First time with cousin part 2

Got a call from my cousin, will call him Mark, ( First time with cousin part 1) saying he would like to meet up with me again. It had been about 6 months since our initial meeting so I was not sure as to the reason but you don’t find out if you don’t go for it! We set up a time and met over lunch. After the obligatory small talk Mark said that he often thought of the last time we had together. I said I had been thinking about it also. We decided to meet at a motel outside of town for privacy and met on the day. Going to the room I have to admit, I was checking out his ass swing as he walked in front of me. He looked back and smiled. Getting into the room he asked if he could kiss me. I said I had never had a man kiss me but was willing to try. Our lips met and it did feel wierd at first but I liked it! My hand slid down to his ass and his jeans slid around a little more than normal. Mark smiled and asked if we should get more comfortable.

I took off his shirt and he did mine, I pinched his nipples and he kind of jumped so I leaned forward and kissed them. I noticed a bulge in his pants so unbuckling his jeans and pull g them down I was presented with a pair of red satin panties! Mark asked if I minded and I responded by running my hand over his cock in those panties. Asking how long he has been into wearing panties he stated for years but was afraid to tell anyone. I got naked making a point to bend over with my ass to him as I lowered my underwear. I saw a wet spot of precum on his panties. Want to know what happened next?

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Wait for part 3!

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