Mom and dad making love 2

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This is aman again. I will continue next part. For previous part please read Mom and dad making love.

After food came they came after 1 hour. Dad was sweating and so was mom. I said someone is having a rough time. She smiled. I went to kitchen to take food. She was in bathrobe. She told dad finish soon. Dad said why mom said directly for next round. Dad said I am just finished with 2 rounds. she said I don’t know anything. Fuck me. Dad asked are you sex addict mom. Mom said no. I said mom I have a psychiatric doctor friend. Who was my senior. Tell us I or we will take him. She said yes. She said I am sorry. I never knew how it happened. It just happened. Dad said listen honey I can understand. But I am aged now. I can’t satisfy you. She said what should I do then. He said something which shocked mom. He said why dont you fuck aman. She said are you kidding me. He is my son. Jow can I. He said listen it happens in today’s society. He told her my friend tells me many of his patients are in incest relationship. He said it’s better it remain within family. She said will he agree. He said I will talk. I went and dad explained me the situation. I said but she is my mom. He said I know. But there is no other way. I said if it is for family. Then ok. I said but you have to be there. otherwise I will think I am cheating you. Mom said let’s eat now. Mom came we ate food. After that mom went to kitchen. I went and hugged her. I kissed her even. Dad came and hugged her from front. She said what you guys are doing. I have to wash utensils. He started kissing her. I was holding her hands. Mom said leave me. She was getting in mood. I opened her hair. I went and brought one rope. I tied her hand. By the time dad opened her clothes. She started scolding us. You guys have gone crazy. What the hell do u think you are doing. Dad made her kneel down. He inserted his 8 inch long 3 inch thick dick in her mouth. He started mouth fucking her. I was kissing her body. We took her to bedroom. Dad inserted his dick in her mouth. She was sucking his cock. I started tongue fucking her. She was groaning. When I thought she is about to cum. I stopped. I signalled dad to stop. Mom said what happened, why you guys stopped. I said we just want to play with you.

I started rubbing my 8 . 3 inch long 4 feet wide dick onnher cunt. She started pleading please insert it. I am begging you guys don’t tease me. I told dad you continue I will come.

Dad came in my place. He started rubbing. I came with a vibrator. I then inserted it in her. I increased its speed to max. The time she was about to cum. She was mianing aaj ooh yes. I switched off. Dad and I were laughing. Mom was abusing us. You son of bitches. I will not spare you two. We continued it for half hour. I unbinded her. I told her to sit on dads dick. She sat and started jumping. I came from behind. I lubricated my dick. I then inserted in her cunt. She screamed. We had no fear now. She was in pain. She was telling me to get it out. I didn’t listen to her. She said both are very long and thick. I can’t take it. I said relax my love. She said no honey. I can’t. It was only 3 inches inside. I again pushed it.

It went 3 inches further. It was 6 inches inside. Two inch was still left. She was going unconscious. I said get up. She got unconscious. I and dad took out our penis. She was unconscious. I split water. She came in her consciousness. I started kissing her. I said sorry mom. She said you guys are very thick and strong. It’s paining. Dad and I kissed her on cheeks. She said I want to put a photo on insta of my bareback. I said I have a better idea. I said you and dad smooch and I will take it. They were smooching. I clicked a photo. I then told her to sit on dads lap. She followed my orders. She took dads dick in her cunt. I took photos. I then kept my phone aside. And went and inserted my dick in her cunt. I was horny. I was in no mood to listen. I and dad started ramming her hard and fast. She was crying amd shouting. Aah oih yess aah. Please take it out. I can’t take both. We kept ramming her.

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