Ariiti’s wild birthday party

The weekend passed by and unlike my past few weekends, this weekend was quite eventful. It was Monday night and after a stressful day, I came back to my room and after having my dinner I logged into my hangout account and saw that there a ping from a girl named Sneha.

Sneha: Hi Mr. writer, read your story . I must say you have the capability of making anyone wet with just the words. I am already in love with your writing. Is it all real or it’s just your imagination?

Abhi: Hi Sneha, thanks for liking it and yes its real.

Sneha: I doubt that you are saying you really had that experience? I can’t believe it. Do you have such a resistant power?

Abhi: Then I believe, whatever I speak won’t make any difference, you got to try me out to get the answer.


Sneha: If we try you out, then we won’t leave you so easily, we will make it extremely hard for you. Can u take it?

Abhi: We?How many?

Sneha: 3

Abhi: Ok and what is the expectation?

Sneha: You have to come to our place on Saturday morning and spend the entire day with us, at night we have planned a surprise for our friend Aritri, it’s her birthday and you have to obey to whatever we say for that entire day. Whatever we want we can do with you. Are you fine with this?

Abhi: There shouldn’t be any permanent damage to me and no pictures and videos will be taken.

Sneha: Don’t worry it will be taken care off. And I believe how you have described your physic in your story that’s actually right.

Abhi: Yes, that’s true.

Sneha: Cool we 3 are beautiful girls and you would have a great and painful time with us. We want to make it an unforgettable experience for all of us.

Abhi: Ok I am good. Where to come on Saturday?

Sneha: Friday night I will tell you where to come.

Abhi: Do u have any instruction for me?

Sneha: Just don’t jerk off till you reach here, we want your balls to be full and we will take care of yours, don’t worry.

Abhi: Ok catch you on Friday

And with this, we signed off from the chat conversation.

The weekdays passed by with excitement. I got the urge of jerking off many a time thinking about what will happen, but as I was asked to keep my balls full, I stopped myself every time.
Finally, Friday came and in the afternoon I logged onto my account to see if she has pinged me. There was no ping from her. I checked in again around 5 pm, but still, there was no reply. I thought of pinging her, but as it may look desperate, I stopped myself. At 7 pm.Again I checked, still no reply. So I thought the plan is canceled. At 9.45 pm I got a notification. It was her message asking for my WhatsApp number. I pinged my number and immediately got a ping on my WhatsApp.

Sneha: Tomorrow at 5.30 am come to silkboard bus stand. DON’T be late.

Abhi: Ok sure. But where to go from the bus stand?

Sneha: Don’t worry we will be waiting there for you. Be on time and ones you reach WhatsApp me.

Abhi: Ok

I set the alarm for 4 am and went to sleep. After waking up I took a shower, got freshen up. I cleaned my pubic region 2 weeks before and by now there is a small layer of hair that came out, but as she cleared it out that I shouldn’t be doing anything I kept it as it is.
After all this, I finally booked a cab for the silk board. I reached there by 5.15 am and pinged her on WhatsApp.As there was no traffic, I reached there pretty soon.

Abhi: “I have reached and waiting right at the bus stand.”

Sneha: What are you wearing?

Abhi: Red t-shirt and blue jeans.

Sneha: Ok wait for 2 mins.

It was still dark, the sun was yet to come out suddenly I saw a red alto approaching me and stopped right in front of me. There were two girls inside it. Then the back door opened and I entered the car. After entering the car instead of doing any hello or hi, they gave me a blind and asked me to wear it till the time they ask me to remove. I obeyed them. The car started and there was no talking during the entire journey. After some time we reached the place and then turned off the car.
I asked whether I can remove the blind now?
The reply came as “No, not yet.”
They went out of the car and opened the rear door and helped me come out. They guided me to come out, and we went near the lift. When we came out from the lift, I could hear the sounds of the keys opening the lock. Finally, we entered and they said, “Now u can take off the blind.”
Finally, I could see where I was. I was looking around the house when one of the girls said, Hi, I am Sneha and she is Arushi. I greeted them, and we took a seat on the bean bags lying there. The room was decorated according to a party theme, and everything was in place. We talked for some time then I asked.
“So what’s the plan? What am I supposed to do?”
Arushi: so basically, our friend Aritri will come in at night, and it’s her birthday and we planned a wild party for her. You will be our boy toy and your job is you have to stay hard the entire day and ones she comes then only you are allowed to cum. From pain to pleasure to kinky stuff, whatever we want we will do with you, and you can’t argue. There won’t be any permanent damage or marks in your body.

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Abhi: Staying hard the entire day? Will I be on drugs?

Sneha: We will keep you on viagra the entire day, its action last for 6 hrs so we will feed you one after 7 am, and another after 1 pm. This will help you stay hard the entire day till the party and not allowing you to cum. We both will play with you the entire day, and you need to fuck us whenever we ask you. You will be totally nude the entire day till the time you are leaving the house and we will prepare you accordingly for the party. You will surrender yourself completely to us and we may do whatever we want to do. Food drinks everything is on us, you just obey us that’s it.

