First time with my cousin

My cousin came to visit myself and girlfriend. He was 19 and I was 21 so we had several things in common. My girlfriend had to go to work there by leaving us to our own devises.

We had a couple of beers and soon the subject of sex came to be. He said he had just broken up with his lady friend and he said that my girlfriend was hot! I agreed! The beers soon relaxed both of us and my cousin asked if my g/f wore any sexy clothes. I said we could look and we proceeded to her dresser. Going through her clothes he found a pair or see through panties and I noticed the tent in his pants. I told him that if it excited him to see the panties, he could try them on if he wanted. I thought maybe I had overstepped, but he started to undress. Watching this I got hard and he commented that he did not want to be the only one getting comfortable. He undid his belt and unsnapped his jeans.He turned away from me and bent over to slide his jeans down. I have never looked at another man like this but his ass was tight and very well formed. He pulled his underwear down exposing his ass to me and looked back at me and smiling asked what I was waiting on. I stepped out of my jeans and underwear exposing a 6.5 inch cock standing straight out. He looked and smiled. We were both naked and he put on the panties and asked how they looked. I told him his ass looked good in them but they were sticking out in front. Laughing nervously I put my hand on his ass and squeezed. I told him that this was the first time I had ever touched another man like that. He said obviously I liked it as my cock was sticking straight out and saying this he took hold of me. The feeling was outstanding! Pre cum flowed as he rubbed me. I reached out and touched him through the panties and saw a small wet spot appear. We played with each other until shortly before my g/f was due home. We both got dressed and promised to do this again soon!

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