First time with cousin – part 3

First time with cousin, part 3. I lowered my jeans to my ankles and stepped out of them leaving just my underwear, slowly I lowered the underwear to the floor making sure that my ass was toward Mark so he could get a good look. Turning my head, I could see a bulge in the panties he had on. I asked, ” like what you see?” Marksmiled and patted my ass. This gave me a hard on and when I turned around we werecock to cock me naked and Mark in his panties. Reaching out I rubbed his cock through the satin panties and he touched my cock and encircled it with his hand. The warmth of his hand groping me was wonderful! I slid my hand under the leg band of his panties and rubbed his balls. Make slowly slid his panties to the floor presenting his ass to me. I stepped forward enough to slide ma cock up and down his as crack causing him to jump. At this time Mark told me that this was as far as he had ever gone with another man, I reached out and grabbed he ass and we humped each other for awhile. I backed away and pinched his nipple and ha kssed mine. All of a sudden we heard a car pull into the garage. Talk about getting dressed fast when his wife came in we were sitting at the table . She put groceries on the table and went to he bedroom. Luckily nthis gave us time to finish zipping up and getting our clothes in order. Disappointed, I told Mark that nexttme we would go for it!

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