My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 7

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I got to my room and opened the live feed to the hall, the driveway and the entrance room camera so I don’t miss any action. I saw Ramesh uncle pulled up bang on time in his Mercedes.

He was carrying a folder and rang the doorbell. As soon as Neetu opened the door Ramesh’s jaw dropped in awe and he excitedly hugged Neetu and complimented her saying “darling you are looking really hot and sexy today”.

Neetu blushed at his compliment, Ramesh said “looks like you were preparing for a date with someone today”. Neetu said “don’t be stupid Ramesh, who will ever want to take me on a date”?

He said “I have been dying to take you anytime you say yes”. She said “stop joking Ramesh, why would an old woman like me even interest you? I was waiting for you only”.

He said “I am happy you got ready so specially for me, but I did not have plans of taking you out on a date darling”. They were still standing in the entrance room talking while Neetu let him inside and locked the door.

Ramesh threw his file on the couch and pushed Neetu against the wall leaning on her saying “sweetheart you are the woman of my dreams and you got ready for me. That tells me today you are going to grant me my dream wish after so many years”.

He cupped her breast and squeezed it while his other hand was on her crotch rubbing hard over her skirt. He was also trying to kiss her lips but she avoided it. Neetu put up weak resistance letting him continue.

After a few minutes she pushed him off saying “you know I do not like this Ramesh and I have told you this before. Let’s finish what you came here for”. He let her go and followed her to the living room and sat on the sofa.

Neetu realized due to all his actions the 4th and 5th button of her top had popped and she started putting them back. Ramesh held her hand saying “please darling if you cannot allow me anything else then atleast leave the buttons open so I can enjoy watching your beautiful boobs”.

Neetu paused and said “fine. Strictly no touching, ok”? He said “yes whatever you say sweetheart”, he reached out and spread it wide as much as the open buttons would allow.

Her boobs clad in the bra and her deep cleavage was on full display. He took his file and gave her his pen to sign a few papers. He continued staring at her boobs while she bent forward signing the papers.

After the signatures, Neetu got up and went to the dining area and came back with a tray with JW double black, soda, water, ice and two glasses bending forward to keep it on the table.

When she was keeping the tray on the table Ramesh slipped his hand under her skirt from behind cupping her butt cheeks saying “darling you have dressed up so beautifully for me, please if you give me a chance we can have a great time”.

Neetu ignored his hand and sat next to him. She removed his hand saying “Ramesh what you want will never happen. Why don’t you stop trying and leave me alone. I am your best friend’s wife and have a grown up son and these things are not right”.

Ramesh said “Darling, I have told you so many times I will take care of you like my own wife and your son as my son, please let me just have the pleasure of your hot and sexy body”?

I saw Ramesh had his hand around Neetu’s back holding her while she poured two pegs. Neetu gave him his glass and they clanked their glasses together and Ramesh finished it bottoms up.

He said “pour me a large peg this time”, she asked “why”, he said “today I am feeling very good looking at your beautiful boobs so closely for the first time so I want to really enjoy this moment”.

Neetu quietly poured him one large peg and gave him his glass. He put his glass on the table and slid closer to her placing his hand on her left boob and started squeezing it while he tried kissing her lips.

He said “darling please can we both have some fun”? Neetu tried to remove his hand which was squeezing her breast but he was much stronger and I could see Neetu’s resistance was getting weaker.

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