Mom sees her son is now a man and can’t shake dirty thoughts

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As it happens all too often, Sarah and Shawn’s sexual life had dwindled since the birth of their children. They had gotten married young, and by the ages of thirty nine and forty one, they had brought up two children. The daughter, Maddy, had just entered her junior year of highschool while their son Jake had graduated over the summer. They were good parents and both understood that this would likely happen, and although they tried in the early years to make time for themselves, it grew increasingly difficult. As a result of their frustration, the attraction and lust for each other they once knew dwindled. By the time their children were in their double digits, Sarah and Shawn were lucky to have intercourse once a month. In these rare occasions of intimacy the sex was static. Nothing changed, they were both capable of bringing the other to orgasm, but there was nothing novel or overly exciting about their lovemaking.

Shawn had taken a stereotypical role as a hard working father and husband who had given up much of the search for happiness for himself, sacrificing his time and ambition for his family. He worked as a senior salesman at a company which primarily manufactured microphones. It wasn’t often, but occasionally he was sent across the country or multiple countries for a few days to talk to prospective buyers. This reinforced Sarah’s role in the family.

Sarah shared the responsibilities that most mothers are expected to perform, however her husband’s work trips made her more independent and at times stretched very thin. Her children could cook, clean, and take care of themselves at this point, but she still made an attempt to make dinner and do what she could for them. She had been involved in the school system throughout her children’s education. She was at one point or another a soccer coach, a substitute teacher, and part of the school board. Prior to these occupations, Sarah had been a pediatric nurse for some years and now worked part time at a local clinic.

Sarah had more time to think now that she was no longer so involved in the school system, Jake had graduated, and Maddy was yearning for her own independence. Maddy was in the time of her life when the world seemed to open up. She was able to drive herself and friends seemingly wherever they pleased and had some money from her part time job as a host in a local restaurant. She was often out until around ten in the night, a loosely enforced curfew that Sarah had set since Maddy was still in school. As long as her grades were alright and she was being safe, she was allowed to do as she pleased, Sarah decided. Jake was now eighteen and was not as much of a social butterfly as Maddy. His passion was in sports while he was in highschool, and now that he had none to perform competitively, he had taken out a gym membership. Jake’s highschool grades were above average, landing him a couple of acceptances into universities which made his parents happy. He was unsure of what he wanted and decided to defer his enrollment for a year while working things out. This was fine by Shawn and Sarah, who although wanting to see their child go on to bigger things, were also sentimental and relieved in some way that they had a little more time until their house began to empty and they had to again pay attention to their own lives, wants, and needs.

It was October, and Sarah was alone in the house. Shawn was at his office, Jake at the gym, and Maddy at school. It was a two story house built only a few years before they bought it. It was nice and Sarah was content living there the past couple decades. She was cooking on the stove and reminiscing of her twenties, nothing in particular, when Jake returned home. She called to him, “Jake?”

“Yeah!” he called back to confirm.

“I’m making some eggs and sausage if you’d like some.”

“Isn’t it kinda late for breakfast?” he asked, turning the corner into the kitchen.

“Well I had a different breakfast and just wanted this for lunch. Are you okay?” As Jake came into her view she noticed he was holding his abdomen with his right hand and walking awkwardly.

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