U guess

Hello.I am rasel student of class 9.Todays story is about my mom. Her name is Ayesha. Have a very hot figure of 36″ 28″ 38″ She does gym regularly so can I imagine how hot figure she has?? So one day she went to my school to bring me.generally she doesn’t goes.the reason she told

Enjoying with sister

Hello guys this is Siva i’m 25 years old. My sister name is shuba she is 2 year younger than me. She is gorgeous in look. Her structure is 34-32-34. Ok let’s move to the story. One day my parents went to some family function for a week. Then i drop my parents in railway

Anjali got fucked in the ass

Hi horny people, I’m TJ, this is my story of Tinder date, Anjali who then became my sex doll. I met Anjali on Tinder. After few days of chatting and video calls we met. Our first meet was in KFC where she gave me handjob while eating crispy chicken. That was the moment I knew

Sex hunger

My name is lata 40 years old lady .marred to a MNC employee .I was innocent before marriage .my husband was very sexy and he taught me every thing in sex .he showed me blue films .many times of black people with long cocks .and animal porn also with dogs horses and pigs.that way I

My Drunk Sister

Growing up I moved in with my Sister and Brother in law. I came home to find my Sister drunk and crying. She said my Brother in law said she was calling her ugly. I hugged her and tried to comfort her, she was pregnant at the time and my brother inlaw liked to fuck

Seduced my mom

I’m 20 years old and I live with my mom we’re the only 2 in the house one night I was laying bed and I was fantasizing about my mom and planned to start seducing her in the morning. I woke up in the morning for work and as I walked up I went for

Fucking my moms older butterface but fucked her daughter years before

I fucked and ate out my mom’s old friend, I fucked her daughter when I was young, I tried fucking the friend years ago but it just didn’t happen. The daughter was alot better looking then, but the mom or mom’s friends ass and tits are huge. She played dumb with me when I was

My sexy auntie and her armpits

Let’s not waste time.i am. 18 year old M, and I have an aunt who is 44 year old. She has a daughter, and her husband is abroad. She is very sexy, and has nice and sexy ass and thighs. One day, I became very horny. I decided to jack off in her underwear, and

Lockdown sex with mom

hi everyone my name is mani coming to my experiance sisce it was befor lockdown my father went to our village for some land issues and he strucked their itself in lockdown in my home me mom and father. My moms size 34/30/34 i was watching my mom when she went for bath i used

Maami for me — introduction

Hi people this is my first true experience, which I felt like sharing with you people. I am regular reader of this site which made me share my story and relive in thoughts. I am the Apache guy from Chennai. The heroine of the story is my maami who is such a sweetheart and still

My True Love

At 18 years old my 16 year old brother took my virginity. Not by force but by choice. My choice. It began when our mother went to visit our aunt for a few hours. Tomas approach me and said he wish to talk to me about something very important and that our conversation had to

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