Abhi: Ok fine

Arushi: So if you are fine then let’s start.

Abhi: Good with me

Sneha: That’s the bedroom, go there and take off your clothes, ones you are done let us know we will come there.

Arushi: Don’t use the washroom till we ask you to.

I obeyed them and on reaching the room I took my clothes off and was totally nude. There was a big mirror inside the room where I checked myself out, and I was looking fine.”I am done,” I said from inside the room.
They entered the room and seeing me they exchanged a smile among themselves.
Coming to Sneha and Arushi there were fair looking girls.
Arushi, she almost looks like a blonde, her assets are not that big but the way she is carrying herself is very sexy.
Sneha, she is like a sizzler plate extremely hot, she had that extralarge boobs and bumps always getting that extra attention.
Their body structure was different, and I was waiting for the fun to start.

Both came near me, looked into my eyes, we were so close that we can feel each other’s breath, Sneha went to my backside and Arushi was still in front of me. Suddenly I could feel Sneha’s hand on my back going down towards my ass and Arushi started putting her hand on my face and moving around, slowly she went to my chest. I was getting excited while she was going down on me with her hands. My breath was getting heavier with all these. My dick was getting hard with all this, but she was least interested in my dick at that moment and went to grab my balls. She was feeling them.

Arushi: The balls are full, he obeyed us.
Sneha: Yeah, he is a good boy.

Arushi went down on her knees and started teasing my dick. Sneha came in front she too started teasing my body. My dick was erect now and precum started dripping from it. She rubbed it for some time and took it in her mouth. It was heaven. I must say, she was good at it. I tried my best to hold on, but it was becoming impossible for me to hold on. Sneha was constantly looking into my facial expression and playing with my chest and nipples. She had big nails, and she was using them well in my nipples. Arushi was still sucking my dick, and I was about to cum just then Sneha grabbed my balls and squeezed them hard, and whispered: “No, cumming till the birthday girl comes dude.”
I shouted out in pain, but her other hand was covering my mouth while with the other hand she was holding my balls. I was in extreme pain. She still didn’t leave my balls. Arushi took her mouth off from my dick and seeing my condition both of them laughed. Sneha kept on squeezing my balls for some more time till my dick started losing its erection. After she felt confident that I won’t cum, she left me. I am still feeling the pain.

Abhi: I didn’t know that someone could stop the sperm to come out like this.

Sneha: I am glad you learned it from us. Wait and watch there are many such new things you will explore today.

We went to have our breakfast, and after that, they gave me a tablet to take. I took it. After 10 minutes I started getting the erection, on seeing it they exchanged a smile between themselves. They asked me to turn around, and I followed them. They started the discussion about cleaning up my body hair and grooming me a bit as per the birthday girl likings. They took me to the bedroom and asked me to lie down on my front. I did so after which they asked me to stretch my hands and legs to the maximum in each corner, after which they tied my hands and leg to the four corners. Due to the viagra effect, my dick was rock hard, and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable in that position.

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Sneha: We will start off by removing your hairs in the back.

I knew I had little hair only and thought that maybe they will use some hair removal cream or trimmer to remove them, but they had other plans. They started applying the waxing strips on my back and pulled them off. I never had a prior experience in this, and I was screaming in pain. Luckily there was no hair in my ass, then they reach out for my legs and did the same. I was yelling in pain. It was a pain for me, but they were in total pleasure.
Ones my back was done they turned me around, and I was scared like anything, as my chest was full of hairs and even my pubic region was having small hairs in it. I told them that I didn’t want to wax as its extremely painful. Sneha slapped me hard and told me:
“You can’t say NO till the time you are here. Aritri doesn’t like body hair, so we will remove all of them.”
I kept on arguing, but they were not in a mood to listen. Then I could see Arushi taking off her panty, and after that, she came near me. She gave me a seductive look and kissed me, I got deviated from the scene and in the meantime, she opened my mouth and put her panty inside. She had already leaked in her panty, and I could feel her pussy odor. Then they started with the waxing again, first on the left out the portion of my legs then my chest my underarms and finally the pubic area. There were tears in my eyes, but for them, it was a pleasing sight. They have cleaned every bit of my body, and the best part was that during all of this my erection was still there. I didn’t know viagra had such an impact. They applied some lotion to my body, after this I was feeling good.
While applying the lotion in my pubic region they started teasing my cock. They teased me for around 15 to 20 mins. I badly needed to cum, but the viagra was stopping it to happen. It was as if the cum was there, ready to come out at any moment but it was not coming out. The girls were enjoying seeing me like this. At last, they removed the panty from my mouth and winking at me Arushi said: “How was it?”
Abhi: Waiting to cum.
Sneha: The fun has just started dear.

