I let my bullies use my wife – Part 1

I was doing good in life by the time I was 33yrs old. I was a reputed professor in a good college. With a house and a decent car. I got married a couple of years back to a beautiful young woman, Lilly, who is 24 years old. She was my student when I first

Mom gets used by son’s Bully

Stephen and his parents sat down to eat dinner. His dad, Frank, grey haired and tired-looking, asked his wife, “Get the ketchup, eh?” Stephen’s mom, Gail, a petite brunette with a trim figure and a usually-ready smile, said peevishly, “I just sat down Frank. Why didn’t you ask before I sat down?” This was a

Low-Caste Whore

Part 1 An East Indian native, Deepti – who spoke English – was a pervert long before the ensuing happened. Her large tits didn’t sag and her arse was firm, though she had submissive needs involving humiliation, golden-showers, scat, bestiality, rape and physical abuse. When she was 18, however, her 19-y/o boyfriend forced her to

Humiliation goes wrong

Being single and older, I learned through the years humiliation really was a turn on for me. I experimented with womens panties, stockings and such. Yea it was ok. Discovering Craigslist, I would get dressed up in my panties and such, read the ads, and jack off. There were many ads some I would answer.

My GF Discover’s Mike’s Huge Dick

This story revolves around cuckolding, both non-consensual and consensual, with a little bit of humiliation. If these are not your kinks, do not read this story and do not bother commenting. I was in my dorm room with my girlfriend, Natalie, and things were getting frisky between us as we lied underneath my bedsheets. My


Being alone for some time my sexuality wondered into, crossdressing, I started reading about and watching porn. The men all said it was a huge turn on. So I started ordering items. I found my look, and it was quite exciting, I just love the feel of nylon panties against my cock. I ordered some

Wife’s ideal to fuck others

When I was 34 I had this 20 year old girl friend, she was quite the nymphomaniac, she really liked to explore all sex adventures, we fell on hard times, and she suggested, placing an ad for an older man. She said if we find one, he would help us out. In my weakness, I

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