Mom and dad making love 2

This is aman again. I will continue next part. For previous part please read Mom and dad making love.

After food came they came after 1 hour. Dad was sweating and so was mom. I said someone is having a rough time. She smiled. I went to kitchen to take food. She was in bathrobe. She told dad finish soon. Dad said why mom said directly for next round. Dad said I am just finished with 2 rounds. she said I don’t know anything. Fuck me. Dad asked are you sex addict mom. Mom said no. I said mom I have a psychiatric doctor friend. Who was my senior. Tell us I or we will take him. She said yes. She said I am sorry. I never knew how it happened. It just happened. Dad said listen honey I can understand. But I am aged now. I can’t satisfy you. She said what should I do then. He said something which shocked mom. He said why dont you fuck aman. She said are you kidding me. He is my son. Jow can I. He said listen it happens in today’s society. He told her my friend tells me many of his patients are in incest relationship. He said it’s better it remain within family. She said will he agree. He said I will talk. I went and dad explained me the situation. I said but she is my mom. He said I know. But there is no other way. I said if it is for family. Then ok. I said but you have to be there. otherwise I will think I am cheating you. Mom said let’s eat now. Mom came we ate food. After that mom went to kitchen. I went and hugged her. I kissed her even. Dad came and hugged her from front. She said what you guys are doing. I have to wash utensils. He started kissing her. I was holding her hands. Mom said leave me. She was getting in mood. I opened her hair. I went and brought one rope. I tied her hand. By the time dad opened her clothes. She started scolding us. You guys have gone crazy. What the hell do u think you are doing. Dad made her kneel down. He inserted his 8 inch long 3 inch thick dick in her mouth. He started mouth fucking her. I was kissing her body. We took her to bedroom. Dad inserted his dick in her mouth. She was sucking his cock. I started tongue fucking her. She was groaning. When I thought she is about to cum. I stopped. I signalled dad to stop. Mom said what happened, why you guys stopped. I said we just want to play with you.

I started rubbing my 8 . 3 inch long 4 feet wide dick onnher cunt. She started pleading please insert it. I am begging you guys don’t tease me. I told dad you continue I will come.

Dad came in my place. He started rubbing. I came with a vibrator. I then inserted it in her. I increased its speed to max. The time she was about to cum. She was mianing aaj ooh yes. I switched off. Dad and I were laughing. Mom was abusing us. You son of bitches. I will not spare you two. We continued it for half hour. I unbinded her. I told her to sit on dads dick. She sat and started jumping. I came from behind. I lubricated my dick. I then inserted in her cunt. She screamed. We had no fear now. She was in pain. She was telling me to get it out. I didn’t listen to her. She said both are very long and thick. I can’t take it. I said relax my love. She said no honey. I can’t. It was only 3 inches inside. I again pushed it.

It went 3 inches further. It was 6 inches inside. Two inch was still left. She was going unconscious. I said get up. She got unconscious. I and dad took out our penis. She was unconscious. I split water. She came in her consciousness. I started kissing her. I said sorry mom. She said you guys are very thick and strong. It’s paining. Dad and I kissed her on cheeks. She said I want to put a photo on insta of my bareback. I said I have a better idea. I said you and dad smooch and I will take it. They were smooching. I clicked a photo. I then told her to sit on dads lap. She followed my orders. She took dads dick in her cunt. I took photos. I then kept my phone aside. And went and inserted my dick in her cunt. I was horny. I was in no mood to listen. I and dad started ramming her hard and fast. She was crying amd shouting. Aah oih yess aah. Please take it out. I can’t take both. We kept ramming her.

After 10 min dad cummed. Dad said i Am done. I told her to come in missionary position. I then started fucking her. I was kissing her. I said after 20 min mom I am cumming. She said cum inside me. I said ok mom. I cam inside her. I then told her next round for your ass. She was damn scared now. She said no I can’t handle. I said you will get used too. She still insisted. I said then let me fuck you again. I again inserted my tool inside her and started rammming her again. She was moaning aaj ooh yes. I again came inside her after 20 min. My cock was buried inside her. We slept like that. I woke up when my cock was getting hard again. I started dry jumping her. She woke up. She gave a smile and started fucking me. I cum again. She said get up now. Have some food. We will do it again. Mom went to kitchen naked. Dad went behind her. And started kissing. Mom said I am tired now. He fucked her again like that on kitchen slab. I finished my food. I told mom have some food. She had her lunch. Dad and she went to room. I told dad I am tired. Mom said I am too much tired. Dad went and started fucking her. He fucked her for 15 min. She cummed now. Mom was too much tired.

