The things a slave will do to prove his love to his Mistress

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Story contains graphic and extreme sexual fetish activity, including toilet play. If this is not your kink, do not proceed.

Most of my friends, old college bro-brah type buddies, if they knew I was part of an elite secretive swinger’s sex club with nearly a hundred drop dead, gorgeous women, would be insanely jealous. They have met Aurora, my current girlfriend, of course. The girl of my dreams, who I met out there, and who, on those occasions when we are around the old oly-stubbie drinking brew crew, is supremely cute, fun and flirty. They see me as a guy with a hot girlfriend who goes to an island full of beautiful models to swap partners with more beautiful women. So yeah, they probably are jealous of me. Unless they find out the whole story. Aurora has dropped little hints now and again, that I pick up on and cringe at (which makes her smile) but so far, the rest of the guys don’t suspect a thing.

Yes, I am part of a swinger’s sex club. It is in a gorgeous setting, a private island off the coast of Santa Barbara. Yes, there are many, many drop dead gorgeous women here, who come here for the express purpose of getting laid by hot, hunky guys. And yes, the parties out here are wild and outrageous. But how did an average guy like me, clearly not your typical underwear model, end up involved with this scene?

Well, ahh, that’s the secret. Part of that is Aurora’s fault. If it were not for her, I would have actually found my way out of this mess long ago. So, why would any unmarried young man in his sexual prime want to leave a swingers club full of hot women? Well, that’s just it. Other people there, including Aurora, get to have all the sex they have the endurance for, going all night with multiple partners.

Me, I get none. Ever. And this is by Aurora’s choice. In fact, I seldom even get the chance to orgasm! Except in front of her, on rare occasions, as a “Reward for good behavior.” My blissfully clueless college bro-brah buddies who are so jealous of me- they actually get laid far, far more than I do.

There are four classes of people on this island. Those who are “In Heaven” get all the sex they can with whomever agrees to hook up with them, along with all the full benefits of membership. Those who are “In Purgatory” are temporarily banned from any sexual activity and other benefits due to some transgression. The council who oversees the club, led by the billionaire owner of the island himself, weighs in on the punishment and the duration. Those who are “in the Abyss” are people who are either ‘eighty sixed” from the club, or those who, when they petition to join, are judged unworthy of membership for whatever reason and not allowed in.

Then there are those “In Hell.” These are the ones who do all the grunt work on the island; the cooking, cleaning, and maintenance, while still being considered members. The catch: The seven “Sisterhood of the Lash” rules over them, overseeing their work, and subjecting them to physical punishments if they do their work poorly. Meanwhile, when the chores are done, the Sisterhood of the Lash get their kicks playing dominatrix over them, subjecting them to humiliating and degrading punishments and tasks, for the amusement of them and the rest of the guests. And they are not allowed any sex, at all, with anyone on the island. Ever. In fact, they are forced to wear a locked metal cage around their cocks at all times, to prevent them from having sex with anyone when they are NOT on the island.

As you guessed, Aurora is one of the Sisterhood of the Lash, and I am “In Hell.” Why would any sane man put up with this kind of treatment? Well, many don’t. These are quickly sent to “The Abyss” and ejected from the community, partly so as to avoid any kind of legal non-consent issues. And there are some put up with it out of fear, embarrassment, and, at least partly, the inability to remove their metal chastity cage (which doubles as a shock collar if any slave ever gets too disobedient.) As it happens, one of the members of the Sisterhood of the Lash also works at the one and only local sex store, where these devices are custom made for the slaves of the island. But there are some, men like me consigned to a hell of whips, chains and humiliation at the hands of beautiful women, who seem to enjoy it, in ways that are hard to explain.

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