Sexing Like Crazy

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I have no idea what category this story goes in. Let’s start by saying it’s a first for me. Tammy and I went to the same high school and college. She was my best friend. Tammy is gay and very pretty and girly. She talked about girls she liked. And I talked about girls I liked. She would sneek me into the girl dorm if I go locked out so I could have a place to sleep. We lost contact for a while. I later saw her and her girlfriend at a party on the yard. We talked and it seemed like old times. She showed up at my door a week later after being out at the club. She was drunk as always. I gave her a blanket and a pillow and went back to sleep. The next morning I rolled over to find her in bed with me and her harms around me. When I move she woke up and started kissing my neck. I was not sure what was happening. She was fully undressed. She continued kissing me until her lips found its way to my lips. She kissed me deeply and said, yes I know what I am doing. We made love and now I don’t know how to take it. She has been openly gay for as long as I’ve known her. We have been fucking for weeks. Sometimes everyday. It’s like we can’t get enough. In the car and in the park and even at a party in the bathroom. She started sucking my dick while we were on the way to the party and was teasing under the table at the party. She rubbed my dick and whispered I want to fuck you now! We did it in the bathroom and when we got to her place.

Last week her girlfriend caught us fucking and let me eat her pussy until she squirted all over the bed. In the morning Tammy’s girlfriend cooked me breakfast and demanded I come back to bed for round two. What black man wouldn’t want what is happening to me. Two women who want to fuck and fulfill your dreams. While I was at work they called me and talked dirty to me. I couldn’t hardly wait to get off. When I got home Tammy’s girlfriend met me at the door kissed me and sucked my dick. We took a shower together and eat dinner and fucked until everyone was wet. Yes I am confused, but happy and confused at this point until the shit hit fan. But good shit.

We sat down at the table and decided that we all were wanted to live together. We all agreed and yes it is crazy but I am treated well. We have all moved in together and the fucking is great. Tammy admitted that she wanted to do this every since I took Tonya to the prom. We have to admit I am developing feeling for Tammy in a whole different way nit just a fuck buddy and Tammy’s girlfriend makes it hard to imagine not coming home. Tammy just makes it hard. Dam!

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