My granddaughter gets the same punishment as my daughter

My granddaughter gets the same punishment as my daughter

In Chapter 1, Sam thought her daughter, Maddie, just needed to see her take a spanking from me, but things escalated when I fucked my daughter in front of my granddaughter.

Maddie stared at us through glazed eyes, her own voyeuristic arousal clearly obvious. The crotch of her Pink, Hello Kitty, panties shone with wetness as she held them out to me. Her wetness had stained through to darken the crotch which had clearly been pulled tightly into her virgin slit. My cock, which had softened after my release into my daughter’s mouth twitched at the sight of my granddaughter standing before me.

Sam nuzzled my neck and whispered; “You want to fuck her, don’t you daddy?”

What can I say; I shrug my shoulders noncommittally and just stare at her stupidly. I could never successfully lie to my little girl.

“I’ve been a naughty girl grandad, I’ve wet my panties, see!” Maddie said, moving closer to bring her wet underwear to me.

“You’re a very bad girl,” Sam told her daughter. “Look at the state of your panties, they’re soaked through with cunt goo, aren’t they?”

“Yes Mummy, they are,” Maddie sheepishly replied. “I felt all funny in my tummy when grandad was spanking you and my pussy got all wet with excitement.”

“I think your granddaughter needs to learn a hard lesson, don’t you daddy?” Sam said to me. “She needs to learn to control her urges if she wants to play with the grown up!”

“Please spank me grandad!” Maddie implored me. “I want what you gave my mum,” she said taking that final step towards me and putting her soaked panties in my hand.

I could feel her wetness on my fingers from her underwear, very wet and creamy. I looked down at the crotch and then lifted her panties to my nose to inhale my granddaughter’s fragrance. As the scent of her virgin cunt hit my nose my cock engorged and I knew right then, I was going to fuck Maddie.

“Smell your daughter?” I said to Sam, holding out Maddie’s pants.

Sam dropped her head to place her nose right on the soaked crotch of her daughter’s panties and took a big sniff.

“Maddison, these are so wet, and they stink of fresh cunt juice, what am I to do with you?” Sam asked. “You’ve made a right mess; look it’s all running down your legs!”

“I’m so wet mum,” Maddie said. “Look?”

With that Maddie reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt and dragged it up to her waist revealing her naked, drenched snatch for me and her mum to stare at.

“Oh god!” Sam exclaimed, taking in her daughter’s dripping wet cunt which revealed itself between her slim thighs, clearly fully shaven and with girl goo running down between her legs.

“Holy fuck!” I said, also taking in my granddaughter’s shaven cunt. “Seems she does need some attention here! Sam, what do you think?”

I needed to be sure just how far Sam was prepared to allow this situation to develop. We had discussed Maddie watching Sam’s punishment but little else. Had we been naive in thinking that’s all there would be here or, had subconsciously we both wanted more.

Sam licked her lips as she pondered my question.

She stepped over to stand in front of her daughter who still had her skirt bunched around her waist. She stared into Maddie’s eyes and then lifted her hand to brush Maddie’s cheek. Then she placed a finger on Maddie’s lips and said, “Open!”

Maddie parted her soft lips and took Sam’s finger into her mouth. My jaw dropped as I watched Sam’s wetted finger leave her daughters mouth and travel down her body and come to rest between her legs. Mother and daughter continued to stare at one another as Sam pushed her finger between Maddie’s labia and into her soaked vagina.

“Keep looking at me darling,” Sam told her daughter.

Standing off to the side I had a clear view as Sam pushed her finger into her daughter’s cunt. Maddie grunted slightly as she accepted the intrusion of her mum’s digit.

Sam slowly drew her finger back and I watched a string of Maddie’s pussy cream stretch up from her cunt as her mum lifted her finger back to Maddie’s lips.

“Open!” Sam commanded.

Once again Maddie obediently parted her lips only this time the finger that she took into her mouth was coated with her own juices, drawn freshly from her wanton, 19-year-old, pussy.


I watched Maddie lick and suck all her juices from her mum’s finger. “Good girl,” Sam told her daughter.

Sam turned to look me in the eye, her own face alight with lust.

“What do I think?” Sam said to me. “Well why don’t we ask Maddie what she wants?”

