Mom sees her son is now a man and can’t shake dirty thoughts

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As it happens all too often, Sarah and Shawn’s sexual life had dwindled since the birth of their children. They had gotten married young, and by the ages of thirty nine and forty one, they had brought up two children. The daughter, Maddy, had just entered her junior year of highschool while their son Jake had graduated over the summer. They were good parents and both understood that this would likely happen, and although they tried in the early years to make time for themselves, it grew increasingly difficult. As a result of their frustration, the attraction and lust for each other they once knew dwindled. By the time their children were in their double digits, Sarah and Shawn were lucky to have intercourse once a month. In these rare occasions of intimacy the sex was static. Nothing changed, they were both capable of bringing the other to orgasm, but there was nothing novel or overly exciting about their lovemaking.

Shawn had taken a stereotypical role as a hard working father and husband who had given up much of the search for happiness for himself, sacrificing his time and ambition for his family. He worked as a senior salesman at a company which primarily manufactured microphones. It wasn’t often, but occasionally he was sent across the country or multiple countries for a few days to talk to prospective buyers. This reinforced Sarah’s role in the family.

Sarah shared the responsibilities that most mothers are expected to perform, however her husband’s work trips made her more independent and at times stretched very thin. Her children could cook, clean, and take care of themselves at this point, but she still made an attempt to make dinner and do what she could for them. She had been involved in the school system throughout her children’s education. She was at one point or another a soccer coach, a substitute teacher, and part of the school board. Prior to these occupations, Sarah had been a pediatric nurse for some years and now worked part time at a local clinic.

Sarah had more time to think now that she was no longer so involved in the school system, Jake had graduated, and Maddy was yearning for her own independence. Maddy was in the time of her life when the world seemed to open up. She was able to drive herself and friends seemingly wherever they pleased and had some money from her part time job as a host in a local restaurant. She was often out until around ten in the night, a loosely enforced curfew that Sarah had set since Maddy was still in school. As long as her grades were alright and she was being safe, she was allowed to do as she pleased, Sarah decided. Jake was now eighteen and was not as much of a social butterfly as Maddy. His passion was in sports while he was in highschool, and now that he had none to perform competitively, he had taken out a gym membership. Jake’s highschool grades were above average, landing him a couple of acceptances into universities which made his parents happy. He was unsure of what he wanted and decided to defer his enrollment for a year while working things out. This was fine by Shawn and Sarah, who although wanting to see their child go on to bigger things, were also sentimental and relieved in some way that they had a little more time until their house began to empty and they had to again pay attention to their own lives, wants, and needs.

It was October, and Sarah was alone in the house. Shawn was at his office, Jake at the gym, and Maddy at school. It was a two story house built only a few years before they bought it. It was nice and Sarah was content living there the past couple decades. She was cooking on the stove and reminiscing of her twenties, nothing in particular, when Jake returned home. She called to him, “Jake?”

“Yeah!” he called back to confirm.

“I’m making some eggs and sausage if you’d like some.”

“Isn’t it kinda late for breakfast?” he asked, turning the corner into the kitchen.

“Well I had a different breakfast and just wanted this for lunch. Are you okay?” As Jake came into her view she noticed he was holding his abdomen with his right hand and walking awkwardly.

“Yeah, my stomach just hurts.”

“Did you hurt it at the gym?” Sarah asked worriedly. She started stepping toward him. She had the doubled concern of both a mother and a nurse, always thinking of possibilities to her children’s ailments. Usually it was nothing, but she was always concerned.

“I don’t think so,” he said, “It just started hurting.”

She stopped to turn off the stove, letting the food cook through with the remaining heat. “Let me feel.”

“Feel what?”

“Your stomach.” She put her hand where he had held his. “Does this hurt?”

“No, not really.”

She moved her hand a little to the left, “how about this?”

“Still no.”

She moved her hand down to just above his waistline and pressed lightly. He recoiled at the touch and said, “Yeah, yeah that hurts.” He laughed a little which hurt more.

“You might have a hernia,” she said. She knew she shouldn’t have said that, putting undue worry onto Jake, but it slipped out. Sarah had a tendency to blurt things out.

“How do you know?” he asked.

“It usually hurts around there, and lower. Also people get it from lifting heavy things.” she said. “Here, take off your shirt, let me see if you have any bumps or anything.”

