Humiliation goes wrong

Being single and older, I learned through the years humiliation really was a turn on for me. I experimented with womens panties, stockings and such. Yea it was ok.

Discovering Craigslist, I would get dressed up in my panties and such, read the ads, and jack off. There were many ads some I would answer. Just to see what the poster would do to me.. this went on for a while. I sent a few pictures to a few guys.

As time went on I discovered having a younger man, control me would be a bigger turn on. Finley I seen a post of a 23 year old guy, he ran a small farm, where no one lived. He was looking for a older guy to humiliate, he was talking about name calling, ordered to jack off, just some mild stuff.

I answered his post. To my surprise he answered me and started right off the bat with the name calling. I told him about myself, and he told me to be at the farm the following Saturday. For a greet and meet. Sounded innocent, so I drove over an hour, found the place. And met him.

He was all he said, a young man. Trash talking. When I arrived I parked by this barn. He immediately told me what I was to do, and how it was going to be. I answered with yes sir.

He ordered me to strip, all but my shoes, and to clean out the stalls. He pointed to a shovel called me a bitch, and said get to work. As I was working, he was calling me all sorts of names, I filled a wheelbarrow full of dry horse poop, and when it got full, I had to wheel it out of the barn to an open space.

It was hot inside the barn a trip outdoors was refreshing, but I didn’t want anyone to see me nude. It didnt take long before he told me to come over and hold his dick while he pissed. I had to unbutton his pants pull them down get his dick out and hold it.

He made me get on my knees, he then held his dick pointed it at my head and started pissing all over the top of my head. He was laughing as the piss ran down, he called me a cocksucking cunt bitch, and he told me I loved his piss.

After it was over, he told me to get up and get back to work, as I did he reached over and slapped my bare ass, pretty hard, he chuckled a bit, then he noticed my dick was hard.

He stopped me and said before you get to work, start jacking off bitch. I stood there pulling on my dick. He told me not to cum, I was to stop right before. I pulled my dick for a while, listening to him calling me names, then I told him I was about to cum. So he made me stop, then get back to work

I was cleaning these stalls out with him laughing, and asking me wax it hard to work with a hard on. This kid was really putting me through it. And I was loving it.

I cleaned the stalls with several trips outdoors where I dumped the horse poop, when I was finished. He called me outdoors to the other side of the barn where there was a water hose, he used it to hose me off. The water was very cold, and again I was afraid some passerby would see me.

We went back into the barn and he was telling me there’s some wood work that needs to be done, but the lumber isn’t here yet. He ordered me to get him another beer from the fridge in the corner. I brought him one as he was sitting back in a chair, there was a little stool by his feet he told me to sit there.

He propped his boots up and used my legs to set them on, we sat there for about 10 minutes with him calling me names, and making me get him beer after beer, he was on his 4th beer, when we herd a truck pull up, he told me the lumber was here and for me to sit there until he calls me.

He got up to great the truck and to guide it into the barn, then two large “fat” guys got out. The one looked over my way then chuckled a bit, as the other one dropped the tailgate and started unloading the wood. Them my “owner” we will call him said hey bitch, bring these toys a beer and unload this lumber. I did as i was told, with many chuckles, and much humiliation I did as i was told.

As these men were talking about me my owner said I was a good one, and then he said, hey bitch, I gotta piss again, come on. I pulled his pants down again, knelt down, and he pissed all over me. He told the men that I loved his warm piss.

With his piss dripping off me. He told me to come over here and he would show me what to do. He ordered me to nail up several of these boards, gave me a hammer and nails, then told me if I didn’t do it right, he was going to spank my ass. As I was working, they would call me over to bring them a beers,

On one of the trips for beer, my owner ordered me to lay across his lap, and he bare ass spanked me. Right in front of these men. He gave me 7 spanks, then told me to kneel down in front of him. He grabbed me by my chin, and said, do you know why I did that? I answered with no sir. He said because I wanted to cunt face! They all laughed, and I got back to work.

With these guys watching me, making crude remarks, my cock was rock hard. When I finish the work, he made me jack off again for them, and I had to stop right before I came..
As I was doing this they called me every name in the book. My owner even told them I wore panties, and I wanted to be a girl.

I had to stop jacking very quickly, and when I did. I was then ordered to suck my owners cock, he had already removed his pants, sitting on the edge of his chair, his legs spread wide. And his cock sticking straight out. “ now cock sucking wasn’t part of our agreement” but I knew Better, and really didn’t care at this point. I would have done anything they wanted. And did.

I sat in front of him, took his cock straight in my mouth, and started pumping like a wild person. I reached up grabbed his balls and started playing with them. His cock wasn’t that big, t was kind of ne of those skinny long cocks. I was going down as far as I could, and I choked once, or twice, I had to pull off and coughed a bit. But I went right back to sucking him off.

I’m not sure how long I was sucking him, when all of the sudden he pulled my off him, he started jacking it. And then he shot his load all over my face, he let out a moan of pleasure, as my face was covered with warm slippery cum. He held me there until he drained every drop in to my face.

After it was over, he was laughing saying ahh yes, that’s a good bitch, now stay right there. He stood up moved out of the way, as the other guy sat in the chair, he was already nude, his cock was hard, he sat down slid his cock in my mouth and I went to work.

His cock was difficult to get to, he was fat and his cock was short, he leaned back in the chair as far as he could, lifted his belly a bit and I sucked his smaller cock like I was a pro at it. It took him a long time to cum, the other guys were saying come on your gonna wear the bitch out, he Finley shot his load holding me down on him, he came in my mouth. It was running out my mouth onto my chin, I was covered in cum and sweat.

He got up and my owner walked up, pulled out his cock and pissed all over me again, he said I needed washing off. When he got finished the other guy sat down and I sucked him off.
He shot his lad on my face, when it was all over, I stood up. Looked over and seen a GoPro camera, this guy was filming me the entire time.

He let me know he was filming and asked if I cared. I knew to say no. With my cock super hard and dripping I asked if I could jack off. He said NO, then he told me to get dressed, and go home.

As I was getting dressed he told me to be back here tomorrow at the same time, he said he has some more work for me to do. He said if I didn’t show up, he would post my video online, I assured him I would be here, he told me to wear my panties and stocking tomorrow and be wearing lip stick.
I did as i was told.

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