We fucked her by exchanging position for the whole day. Her pussy was dripping with cum. In the night I told mom now it’s time for your ass. I said let’s try once. I applied oil on her ass. She was scared. I inserted one finger. She moaned a little. After that I inserted two fingers. And then 3 fingers. She was good now. I placed my dick and inserted it. Dad woke up. I said dad sleep. I am fucking her ass. She said sleep honey. I am just fucking . I then applied pressure. She started crying get it out. I can’t take it. I said you will enjoy. I applied one final push. I was completely inside her. I rested for sometime. Then I started ramming her ass. She also started enjoying. I was mesmerized from her. she was moaning now. “Aah ooh yes baby. No”. Aaj it’s hurting. After 10 min of intense fucking I cummed inside her. She was saying. I dont think I will be able to walk freely. I woke up at 3:00 in the morning. I saw dad was fucking her hard and fast. After 10 min he cummed inside her. he slept with his dick inside her.

I woke up in the morning. Mom said we have to go to Jaipur. It’s relative marriage. I asked is it necessary. She said yes. I will pack your bags. Dad said I will take leave for one weeek. mom said yes you need to. Mom was still having problem while walking. Dad commented what will you say to people about your fracture. . She said I have fracture. We arrived at the weeding. It was beautiful wedding. We met everyone. We were given our rooms. I , mom, dad and a girl my dads cousin uncle s grand daughter was to sleep in that room. She was scoming in evening. She use to study bba in delhi. Mom said let’s change. And we will get to function. We changed. We then went to function. There was a girl. She was white complexion. Her figure was 32-26-34. She was extremely thin. She use to have cute dimples. She looked at me and I looked at her. And we smiled seeing each other.

After that I went outside for some fresh air. She came too. I was taking juice. I started talking to my friend on phone. Dad came and told me to get some stuff from market. He said go with sonakshi. She knows the place. I said who. Dad said she is sonakshi. She said hi. I too responded with hello. We went in car. We started talking. I asked her about mba plans. She said her grandparents want her to get settled. I said why dont you talk to your parents. She said with a sad face. They died when I was 7. I said sorry. I said don’t worry I will talk with my dad. He will talk with your grand parents. She said thanks. We took stuff. And we reached home. Function was over. We handed things. Dad said us to have dinner. i asked him where is mom. He said he has not seen her since one hour. He said don’t worry she will come. She said I met your mom she is sweet. I laughed in mind. I said let’s go to roof. Mom was wearing orange saree that evening. Her lips were dark red. . She was looking like bomb. We went to roof.

After sometime we saw hearing strange sound coming from behind tank. We went there. I was shocked. My cousin was fucking my mom. We were shocked. I was embarrassed too. I started crying. Sonakshi hugged me and consoled me. She said what the hell is doing. I told her she is a sex addict. Sonakshi was shocked. She asked your father know this. I lied and said no. She said I have a way. She started recording. Mom was kissing that guy and jumping on his dick. She was saying. never thought that I will get fucked by any other guy than my husband. How things happened suddenly. My cousin said aunty I had a eye on you since long time. She said shut up and fuck me. He fucked her for next 10 mins and went from there after taking his clothes. Mom slept. She said take my phone. Go and talk to her. I am going down. I said ok. She went down. I told her to close the roof door. She asked why. I said I dont want her to run. She said ok. I went to mom. She smiled seeing me. I said now you fuck my cousin also. She said she was searching for me. And she was also horny. Your father was also no here. so I told manku to come on roof. He was eyeing me since I have reached here. I said you are a bitch. She said now come and fuck. Me. We started kissing. I told her to give me blowjob.

After 10 min she came in doggy position. I started fucking her at steady pace. She was moaning aaj ooh yes baby aaj ooh no. I came inside her after 15 min. I fucked her twice. I fucked her ass once also. We wore our dress. Mom said I will not be able to walk. Sonakshi came. She saw me helping her to walk. She said did you confronted what ahe did. I said yes she is sorry. She told my mom some mean things. I said sonakshi she is my mom. At the end we are family. If someone does anything wrong we help him her to work on her mistake. Sonakshi said we are going to psychiatrist tommorow. She helped me taking mom down. We went to room. Dad was sleeping. Sonakshi told aunty you sleep now. Mom said thanks. Sonakshi told me to come outside. I said thanks sona. She started crying. I said what happened. She said my mom use to call me that. I said sorry. I will never call you. She said it’s ok it feels nice hearing sona from your mouth. She hugged me and kissed me on cheeks. She said let’s go to sleep. Sona slept on one bed with mom. I and dad aas sleeping on other. in the morning I told dad about sona mba college. Dad said I will speak with them. I sona and mom went to psychiatrist. We came back and dad said I want to talk with you two. She told sonas grand parents wants her to get married with you. We smiled . He understood that we are ready. We got busy in work. In the evening in function dad announced our engagement. We got engaged. Sona was wearing blue lehenga and choli. She was looking so cute. She came and we danced. Mom was also enjoying. We went to campus . Sona said baby do u love me. I said yes baby thats why I agreed to marry you. I saw love in her eyes for me. I told Sona I will never leave you. We started kissing. Our cousins started clapping from roof. Sona blused for sometime. She ran inside. She went to room and she slept hugging mom. I went to roof. I chatted for sometime. They said Sona never talk with anyone. She has always missed her parents. She was not even allowed to step her foot outside house without their grandparents wish. Her uncle aunt are worst. Her aunt use to beat her. I became emotional. I said I will never let a drop of tear come in her eyes. One of my cousin said she has never been loved since her parents died. Please keep her happy. I said she is my life now. She completes me. I will never let you guys down. We were chatting. Few of my cousin slept. Sona came at 3:00 . She said angrily what are doing so late up here. Are you owl. Everyone started provoking her aauh. I then said hey guys don’t make fun of my girlfriend. I said sweetheart you go to sleep.

