Shawn brings his longtime girlfriend Sarah to Craig’s party wearing nothing but heals

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Shawn brings his longtime girlfriend Sarah to Craig’s party wearing nothing but heals.. Sarah was getting ready for the big night.

“Babe do you have an extra razor? I forgot to pick up mine at the store today,” she asked Shawn, her boyfriend of 5 years.

“Yeah check the second drawer, there should be a whole pack, just hurry up we have to leave in half an hour…”

“Found them!” Sarah yelled from the bathroom, “I know I’m sorry I’m hurrying! Come here and help me then! I still have to finish my make up too!”

Shawn walked into the bathroom, Sarah was standing at the sink naked fiddling with his pack of razors. He stopped and just stared at her beautiful ass and felt completely in awe, and so lucky to have a girl as perfect as her in his life.

“Oh my God stop staring and help me!,” Sarah smiled.

“Sorry babe.” Shawn took the package and opened it for her.

“Can you shave my legs while I finish up my eyes?” Sarah asked.

“Of course.” Shawn grabbed her shaving lotion and started his job while she started applying a line of black around her bright eyes.

“I can’t believe you’re going through with this.” Shawn said as he knelt on the tile beneath her and ran the razor down her perfect legs.

“Me too!” Sarah laughed, “I’m sooo excited though! And we need the money!”

She was right, Shawn only made nine dollars an hour at his fast food job, and that just wasn’t enough for them to be able to afford the room they had been paying for out of their savings.

Craig said he would pay $200 dollars if she showed up to one of his parties completely naked, at the house his parents bought him off campus.

“They are so lucky you’re doing this.”

“I feel like the lucky one!” Sarah admitted, “You know this has always been one of my biggest fantasies!”

It was true, for years they had talked about Sarah’s kinky fantasies, and how turned on they both were by the idea of her degrading herself, especially in public like this. Never until now did they imagine any of it would become a reality. Shawn was proud of her for having the courage to be naked at their first college party, he wasn’t as social as Sarah and was nervous enough about going to a party at all, even with clothes on.

They had known each other since either of them were old enough to remember, their parents were next door neighbors and good friends. They were each other’s first kiss during a game of spin the bottle in 6th grade, and in 8th grade Shawn asked her to be his girlfriend. They had been inseparable ever since.

Now they were both hours from home, going to school in a new city. Sarah had grown from the awkward little 13 year old that said yes to him in 8th grade, into the hottest girl of their graduating class. Every guy that saw her wanted her, and she had no problem making friends in the half semester they had spent at their new school.

Craig was a typical alpha male, and Shawn could tell he had been obsessed with Sarah since day one in the biology class they all shared together. He had brought it up to her multiple times. “You’re being ridiculous, Craig would never want me, he’s like the perfect man babe, he could have anyone…” was Sarah’s response the last time Shawn mentioned it.

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