Jake was a little worried now, as what she said made some sense. He took off his shirt, feeling only a little weird doing it in front of his mom. Sarah watched the spot that hurt as he took off his shirt. Her eyes shifted. It had been a long time, she realized, since she had seen Jake shirtless. His room was upstairs, so was a second shower, and he wasn’t one to walk around shirtless. Sarah was surprised at the definition in his muscles. More than that though was a thought that made her uneasy. Jake’s pattern of hair on his lower stomach reminded her so much of Shawn, specifically Shawn forty pounds ago. She had felt something she shouldn’t while looking at her son and quickly shook the feeling. She would learn though that once the thought has been realized, it can’t be completely erased, and the harder one tries to forget, the less they do.

“I don’t see anything. Turn to your side.” He did. “Hmm, well I don’t see any protrusions.”

“That’s good,” he said.

“You should go to the doctor though, to be sure.”

“Maybe. I’ll see if it goes away.”

“Alright,” she said disapprovingly. She wanted him to be checked out, but also wanted a minute to reflect on her earlier thoughts. She turned back to tend to the food. “Are you going to want any?” she asked.

“Nah, I’m not hungry,” he said and headed up to his room.

Sarah heard his door shut upstairs and sat down with her lunch. She ate slowly and rationalized the feelings she had felt. She thought to herself, “Well, he is his father’s son. And he is in really good shape. I guess I never noticed. And he’s 18, a man now, technically.” Until now she still held the image of Jake as a child, her child. It was hard to see him as a grown man. There can’t be anything wrong with knowing your son is attractive. Obviously I’m not attracted to him, just know that he is. She was satisfied with her conclusion and finished her breakfast.

It was one thirty in the afternoon and Sarah felt like taking a shower. She usually did this at night, but maybe it was the uneasy thoughts she had earlier in the kitchen that gave her the urge. She turned on the water and got undressed. She thought not of her son’s body, but simply of the change that had occurred in her and her husband’s bodies throughout the years. “Shawn is still handsome”, she thought truthfully, “he’s just gained some weight with the years”. Shawn had gained a couple pounds every year since Jake was born. Sarah looked at herself in the mirror, now fully naked. She had also gained weight, though only five or ten pounds. She reasoned that her daily routine was more active than her husband’s, allowing herself to stay in better shape.

Sarah was five feet and four inches tall, her hair a sort of amber brown down a few inches below her shoulders. A pang of sadness hit her while looking at her body, as she judged it much more harshly than any outside perspective would. It was true that she didn’t look like a twenty year old, she was thirty nine. Almost forty, she thought. Sarah was beautiful. She had nice skin and a mild curve to her hips. Her face was described as “cute” more than it was “hot”, and her C cup breasts complemented her frame. “I don’t need to look like I’m in my twenties to be beautiful. I look good for almost forty”. After a few moments considering this fact, she was at peace, grateful that she looked as good as she did.

Sarah stepped into the shower and began her routine. First scrubbing her entire body with a bar of soap, then washing it off. She grabbed the shower head to rinse her legs more easily. She was full of thoughts of the past today and remembered how she used to use the showerhead stream when she was younger to pleasure herself. It had been a long time, decades, since she had done that. For old time’s sake, she turned down the temperature of the water just a little and started to do as she had done back in highschool. It took her a minute to make it feel right. She adjusted the shower head to a more gentle setting and found herself enjoying the warm water pressing into her vagina and teasing her clit. As she held the stream to herself she relaxed and thought that she might be able to get off like this. Sarah had always preferred using her imagination over porn. To her, porn felt strange and cold. Always shot and directed for men anyways.

She began to think of the last time she had sex, about five weeks ago. She thought of her husband inside of her, him squeezing her body and she bobbing up and down each time he thrusted. It wasn’t doing it. Maybe she had experienced it too much for an imagination of it to yield a response. She felt guilty as she thought of something else to imagine. Sarah had always had a thing for large men. Men who could move her around easily, who made her feel small. She envisioned a tall, strong man in the shower behind her. His hands huge on her breasts as he cupped them from behind. She spread her legs and imagined the man had done it for her. His feet pushing her’s outward, exposing her to him. Sarah’s eyes were closed now, feet spread against the side of the tub, bending over just slightly. She played with the stream of water to stimulate herself further. She thought of his penis, one to match his proportions, rubbing up against her ass. She imagined it thick and with just a little more length than Shawn’s. She felt guilty again. She knew size wasn’t a big deal but it went alongside her kink for large men. She continued. Using her left hand to push her middle and ring finger into herself, she replaced it in her mind with the man’s dick. He was inside her now, holding her by her breasts and slowly pumping himself in and out of her. Her fingers were wet with more than just water now, the ring Shawn had given her slimy.