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Slowly they started removing their dresses and took me to the washroom which was in the other bedroom. We 3 were nude by this time. They were looking immensely beautiful without clothes. Sneha must me having around 34 boobs while Arushi would be having around 30 boobs, and I was waiting to fuck them.

Inside the bathroom they were rubbing their bodies against mine, They placed me in the middle and in my front was Sneha and Arushi was at my back. They were rubbing their bodies against mine. Sneha started kissing me while she kept her hands engaged in my dick rubbing it. She grabbed my head and pushed it to her boobs asking me to suck it. After some time Arushi put some oil in her fingers and inserted it in my ass. Her fingers were quite big and it was penetrating me deeper. Slowly she inserted three fingers in my ass and was penetrating my ass hole deeper and deeper. On one side I was getting my ass fingered, while Sneha was playing with my dick and I was sucking her boobs. After some time I started licking their pussies. They were extremely wet, and I was in love with their pussy juice. Suddenly Arushi hold my hair tightly and made me stand, she bought her face close to me where I can feel her breath, and with her other hand she held my dick and said: “how badly you want your dick to be inside ours love hole?”
Abhi: I am dying to put it inside.
Arushi while stretching my dick forward, she said: “No sweetheart not yet.”
After the bath, they dried me up with a towel and applied the cream on my entire body. It was smelling really good. They asked me to go to the bedroom and wait.

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After some time they entered the room all nude. They started putting their hands all over me and pushed me on the bed. They started rubbing their bodies against mine, suddenly both of them started to lick my dick at the same time, it was terrific feeling my dick getting rubbed by those juicy lips. After some time Aritri came up and started kissing me. I was in the urge to cum but the viagra effect was not allowing me to cum. Arushi sat on my face and said:
“lick me up.”
She sat right on top of my mouth and I started licking her up. She was holding my hairs tight and pushing my head hard against her pussy. She asked me to take my tongue out, and she started rubbing her pussy in it.Sneha in the meantime pushed my dick inside her pussy and started riding it. Finally, I got to put my dick inside them. They were extremely good. After some time we tried different positions and after fucking them for more than an hour we got exhausted. They reached their orgasm multiple times, but I was still unable to reach. We all were sweating. They made me lick there sweaty body. I licked their pussies again, the pussy juice along with the sweat was tasting more good.

It was 1 pm and we had our lunch and I was again given a tablet to have. After taking it my dick was rock hard again, and my balls have grown big in size as it is full. Soon we again started making out in various positions. It was a hardcore fucking sessions which we had. It was 6 in the evening, we went for a shower and after that, they dried me up. In the meantime, Arushi said that her friend will reach in another 20 mins. Both Sneha and Arushi changed into their party wear and came near me. They asked me to lie on the bed and stay still. They put some mayonnaise on my chest and on top of it they place some cut fruits. Finally, they bought the cake, there was a hole in the middle of the cake. They kept it aside as of now ,they brought in the filled shots glasses and placed it near me. They cleaned my dick with a wet tissue and applied some lube on my penis hole. I was not getting what was this for. Sneha was trying to gap my pee hole with her little finger and finally, she put the birthday candle inside my dick. Sneha was having so much fun that intentionally she inserted the candle deeper. I was screaming on pain but couldn’t move as they were holding me tight. After that, they put the cake on top of my dick. Now my dick was exactly in the middle of the cake. My dick head was out and was holding a candle in it. They wrapped the head of the dick with mayonnaise. Now everything was ready and the doorbell ranged.

Arushi and Sneha went to the living room and switched off all the lights and opened the door. Ones they opened the door she came inside and they attacked Aritri with the sprays. Aritri was totally surprised seeing the room when Arushi told her
“Wait, there is still something left.”
They brought her up to the bedroom, and seeing me she was like “OMG what is this.”
Sneha: This is your present babes. Go cut the cake.
Arushi: Even his balls are full, we have to unload them.
Aritri came near me and started licking the head of my penis, it was full of mayonnaise and she ate it all. She was rubbing my balls with her hand and was licking my dick out with her tongue. I was about to come when Sneha came and grabbed my balls.
Sneha: What say birthday girl should he release now or shall we make him wait.

Aritri: let us make him wait.

Finally, she blew the candle. The wax was falling on my penis head, but they were least interested. She blew the candle off and finally cut the cake. After eating the cake they made her eat the fruits in my chest and finally they took out the candle from my dick all of a sudden. I was in immense pain seeing what they laughed. Finally, Arushi told Aritri, “bitch get ready its time for the birthday bumps.”

Aritri: hey, I got an idea. Why don’t we give the bumps to him?
Sneha: means?
Aritri: let’s make it kinkier(looking at me)
Sneha n Arushi: fine with us.

The story will continue in the second part …
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