First time skinny dipping

There was that one summer in high school with a next door friend who was the same age. We slept out in the back yard in a tent one night and decided to go skinny dipping in the ‘grumpy’ neighbor’s round above-ground pool. We were trying to make a whirl pool effect by running round and around in the round pool. We kept bumping into each other as the motion of the water kept us moving, as we lost our footing from the force of the swirling water. As we bumped into each other we began wrestling around and I remember saying: “be quiet as if the people caught us in the pool naked they might think we were sex playing”. He said then “you better not make any noise” as I felt his hand on my limp cock.

Without thinking anything more than he was being a “real funny guy”, I grabbed his and neither of us let go. Then I said, “lucky we don’t have hard-ons (cold water maybe) or that might mean we were starting to like playing with each other”. And without responding, he just went under and I then felt his warm mouth and wow, did that feel good. I just let him go until he surfaced. For some reason, maybe it was fairness, maybe it was curiosity, I did the same to him. And we continued back and forth, under the water each time, lasting as long as we could hold our breath for each round. This seemed to only increase the excitement as it kept getting a little hotter each time, but never being long enough to get off.

We ended up going back to the tent and kept it up. I ended up being the first one to finish the act, and after about two more minutes he stopped and asked me if I came. I said no, first because I was so new to this and it was all so intense and also, probably to lessen the embarrassment for both of us. Then it was my turn. After a while he put his hands out and held my head so I could not move much. Then as I could feel him begin throb a bit, I began to taste his jiz, which did not seem to be a big deal, more of a curious “humm, this does not taste as weird as everyone seems to make it sound like when joking” around.

Funny thing was, I don’t ever remember feeling guilty abut it. More so, it was like an exciting private adventure, hot and public as if we made any noise we might wake up the adults in the nearby houses. We ended up 69’s for about an hour and probably had about 3 more orgasms each that night.

I still remember getting on the bus for school the next Monday and thinking that I knew something that no one else but my friend and I knew about

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