We guys don’t even meet for months. She said ok but come soon. I said she is very conservative. One of my cousin said. She has always lost in her life. She don’t want to loose you. We chatted for sometime. When I came to my room. I sept with dad. I woke up and it was day of marriage. Mom was wearing a banarsi saree of blue cokour . Sona was wearing ethnic banarsi saree of green colour. They both were looking gorgeous. Marriage ended and Sona came with us. She shifted her stuffs from her hostel to our house when mom and dad told her. she was given her room. We have a big house. Marriage was set after sonas final paper. I use to go to drop her and pick her after office. I met her friends. We also went for movies disco together. Sona was helping mom to go to psychiatrist. Mom was scared from her. Mom use to agree on whatever she said. I was also getting attracted to her. My mom and dad became her mom and by now. She use to call them mom and dad only. Mom was also normal now. Her exams ended. We got married. It was time for first night. I went inside. She was sitting idle wearing her saree. I went near her and said hey love. She was scared. I said I am not ghost. She said I have heard it pains a lot. She said no it hurts a little. But after that it’s pleasure. I then went and started smooching her. We were smooching for 5 min. Mom knocked the door. I said coming mom. I opened door. She said sorry kids. But people are not getting adjust. May be you guys have to postpone your first night for a day. I promise it will be better. Sona was intelligent and sensible girl.

Mom said Sona beta please correct your makeup. Mom told me you go and wash your mouth and then go to my room to sleep. Your dad is sleeping outside. She said sorry baby Sona. Some girls will sleep with you. She said it’s ok. Maa. I then went and came after shower. I went to moms room. And there it was mom. In her petticot and blouse. I said mom you spoiled my sex and now you will pay. Mom smiled. We started kissing. I then made her nude. I started tongue fucking her. She cummed after sometime. I said blow me. She said ok. She gave me blowjob. I then said get into missionary. She said as you wish. I then started fucking her. I fucked her for 10 min. I then fucked her against wall standing position. She then fucked me in cowgirl position. Mom told me I have to confess something. I said whom you fucked now. She said mla of our area. She said you remember dad feel in some trouble last month. I went to him to meet and asked for help. He said you have to sleep with me. I said I will sleep with you whenever you want.

I said but you have to promise you will keep secret. He said yes. What else you want. I said I want to become ward commissioner and want to join your party. Mom said I am meeting minister next month. May be after sleeping with him I will become district president. She said I told your father. He said it’s time to earn money. I said who was better. She said no one. I have been the best she has ever fucked. she told me to promise I will not say this to Sona. I said I promise. She said mla collapsed in 1 minute only. I said you have become a bitch. I said but don’t let anyone fuck you without condom. She said I know. I and mom fucked 3 times that night. Next day we came delhi. We reached at night. Sona was wearing top and hot pants. We bided goodnight. We went inside and started kissing. Sona threw her clothes. We bacame naked. I told her to suck my cock. She obeyed.

After that I threw her on bed. I lubricated my penis. And inserted in her. She screamed but mom was also moaning loudly. Blood started coming from her vagina. She was crying. I rested for sometime. I then started fucking her. I was fucking her slowly. Then I increased my speed. She was moaning loudly. I cummed inside her after sometime. She was tired. After 10-15 min I was hard again. I said let’s go for round two. She said so soon. I said yes. I then inserted inside her and started fucking her. I fucked her for half hour. I then came inside her. I slept with my dick inside her.

I got up at 9:00. She was off from bed. She was in Hall . I went for shower. I got ready for office. I kissed her while going. She said mom has gone to her friends house. I understood mom is fucking minister now. Mom came in evening. She was exhausted. She said 10 guys fucked her today. Whole day. She showed me some of her photo. She was dripped in cum. She said i have a good new. They are giving me ticket. Mom got the ticket. She told Sona due to her good works she got the ticket. She won election and got a minister portfolio. I too started my own business not with her money. Sometimes when I fuck mom I tell her I feel proud of myself. She asks why. I tell her I am fucking minister of state. She smile. Mo m nowadays live ouside life. She is financially stable. Dad is also doing good in his business. He has spread his business in whole state. Our condition is stable. Sona is district president of party. We live in a villa now. Sona is pregnant.

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