Dick to Dick Love

Clayton had been bisexual for years only never admitted it. Only he considered himself unique. He preferred women but would definitely fuck a guy if they were horny enough. Clayton never did like it in his ass. It hurt too much. But he will gladly give. He is most definitely a top. Ass is always good but Clayton is also attracted to dick. He has wanted to fuck a dick with his own for years. He not only wanted to fuck a cock with his own, he wanted to meet someone who was just as he is. Basically line his dick up perfectly with another, either on top, bottom, or side and hump our cocks to orgasm. Dick to dick. Cock to cock. Balls to balls. Head to head. Just making love and fucking dick to dick. Genital to Genital sex at its most primal and as nature intended. Clayton wanted to meet someone who gets off on frottage as much as he does. Someone who would love to make love, penis to penis.

By luck and fate, Clayton met Michael. Michael was also bisexual. They lived just a town apart. For days, they spoke and shared their stories and fantasies. Clayton is 38, is 5’11, about 190 lbs, brown hair that’s long on top but short Michael on the sides and back. He is charming, good looking, smart, funny, and has a dark mysterious side. He’s masculine yet progressive and a pervert in a good way. Michael was the same age. He kinda resembles a younger George Clooney. He’s a little feminine and also 38. They both have 6 inch cocks. Michael loved the idea of frotting. He was also a bottom. It was a dream come true for both of them. They had finally found a friend who shares their fantasy. They simply had to meet. They both chipped in and arranged a nice hotel room for the upcoming evening. Both desperately wanted and needed male intimacy and some dick to dick action.

Around 6pm, both Clayton and Michael arrive at the hotel. They greet each other, shake hands, and share a hug. Obviously they’re both a little nervous. So they agreed to have a few strong drinks at the hotel bar to try to relax and take the edge off. Clayton had never been with a man so was a little awkward at first. He was fine after a few drinks and Michael found him adorable. Once they are finally relaxed, comfortable with each other, and a bit tipsy, the conversation soon turns to frottage and sex. They speak of their dreams and fantasies. Just as they have been doing online. They were both getting hard and trying to hide it. Clayton finally asks if they can go to their room. Michael eagerly and nervously agrees.

Clayton and Michael get into the room and sit on the bed. Timidly, they both start touching themselves and watching each other. Michael finds Clayton very attractive and wants very much for this to happen. Clayton had always wanted to fuck a man’s dick. Michael had always wanted a lover who wanted to fuck his dick. It was like destiny. Suddenly Clayton leans into Michael and timidly kisses his lips. They back away, then repeat. Each kiss is a little longer and hotter each time. Clayton finally just wraps his arms around Michael, they both lay down in embrace, as Clayton begins passionately kissing Michael. What starts as a timid little kiss soon turns into a passionate makeout session. Their tongues probe each other’s mouths deeply as they lay face to face on the bed. Their arms embrace each other, pulling each other close. They can both feel their hard dicks through their pants. Grunting and moaning, they slowly start to dry hump each other. Michael puts his leg over Clayton’s hip, giving their cock bulges more room to grind.

Clayton and Michael break away long enough to take off their shirts and pants. All nervousness is gone. All that is left are passion and lust. And no doubt, Clayton and Michael want each other. Now both in their underwear, they go back to kissing on their sides. Their hands find each other’s cocks through their undies and they start slowly stroking each other. Soft moans escape their lips. Clayton strokes Michael’s cock while Michael strokes him, kissing deeply. They look into each other’s eyes, seeing their lust for each other. “I want to make love to your dick,” Clayton whispers. Hearing that nearly makes Michael cum all by itself. Michael just moans “please make love to me!” Hungrily, they both take off their underwear. Clayton and Michael both stare at each other’s dick, stroking each other. Neither of them has ever been this rock hard before. Their cocks were throbbing, aching to touch each other. No tops or bottoms this time. Equal passion. Equal pleasure. Just two men about to make love dick to dick, pleasure to pleasure.

Clayton takes just a little lube and lubes up both their dicks. Michael spreads his legs and Clayton climbs between them. At first, he teases and plays a little. He rubs his cock up and down Michael’s balls and shaft. Finally, Clayton lowers himself on top of Michael, using his hand to line their dicks together. They both moan as they feel the bare heat and throbbing from each other’s cocks touching. Clayton then starts slowly humping Michaels cock. He makes sure the sensitive underside of their heads are rubbing against each other. The feeling is amazing. Michael begins bucking his hips back into Clayton and he humps his dick. They begin kissing passionately as they make love, dick to dick. Michael wraps his arms and legs around Clayton. Clayton begins humping a little faster. They begin moaning and groaning, getting completely lost in the primal carnal lust of each other. Clayton raises up a little so they can both get a good hot view of their dicks fucking each other. They want to experience the full mystical pleasure of frottage, so they planned to time it just right so that they can cum together. They’re in no hurry. Clayton and Michael are just savoring every second of the buildup, feeling, and pleasure of their cocks fucking each other.

Clayton then raises up to straddle Michael. He takes both their dicks in one hand and begins humping and fucking Michael’s cock, gliding his dick up and down Michael’s. Michael moans loudly as Clayton humps his dick good, really working it. You can tell he’s loving it. Clayton leans down kissing Michael as they hungrily hump their dicks faster, each humping passionately and animalistically at times. They’re both almost about to cum. Only they want to cum together. They want their dicks to be the reason for the glorious orgasm that is coming. Clayton and Michael want to experience the passion and carnal nature of their pleasure sticks pleasuring each other. To hump another cock while it humps you back. To feel a dick to dick orgasm. To watch two dick heads pressed together, both shooting cum at the same time.

They both moan, groan, and grunt, as their hips buck into each other, fucking each other’s cocks. They’ll be cumming soon. So they both look down, wanting to watch their dicks erupt together. Clayton and Michael’s dick heads are pressed firmly together, their sensitive glans humping passionately to an orgasm like no other. Both nearly passing out with pleasure, Clayton and Michael both let out an orgasmic yell, as they both explode and erupt what seems like gallons of cum between and on each other. Their dicks cum all over each other. They feel their cocks pulsating, shooting jets of sperm. Clayton lies on top of Michael, both of them out of breath and in pure ecstasy. They feel their dicks still touching, both soaked with a mixture of their cum. This was possibly the greatest orgasm they have ever felt and another dick was the cause of it. They wanted more. So much more of each other. They had the room for the night and both intended to make the most of it. They’re cocks were in love with each other and neither Clayton nor Michael were about to keep them apart.

Always the gentleman, Clayton cleaned up both he and Michael’s mess. They just had the most powerful orgasm they’ve ever had. This was only the beginning.

To be continued….

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