“Maddison Senga Leigh, what is it you want from your grandfather?” Sam asked, using her daughters full name to add authority to the question.

Maddie looked from her mum to me and back to her mum. She slipped one hand between her legs and we watched her push two of her own fingers deep into her cunt. She kept them there just for a few seconds before raising them up to her mouth. She wiped them across her lips before pushing them into her mouth and sucking her goo from them.

“I’ve been a bad girl and I need for grandad to spank me,” Maddie told us. “Just like he spanked you mummy!”

“What about the rest of my punishment Maddie?” Sam asked her daughter as she walked round behind her. “What else do you want my girl?”

“Do you want grandad to touch you?” Sam whispered into Maddie’s ear.

“Yes mummy!”

“Where do you want grandad to touch you?”

“All over mummy.”

“Be specific girl, grandad need to hear you say what you want!” Sam continued still with her mouth close to Maddie’s ear.

Maddie looked straight at me, her skirt still up around her waist, her cunt looking even wetter than it had two minutes ago.

“Grandad,” she said, taking in a deep breath. “I want for you to touch me everywhere, all over my body. I want to be naked for you, I want to be punished by you and then I need for you to fuck me. I want you to be my first, I want you to take my virginity, I want your cum just like mum got!”

There was a stunned silence in the room as both Sam and I took in and processed Maddie’s words. I know Sam had asked but I never expected such a forthright answer from my granddaughter, was she a closet slut!

“And what makes you think you deserve grandad’s cock Maddison, aye?” Sam quietly asked her daughter. “What do you know about sex coz I know you’re still a virgin, don’t I?”

“Yes mum, I’m still a virgin,” Maddie replied, clearly aware her mother must have felt her hymen when she had fingered her pussy earlier.

“I’ve done second base with Zack,” she told us. Zack being her boyfriend of about four months I guess.

“So, Zack’s felt you up has he, had his hands in your panties, have you sucked his cock?” Sam asked.

Maddie took a moment so consider her reply and then must have realised that coming this far nothing was off the table. “Yes mum, Zack and I have done stuff. He’s made me cum with his fingers and tongue and I like to swallow his jizz when he comes! We just haven’t fucked yet!”

“Why not?”

“I didn’t think I was ready,” Maddie replied.

“So, you don’t want sex with your boyfriend, but you do want sex with your grandfather, is that right?”

Sam turned to look direct at her mum. “Yes, I want grandad to fuck me and I want you to watch!” She said defiantly.

During this exchange my cock had gone from sated to a raging hard-on again, my 8inches sticking out, pointing at the ceiling begging for attention.

Sam looked over at me and winked, clearly this was going to go just as far as any of us wanted it to and who was I to argue with my daughter or granddaughter.

Sam came and stood by me and said to Maddie, “Come over here and kneel down.”

Maddie dropped her skirt back down and did as her mum asked, kneeling in front of us she looked up. Her beautiful face just inches from my cock, her eyes alight with lust and wanton, her lips pursed ready for whatever was to come.

“Grandad, my daughter wants to suck your cock if you want her to?” Sam said. “Feed her and let her taste me all over you!”

I needed no second bidding and nudged my cock against Maddie’s lips. She would have got the clear scent of her mum’s pussy cream still lathered all over my cock as she parted her lips and engulfed my hardness.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as Maddie’s warm mouth surrounded my cock, her tongue already starting to flick across my head.

She looked back up and me and smiled around my cock, taking me in and then bobbing her head as she continued to blow me.

Sam reached down and grabbed a handful of her daughter’s hair, holding her head still.

“Fuck her mouth daddy!” Sam implored me. “If she wants to play with us she needs to know what that means. Make her gag!”

Well I was all in by now, I wanted everything from these two women, and I was going to take them. I pushed my hips forward and watched Maddie’s eyes start to bulge a little as my cock pressed further into her mouth and banged up against her tonsils. Maddie’s breathing began to get a little ragged and drool was running from her mouth.

I eased back allowing her to take a breath, then pushed back in.

“Relax, Maddie, allow grandad’s cock to slide down your throat like a good girl does,” Sam told her daughter.

I felt Maddie swallow around my length and then as I pushed again my cock slid past her tonsils and into her throat as she accepted me fully. My balls slapped against her chin and she stared up at me, joy on her face as she realised she was deep throating me.

