turning 51 and a party with my dad, grandpa, uncle and my brother was planned. So I thought I was going to have … Read more Sex with Doctor