Remembering Mr. Smith

In 1992 I was living with my 89 year old grandma and I was 26 at the time. I worked at a nursing home as a nurse aide and had sex with a few of the male patients. This one October Sunday morning I was off work and I thought I would go visit this community church that was on the next street over. So I was dressed up with shirt and tie and was on my way out the door when grandma told me that Mr. Smith a 67 year old bald pudgy retired construction worker who lived two doors away wanted to see me (he fucked me many times before). So I went over there and he invited me in and he told me he was horny and wanted to do me. I told him I was drained from having 2 patients do me on my last night. But he begged and so I relented.
He lived in this one bedroom shack and he had this fold up bed in the living room where he was watching the football game with a large pot of beans cooking on the stove. So I undressed and laid on my back on the bed and he was busy stirring the pot of beans as I laid there , he turned the fire down. Then his phone rang and it was a friend of his and they talked for about 35 minutes as I laid there watching the game and playing with my 6inch dick. He got off the phone and apologized and removed his white muscle t-shirt and jeans and his 10inch cock was coming toward me. He only had his old style glasses from the 60’s on. He got on top of me and placed his fat cock against my little dick and frot fucked me while he was watching the game on tv.
Soon he started going faster and I could see his white ass go up and down as the bed was squeaking as he fucked me. Then he arched up and had me slide down to where his cock was and after I did he put his cock in my mouth and he face fucked me for a few minutes until he pulled out and squirted his cum on my face. He laid back on top of me and as I rubbed his ass he thanked me over and over kissing me on my neck. I let a few drops of his cum to drip in my mouth because he squirted on my forehead down to my mouth. He then let me get up and I washed my face and dressed and went back home.

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