The bully

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Arjun took the bus to school as usual. He enters the College gates and after walking halfway to the entrance of the building, he sees Rahul and his gang trying to bully a couple. Arjun was an average 16 year old student, and very shy and non vocal, he did average in his studies as well. Although he was in the same class with Rahul they did not interact much. Hearing the stories of what Rahul did to men and women, he always made it a point to be as away as possible.

Rahul was the most violent creature in the college. Everyone was intimidated by his big muscular body with a small beer belly. Although he’s 23 years old, he’s still in college and likes to play with other students like they are pets. He forces himself on the women he likes and makes them his money making whores. At most he got suspended a couple of times, but the police never intervened saying “this shit is just normal in college, just deal with it”. The police knew what his family was capable of.

Arjun quietly walks past Rahul and enters the school. Everyone’s already in class, except for Rahul and his gang. Ms Divya walks in and starts her biology class. Ms. Divya is a beautiful 38 year old biology teacher. She has a nice, round 36DD rack, slim waist and peach butt any man will kill for. She used to dress modestly but lately she’s been dressing more and more like a slut. Today she wore a see through black saree and only her bra and panties underneath.

Everyone was able to see her cleavage through the saree and the bra and her thong,. 30 minutes into the class Rahul and his gang walked in without even asking for permission. Rahul passes behind Ms Divya and slaps her ass and squeezes it hard enough to make her squeal lightly and proceeds to sit at the very last corner of the class besides Samantha, Ms Divya’s daughter who, as instructed wore the same see through black saree and bra and panties underneath. But, Samantha did not have the boobs her mother had. She was a bit smaller but her legs and ass are to kill for. Ms Divya looked back after a few seconds of feeling embarrassed after Rahul squeezed her ass. She saw Rahul sat beside her daughter, put his arm around her and very roughly squeezed her breast till she reached for his lips and started kissing him. He started kissing so sloppily, licking all over and inside her mouth and mauling her tits at the same time.

“Are you two ready to be cum dump whores together bitch?” asked Rahul breaking his kiss with Samantha while Ms Divya continued teaching.
“Yes daddy” she replied with a scared look on her face. ” You whores are going to make me a lot of money tonight” he said while he roughly inserted 2 fingers deep in her cunt pushing through the saari and thong. She almost squealed in pain but controlled it out of fear. Rahul fucked her cunt furiously with his fingers while she tried to stay silent using her 2 hands pressed against her mouth.

Ms Divya was watching her daughter while teaching the class hoping Rahul did not insert anything other than his fingers. Almost 5 minutes into the lecture, Rahul made her stand and pulled Samatha’s saree and panties down in one pull, took a book on the table, rolled it and held it high for Ms Divya to see while having an evil grin on his face. Samantha slowly sat back in her bench, he then roughly tried pushing the book into Samantha’s cunt while she pressed her hands back on her mouth.

Ms Divya watched this as her cunt started to get wet and her speech started to stutter. She remembered how he shoved things in her own cunt looking at her daughter’s terrified face. She thought it would be better to turn around and write something on the board. By the time she turned back to the class her daughter disappeared under the table. After 20 minutes, the bell rang and she saw her daughter come up from the table with a lot of thick saliva on her mouth.

Samantha took a towel out of her bag and wiped her mouth. Before she could finish Rahul held her hair and dragged her out of the bench and grabbed her ass with a slap. He guided her with his hand on her ass to his mom.
“Let’s go Ms cum dump” he said to Ms Divya, grabbing her ass and the three of them disappeared outside the class

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