She was almost there. Moving faster now, the man in her head was taking control, thrusting deep inside of her. He wasn’t going to let go until he filled her with his cum. She was in an awkward position now in the shower, one hand inside of her and one holding the shower head. Legs spread and a little hunched over. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. Focusing hard on her fantasy, she was at the point where nothing would stop her from climaxing. She thought of the man all over, his muscles, his height, his dick, his strength, his hairy body. In that moment her mind betrayed her. Flashing back to the kitchen, she thought of the hair on her son’s muscular abdomen. Before she could set herself straight and rid her mind of the thought, she came. She orgasmed harder than she had in years. Her legs caved inward, trapping her hand between them. The hand holding the shower head extended out to the wall in front of her to keep herself from collapsing. She was lightheaded, her legs shaky and weak. She felt a dissonance between her intense pleasure and knowing what had just made her climax. She stayed still for a long minute, stood up straight again, and put the shower back on its handle. Sarah’s mind was silent now, ignoring for the moment what had just occurred. She took her ring off, cleaned it and her hand, put it back on, and finished her routine.

Jake had been in his room playing video games, oblivious to the fact that his mom had just came in the shower to the thought of his body. His stomach still ached and he was worried about what his mom had suggested. He looked up symptoms of hernia on his phone. This worried him further, as looking up symptoms online tends to do, because his stomach hurts consistently with the movement described online for hernia pain. He erased the tab and set the thought aside. He would deal with it tomorrow if it still hurt as it didn’t seem to be a life or death situation.

Maddy came home around three thirty and went to her room to talk on the phone, nothing unusual for her. Some more time passed in the quiet house and Shawn came home at a quarter to six. Sarah greeted him with more affection than usual. She was likely internally apologizing for her shower imaginations. She had been uneasy the whole afternoon about what she had done, and what it meant. She swore that she would never think of that again. Jake is my son and I should never see him as anything else, that’s disgusting, she thought.

“Welcome home,” she said with a smile. Sarah kissed her husband on the cheek.

“You seem like you’re in a good mood,” Shawn said. He took off his coat and set his bag down. “Did you make steak?” He had a good nose.

“Yes I did,” Sarah said. She knew it was one of his favorite meals that she made. Another subliminal apology.

Sarah and Shawn ate dinner alone. Jake was still upstairs and Maddy had gone out with friends. They talked about their day and their recounts were as unspectacular as ever. Sarah didn’t mention a word of the shower, not even that she took one. The rest of the evening passed as usual. Some T.V., a couple drinks of whiskey for Shawn, some reading, into pajamas, brushing teeth, and in bed by ten thirty. Maddy had obliged by her curfew that night and was back in her room.

Shawn was feeling good. The extra lovingness from Sarah and the drinks had put him in a mood. He was sitting in bed next to Sarah and began to caress her leg. It was about time they had their monthly bout of intercourse, and Sarah was all for it. She was eager to redeem herself for earlier and please Shawn. She loved him and had never had any issue with his body. Foreplay was practically nonexistent, as usual, and before two minutes had passed they were naked, Shawn inside of her.

He was on top, in missionary, slowly increasing his thrusting so as not to hurt Sarah. His penis was average, not small, but not any bigger than average. Sarah felt guilty again about imagining someone larger. His penis is perfectly fine, bigger isn’t better… It’s just nice to look at, she thought. She was playing with herself as he fucked her. She knew how to get off and so did he. As the sex went on Sarah started to worry a little. Whether it was the whiskey making Shawn’s dick less hard than usual, her having already spent herself in the shower, or her guilt, she wasn’t getting close enough to orgasm. She didn’t want him to finish feeling like he didn’t do a good job though. She thought of faking an orgasm, but they had been partners for a long time and if she failed that would only make it worse. She had done this enough to tell he was getting close to cumming by his movements and rhythm. She panicked and wanted to climax but wasn’t quite there.

