U guess

Hello.I am rasel student of class 9.Todays story is about my mom. Her name is Ayesha. Have a very hot figure of 36″ 28″ 38″

She does gym regularly so can I imagine how hot figure she has??

So one day she went to my school to bring me.generally she doesn’t goes.the reason she told me thaylt she has to go to the market for buying clothes.

After school we went to the market. She entered into a bra and panties shop. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and leggings
The shopkeeper can’t remove his eyes. I was feeling very angry to see that
I can clearly see a bulge inside his pant
However my mom asked him to show a bra and panty

She choosed a set of bra-panty and wanted to trial them but sellsman told that they had not a trial room.
So he gave her a towel and asked her to use it

My mom was kind of free mind and a little bit horny types so she accepted that.

When she put on towel the shopkeeper closed the shutter as reason he told that if anybody comes it would be risky so we told him nothing.Then my mom weared her panty but how could she put on bra so as I told she was very free minded she didn’t care anything and opened the towel to wear bra after that she asked him how was she looking he told that very hot then my mom was stucked to open the hook of bra so the shopkeeper told that he would help my slutty mom didn’t mind when he went to open that his bulge was touching my mom’s ass and he also squeezed her boobs so she became too much horny he just open bra and my mom opened his pant in front of me they were so much horny that they totally forgot that I was standing there

She throw out her panty And started giving blowjob’s to the shopkeeper

After some times he lay down my mom in the floor and pushed his dick inside her wet pussy

They had an extreme sex I was doing video of that they just hadn’t no sense of me after a while he told that he would cum my mom told him to cum outside he slapped mom and said “u bitch how could I fulfill my sex if I cum outside that is our love and will put inside I”
And he cummed inside my mom screamed “noo what did u have done?”

Then they became normal and he gave a pill to mom

Mom ate that after that she was realized that I was there she told me to not to tell dad and she will do whatever I want

Now all of my friends have already enjoyed her without condom

She is a professional slut now she also still fucks that shopkeeper!!

(It’s a real story and name used are also real)

So comment me how much did u like the story

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