Sam relaxed her grip on Maddie’s hair and allowed her daughter to set her own pace around my cock. The drool was like a small river running down Maddie’s face and onto her top, but she clearly wanted more when she popped my cock out of her mouth and said to me. “Face fuck me grandad, make me gag, Zack does!”

Jesus, her boyfriend makes her gag, well fuck it, I would too. As Maddie’s mouth once again swallowed my cock I reached down and grabbed the back of her head and drove forward, slamming my cock, balls deep into her mouth. She tried to back off, but I wasn’t having any of it and held her in place as she struggled to breath. I kept my cock still for just a few seconds more then pulled back and proceeded to face fuck my granddaughter. My cock pistoned her mouth without mercy and she just lapped it up, trying to wrap her tongue around me as I moved in and out of her mouth. I was gonna spew my load into her young mouth and she was going to swallow it all!!

“Stop!!” Sam screamed. “You are not going to cum yet daddy!”

Her shout brought me back to earth and my cock stopped fucking Maddie’s mouth.


“Stop fucking my daughter’s mouth daddy, you need to save your cum for later. Right now, she needs punishing!” Was Sam’s explanation.

I looked down as my cock slipped from Maddie’s mouth, so much drool and pre-cum was attached to both it was like string between us.

“Mum!! I wanted grandad’s cum!” Maddie moaned loudly.

“You’ll get what your given my girl,” Sam said sternly. “Now stand up and strip!”

Sam’s shout and my orgasm denial had brought me back from heaven and I realised this was going to go the way I wanted, not the way Sam thought it should.

“Stop, the pair of you'” I told them both. “You’ll do as your told, understand!”

“Yes grandad,” Maddie replied, still on her knees.


“Yes daddy.”

“Good girls,” I said.

I looked at my two girls and just knew the next few moments were going to be unforgettable.

“Maddie, come crawl over to your mum please.”

She didn’t say anything, just did as I asked and crawled on her hands and knees across the room to a spot right in front of her mother.

“Now Maddie, I want you to check how turned on your mum is right now, ok? See how wet her pussy is please!”


“Oh God!!” Sam’s voice had gone all husky on hearing my words, a line was about to be really crossed.

Sam’s hands dropped to her sides and I watched her take hold of the bottom of her skirt, she hesitated.

“You want this, don’t you Sam?”

She looked at me and nodded. “Oh so badly daddy!”

Slowly she pulled her skirt up to her waist, her drenched and shaven cunt quickly coming into view of her 19-year-old daughter kneeling only inches away.

“Can you see how wet mummy is Maddie? See how wet my thighs and legs have got?”

“Yes mummy, I can,” was the barely audible reply.

Sam reached out and wrapped her hand around her daughter’s head and pulled Maddie’s face into her crotch. “Do as grandad asked and tell us how wet I am.”

“Oh fuuccckkkk!!” Was all Sam could say as Maddie’s tongue clearly made contact with her over-heated cunt. “Oh fuuccckkkk, I’m gonna cum!!”

Sam’s body went ridged as her daughter’s tongue exploded her cunt into orgasm. She hung on to Maddie’s head to keep herself upright as she rode the waves of pleasure and filled Maddie’s mouth with her fresh cream. I could see Maddie try and swallow everything that was coming her way, but the poor girl just couldn’t keep up as Sam’s squirt ran down her chin and added to the drool wetness that had already soaked her top.

“Oh fuuccckkk, that was fucking amazing Maddie, I came so hard!” Sam said, finally releasing her daughter’s mouth from her cunt. “Look at the mess I’ve made of you!”

Looking down Maddie was some sight to see, her face dripping with her mum’s fresh girl goo, her top soaked through with drool and cum. Her nipples, like stalks, pressed hard against her top and her skirt hitched up enough for us to see yet more virgin wetness leaking from Maddie’s pussy.

“I thought you were gonna drown me mum there was so much cum!” Maddie said. “But fuck, you sure taste sweet, kinda like me but a bit stronger.”

“Well you girls can entertain me later,” I told them both. “For now, there’s a spanking to attend to! Stand up please Maddie and come over here!”