She played with herself a little more aggressively and thought again of the man in the shower. Not Jake, the tall, strong man, she thought. The big man taking me in the shower, her eyes were closed now, spreading my legs, grabbing my breasts, his thick cock filling me so fully. She was getting closer. His muscles moving me around to his pleasing, nothing I can do but be filled with his semen. Shawn was breathing heavily and it was obvious he was on the edge of climax, trying his best to squeeze it out of his alcohol buzzed penis. Sarah focused on his breathing for a moment, triggering a series of nasty thoughts that led her again to a place she was so conflicted to be. She thought, god, you’re breathing so hard. You should lose some weight, get in shape, like Jake, he wouldn’t be so tired fucking me. The train was only a second or less but it had dropped her off at the thought of her son fucking her. The man she envisioned was changed into Jake. Sarah saw her son’s abs, his hair, and imagined past the waistline. She thought of the V line that ran into his pants, the hair he must have down there, and his penis. A second more went by, the imagination of her grown son’s penis in her head gave her butterflies. She was so ashamed, but couldn’t stop. She imagined it not like his father’s, but thicker, manlier, better, she thought, and came.

As she vibrated, more so than usual with Shawn, it put him over the edge as well. He came inside her before she had finished her orgasm. In the last seconds of her pleasure, she imagined the warm semen she felt flood inside of her was her son’s. Euphoric, disgusted, pleased, and ashamed, she laid as Shawn pulled out. She felt she was losing it. The married parents cleaned up and got back in bed. Shawn fell asleep in minutes, exhausted and contented believing he had made her climax so intensely. For Sarah, sleep was much harder to find.

The next day passed quietly. It was Friday and Shawn had gone to Seattle on business. He’d be back on Monday. Sarah stayed away from any topic of sex, afraid of her own thoughts. She didn’t take the shower head off its perch. She didn’t watch or read anything too erotic. She was subtly grateful that Jake spent so much time in his room, and that Maddy had school and friends to occupy her.

Sarah was watching television on the couch, finishing her third healthy glass of wine when Jake came into the living room. “My stomach still hurts,” he said with a smile, “it hurts worse than before.”

“Oh, honey.” She forgot about her worries and twisted thoughts completely and her motherly duty took over. She stretched out her arms for him to come nearer and he did. “Where does it hurt the most?” she asked.

Jake put his hand low on his abdomen, lower than where she had examined two days prior. “About here,” he said.

“When does it hurt?” She asked.

“Mostly when I sneeze. I haven’t gone to the gym since Wednesday.”

Sarah knew exactly how to check for hernia, she was a nurse after all, and had done plenty of wellness checks in her career. She thought for a moment of what to do and realized that she was buzzed, more than a little. She had been sipping wine absentmindedly and hadn’t eaten much since breakfast. It was six thirty. “Hmm, let me think,” Sarah said. She looked around. Shawn was gone, Maddy was out at some concert she had mentioned a week ago, she couldn’t drive in this state, and even if she could it was past closing at the clinic. It would be closed all weekend. She decided to be honest to Jake and let him decide. She was his mother, she would do anything for him and could care less about seeing him naked. It was his well being and it was up to him. She said, “Well, the test to really see if you have a hernia would mean taking your pants off.”

“Okay,” Jake said too readily.

Sarah knew that he didn’t fully understand. “Your underwear too.”

Jake laughed a little but stayed silent except for a small “Umm…”

“It’s up to you. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, but the test is done down there. I touch a certain spot, you turn your head and cough, and I feel for anything abnormal,” Sarah said leaning back a little to ease the pressure on her son.

Jake was in a lot of pain, and even though he knew that she couldn’t cure him at that moment, he wanted to know if he had a hernia or something else.

“I can close my eyes if you want,” Sarah suggested.

Reluctantly and nervously Jake agreed. She would close her eyes, he would stand in front of her, drop his pants, and she would test him for a hernia. Sarah scooted to the edge of the couch and held her hands in front of her. “Okay, when you’re ready, put my hands on your legs and I’ll go from there, okay?” With her eyes closed she felt the alcohol more. She felt almost dizzy. She was trying to remember the alcohol percentage on the bottle when she was distracted by the sound of Jake’s belt.

