First time gay sex

This Has been building in me for a long time,ever sinceI was kid . I was very horny one night surfing Craigslist. I started looking under man for man,, looking at posts with Big cocks.There were several,, but only one answered me. We chatted for a while And I agreed to host. I Got ready

First time gay ride!

I was at my local hangout after work one Saturday night. It was owned by a family member and I was introduced to several people. One of the guys, Larry, asked if I wanted to go smoke some weed and I eagerly agreed. He asked if I’d drive and I told him I would. I

First time with cousin – part 3

First time with cousin, part 3. I lowered my jeans to my ankles and stepped out of them leaving just my underwear, slowly I lowered the underwear to the floor making sure that my ass was toward Mark so he could get a good look. Turning my head, I could see a bulge in the

First time with my cousin

My cousin came to visit myself and girlfriend. He was 19 and I was 21 so we had several things in common. My girlfriend had to go to work there by leaving us to our own devises. We had a couple of beers and soon the subject of sex came to be. He said he

Remembering Mr. Smith

In 1992 I was living with my 89 year old grandma and I was 26 at the time. I worked at a nursing home as a nurse aide and had sex with a few of the male patients. This one October Sunday morning I was off work and I thought I would go visit this