She heard his jeans drop and then the sound of his underwear sliding down his legs. With her eyes closed, she was focused on the sound. The sound of underwear coming off, usually a sexual sound when it’s this close to your face. Jake hesitated a moment with his penis out in front of his mom’s face. He was nervous, but it was her idea. He put her hands on the outside of his thighs. Her arms were fully outstretched.

“Okay, come a little closer. I won’t bite,” the words slipped out and Sarah thought it was a weird thing to say. She was definitely buzzed. She winced at her words as the thought popped into head. Jake’s penis in my mouth. It was a passing thought as to why what she said was weird. She moved on. “Okay, I’m going to touch you underneath your scrotum and push a little, okay?”

“Okay,” Jake replied, his voice almost shaky.

Sarah moved her hand up from below to where she thought would be beneath his scrotum. Something she didn’t expect to feel touched her wrist and she realized after a moment it was the tip of his penis hanging down. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she said as she lowered her hands. She didn’t expect his penis to hang that low. She was used to his father’s, whose soft penis sat above his balls. Her head was spinning from embarrassment and alcohol as well as the intense curiosity she now had about her son’s size.

“It’s okay,” Jake reassured. He was fine. It wasn’t as bad as he thought. He was more concerned with her finding it weird than himself.

She slid up his thigh, finding his scrotum. “Wow”, she thought, “big balls too”. While she touched his scrotum from beneath to find the right spot his penis rested partly on her wrist. She could feel that it was large and heavy for a soft penis. She was distracted by her alcohol fueled curiosity. It took her a moment to find the right spot. “Okay,” she said, “cough for me.” He coughed. “Turn your head to the right and cough… now to the left.”

As he was doing as she said, she lost herself for a moment. She knew that she could open her eyes just a little and see without being caught, so she did. She opened her eyes just enough to see through her lashes. His penis, almost as thick as the wrist it was laying on. His balls were large too. She forgot to pay attention to his cough. She thought drunkenly, “he’s thick. Manly. He’s got full balls. Who did he get it from? Not Shawn that’s for sure”. She saw his abs and with the hand that was still on his left leg she noticed his firmness and strength. “He’s really strong. I bet he could if he wanted to, and I couldn’t stop him”. She had gone from concerned to horny and was not fully in control.

“Is that it?” Jake asked.

Sarah quickly shut her eyes again. She couldn’t even remember if he had a hernia. Her head was buzzing. Her inhibitions were gone. In that moment she knew what she wanted and didn’t have the wherewithal to stop herself. She said, “I think you might just have blue balls.”

“What?” Jake said.

“Yeah, when’s the last time you, you know…”

“I don’t know,” he lied. He had received blowjobs from his ex, but had never gone all the way. He masturbated every once in a while, but hadn’t in a few days.

Sarah was so deep into her temptation that she wanted it more than anything. She thought to herself, this is what I want in life. This is what I’ve been waiting for. She pulled gently on his leg with her left hand so that he would come a little closer. Sarah slid her right hand so that his penis laid in the palm of her hand. She wrapped her fingers around it delicately and slowly caressed her son’s penis and said, “May I open my eyes?” She liked asking for permission from him. It made her feel submissive, the tables turned. She continued stroking his soft penis.

“Umm, if you want. What are you going to do?” Jake was confused. It was clear that his mom was coming on to him, but that couldn’t be. That doesn’t actually happen, he thought. It would have been a lie if he said he wanted her to stop. He hadn’t thought of his mom like this before, but she was a good looking woman.

“What do you want me to do?” she said flirtatiously. Her eyes were open now, looking up at her son standing tall before her, “I’ll do anything.”

He looked back at his mom with nothing to say. She kept her eye contact and opened her mouth, slightly sticking her tongue out. Sarah could feel his cock had grown harder and she wanted to see how big it would get. How it would look completely hard. She leaned forward and put the tip of his penis in her mouth. He let out a soft sigh. He tastes like Shawn, but better, she thought. Quickly obsessed with her son’s smell and taste, she started sucking.

She was taking him in her mouth, slightly deeper each time. She wanted to see if she could fit all of him in her mouth; she couldn’t. He was almost fully hard. Her free hand went to his balls, feeling their weight and size. “They’re heavy. And soft, she thought. I bet he cums more than his dad too”.

Jake was stunned. His mom was sucking his dick and it felt great. She was good. Years of practice with dad, he thought. Sarah took her son’s penis out of her mouth and said, “I shouldn’t tell you this, probably, but you’re a lot bigger than your dad.” She went back to sucking. Jake could tell she was buzzed by the way she spoke. He found it comforting. At least he was more in control and might remember this more clearly than she would.

He was fully hard now and Sarah could easily fit both hands on his cock and still suck on his thick head. She kept his dick in her mouth and as best she could started to remove her clothing. She was in a button shirt, bra, and jeans. Her shirt came off first, and she tossed it on the couch next to her. Without taking Jake’s dick out of her mouth she mumbled, “Take off my bra.” It took him a second to understand what she said, but he gladly did what she said. He bent over her and fumbled for a moment at the latch, relieved when it came off easily. He stood up straight again, looking down at his mom’s tits. She looked up at him, grabbed his hand and brought it to her breast for him to squeeze. She could feel the strength in his hands, calloused from lifting weights.

“God this is so fucking hot. I want him inside of me. I want to feel this fucking big cock” she thought, Sarah was unraveling. A moment later she took the dick out of her mouth and stood up, unbuttoning her jeans. Jake took a step back. Sarah pulled her jeans off and then slipped out of her underwear. She sat back on the couch.

Seeing his mom like this, naked, while he had his hard cock out made something switch. He knelt down, taking charge. “What are you doing?” Sarah asked. He didn’t answer, but lifted her legs and she fell back. Sarah spread her legs and he put his face up to her pussy. He could already smell her scent and he wanted to taste his mom. He put his tongue low on her vagina, slowly sliding it all the way to her clit. Sarah was quivering and she put her hands on her son’s head. Jake’s tongue slowly became more aggressive, pushing into her pussy and then back out to tantalize her clit. His mom’s moans made him stay rock hard along with her taste. Sarah pushed his face into her, wanting to be fucked by his tongue. She knew what she wanted.

A minute two later she pulled him back and made him pause, “I want you to fuck me,” she said seriously. She stood up with him and kissed him on the lips. She whispered, “I know you’re my son, and I shouldn’t be doing this, but I don’t care right now. I want something more, a man. I need more in my life.” Jake didn’t fully understand this but didn’t care.

Sarah was about to head to the bedroom when she turned around. “Wait a second,” she said. Jake watched his mom’s naked body as she walked quickly to the kitchen. Her ass jiggled with each step and her curves drove him wild. He wanted to be inside of her. She opened a cupboard and reached for a bottle. It was Shawn’s whiskey. She didn’t like hard liquor, but she wanted to lose even more control. She wanted to fully indulge in whatever was being brought out of her. She took off the top, downed a couple of fiery gulps, and set it down on the counter.

The short walk to the bedroom was enough for Sarah to form some strange thoughts. She grew angry, almost, at Shawn. She loved him, and didn’t want to hurt him, but at the same time realized she drew pleasure from humiliating him behind his back. Why? She was out of her mind, hornier than she could ever remember being. She laid down on the bed and looked at her son standing with his hard penis extending out in front of him, drooping under its own weight. Shawn’s is too small to droop, she thought meanly. She knew she was turned on by these thoughts and didn’t fight them anymore. She decided to just let them out. “Your dad’s cock doesnt droop like that. It doesn’t weigh enough. It stands straight out,” she laughed and mimicked her husband’s penis with her finger. “And when it’s soft, it sits on top of his balls…” she kept laughing, “…some man.”

Jake listened to what his mom was saying and decided liked it. He liked being praised for his manliness. He liked making fun of someone who wasn’t there. He got on the bed. “You want a real man like me?” he said, unsure. He wasn’t used to dirty talk.

“Yes, I want you to take me and fuck me better than your dad ever has. Stretch me out so he knows who’s the man of the house,” Sarah said while spreading her legs. Jake got on the bed and put the head of his penis against her pussy. Sarah was already moaning at the thought. She was perched on her elbows behind her, watching him push the tip of his penis into her pussy. His head slipped in at once and Sarah gasped, “Oh my god! Fuck you’re thick. Go slow.” She had never had anything this wide inside of her before. She wanted badly to take it. She wanted to please her son, a real man so bad.

Jake saw that she wasn’t ready for him yet. He kept only his tip inside of her, letting her relax, and took his chance with some dirty talk of his own. “Are you going to be able to take this dick?”

Sarah nodded and bit her lip, “Yes, I’m yours.”

“You’re going to be a good slut mom?” Jake could tell from her response that she liked being submissive.

Hearing those words together was so wrong, it made her shudder with pleasure. “Yes Jake, I’ll be a good slut for you. I’ll do whatever you want.”


“Anything, sweetie.”

“Better than dad’s dick huh?” He started to move a little bit deeper and then back out.

“Way better! He’s so much smaller. I’ll barely feel him after you’re done with me.” She wasn’t completely lying.

Jake was working his dick deeper inside of his mom bit by bit, savoring every movement she made when he opened up some deeper part of her pussy. He was enjoying himself and realized that he was very turned on by his mom. Sarah relaxed and Jake could hear noises of wetness as he gently thrusted. He started to push harder. Sarah was taking more than half of his dick now. “You’re mine now mom.” Jake could tell she liked this talk. “I’ll make you my slut and fuck you anytime I want. How much better does this feel than dad’s tiny dick?”

Sarah’s head took the words like a drug. The insults were like hits from a cigarette to her. “You’re so much better honey, I wish he knew how much bigger your cock is.”

“Say mommy’s pussy is mine.”

“Mommy’s pussy is all yours, you can use mommy’s pussy whenever you want.” Her voice was breathy between Jake’s thrusts. “I can take it all, please. I want you all the way inside of me Jake.”

Jake was looking at his cock sliding in and out of his mom’s pussy. He was only an inch away from pushing his entire length inside of her. Grabbing her hips, he pushed his dick the final inch. Sarah’s back arched and she instinctively tried to scoot away. “Don’t move. You said you’d take it like a good girl,”Jake said. Sarah relaxed the best she could. She could feel her son’s strong arms holding her hips in place as he started to fuck her hard. “You want to please me right? Be a good slut?”

Sarah was rubbing her hands along her body, squeezing her breasts as the overbearing sensation of her Jake’s cock filled her vagina. “Yes, I want to please you.” He was smashing his pelvic area into her each time now, fully burying his penis. Each time he thrust it hurt just a little. Sarah liked it. It made her feel like she was enduring something for his pleasure, sacrificing. She wanted to be used and pushed to her limits and he was doing it well. Holy shit, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum. As Jake pumped inside of her, she came. He didn’t stop. Sarah’s legs shook and her pussy tightened around her son’s penis.

“You came? I bet you don’t cum on his dick like that.” Jake was getting close himself.

“No. Oh my god no I don’t. Cum inside of me.”

“You sure?” Jake felt a twitch of nervousness again.

“Yes, leave me a mess for Shawn. I don’t care.”

Jake didn’t care either, “Dad won’t be back until Monday.”

“Then fuck me everyday until he comes back. I’ll see when his flight comes in…” Sarah was struggling to speak as Jake was fucking her hard. He was about to cum. “And you can fill me with cum right before he gets back. It’ll be dripping out of me when I see him.”

Jake came. He thrusted as deep as he could, holding his mom in place so she couldn’t move. She felt his cock twitch again and again as his cum filled the deepest part of her pussy. She felt the warmth of the cum and knew it was a big load Jake had put inside of her. They held still for a moment, his dick inside of her, coated with cum. He slowly pulled out and Sarah was in ecstasy. She wanted to go again. She wanted to see how much her son had stretched her out. She wanted to fuck Shawn immediately and laugh as she couldn’t feel his penis at all. She wanted to see Shawn pull his small penis out, covered in their son’s cum. She wanted to make Shawn clean their son’s cum out of her with his mouth. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” was the question running through her dizzy euphoric head.

“That was amazing,” She said.

“Yeah…” Jake felt weird now that it was over. Concerned for what his mom would say once she sobered up and got her head straight. His worry was soothed once she spoke.

“I need you again. Whenever you want, if you want, fuck me, I’ll do whatever,” Sarah said.

Jake agreed happily and left the room to clean up. Sarah lay on the bed, spread eagle for a few more minutes, head spinning and pussy buzzing. She had never had anything like that and she hoped that it wouldn’t be the last. This is what she needed. She thought, Exploration. Exploration in sex. She wanted to explore these new kinks and boundaries. Sarah wanted to make fantasy reality. All those things she thought, she wanted to experience, and she couldn’t wait.

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