I swung the chair into the middle of the room and sat down. As Maddie neared me I took her wrist and with a quick flick had her across my lap, face down with her ass nicely raised.


“Uh!” she gasped in surprise at her first spank, catching her unaware.

I followed that up with five swats to the lower part of Maddie’s ass as I guessed she had anticipated some sort of talk or warm up.

Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack!

“Oww, that hurts,” Maddie wailed.

Ignoring her pleas, I turned to my daughter instead. “Sam, do something with your daughter’s skirt, it’s in my way.”

Sam reached down and pulled Maddie’s skirt up around her waist, my eyes beholding my granddaughter’s beautiful and naked ass. Maddie started to squirm, but I held her waist tight and quickly added three to her right cheek, followed by three to her left. She couldn’t suppress the first quiet sounds of pain.

Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack!

“Ow … Ohh … Unh”

I continued without let up, alternating right and left.

Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack! … Smack!

“Ahh … Enh … Ergh … [gasp] … Ennurh …”

I could see her ass starting to turn a beautiful shade of red, mingled with the clear hand-prints as her punishment continued.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Oww! Unh! Uuh! [gasp] Nhow! Huhguh!”

She began to twist and kick a little as the thrashing continued.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Finally, I paused, and she lay there draped over my thighs, panting, sobbing quietly, and clenching her ass muscles. I caught my breath and was aware that the spanking had had its usual effect on me. I was rock-hard and Maddie could clearly feel my cock beneath her.

“The paddle please Sam!”

“No grandad, not the paddle please, it’s my first time!” Maddie impeached me.

Her squirming grew more intense as her plight really dawned on her.

“Be still girl, you wanted what you mother got, and so you shall have it!” I told her.

“Let’s see if we have the same reaction!”

With that I reached down and stuck two fingers into Maddie’s cunt, which to no surprise was absolutely dripping wet. Just as a got to the second knuckle I hit an obstruction. So, she was still a virgin I thought, as proven by the in-tact hymen at the entrance to her young cunt. Well shortly I was going to thrust my big cock through that little ‘cherry’ and deep inside her pussy! I was going to take my granddaughter’s virginity.

“Maddison, your cunt tells me you’re just as excited as your mother to get spanked, don’t deny it, I can feel it!” I told her. “Six swats with the paddle should do nicely I think!”

“Nooooo grandad, please!!”

SMACK! The paddle came down on Maddie’s bare ass and her cry exploded from her lungs.

“Owww! Noooo!!” She cried out.

But I didn’t pause. I just continued, fast and hard with four more across both cheeks.


Errgghh! OH! NNuhh! [pant] Ahh-Ahh!” Her sobs had turned to full on crying now.

“Last one Maddie!”


She kicked and twisted furiously as tears ran down her face.

“OUCH! Oh, God! OWW! Oh, Please! Unnhh! Huh-hurts! Erggh!” She wailed.

“Please, grandad no more, I’ll be good. I promise.”

I passed the paddle to Sam and patted Maddie’s bright red ass cheeks.

“Nice shade of red don’t you think Sam?” I asked my daughter.

“Hell, yes daddy, she wanted it, she got it,” Sam replied.

“Stand up,” I said to Maddie.

She rose from my lap and her hands immediately gripped her behind and she rubbed the red skin to try and ease her pain.

Her tear stained face told a far different story to the pain from her ass, I could clearly see that, and when Sam went over and kissed Maddie hard on the mouth, I knew Sam had seen it to. Maddie was obviously in such an aroused state she kissed her mother back, their tongues quickly entwined into a lover’s kiss of passion.

Sam grabbed Maddie’s top and tore it from her body revealing her young tits encased in a sexy red bra which clearly matched the long forgotten red thong she had been wearing.

“Bra, off now!” Sam instructed her daughter.

Maddie’s arm slipped up behind her back and her bra came loose as she flicked the clasp open, then dropping her arms her bra slid down and hit the floor. Her young breasts were fabulous, ripe and luscious, not too big with nipples made for sucking. Sam fastened her mouth to Maddie’s left nipple while her hand palmed her right tit.

“Oh, fuck mum, that’s sooo good!” Maddie moaned.

“You let mummy get you all wet and ready for grandad!” Sam said, dropping her hand from Maddie’s tit to her cunt. Two of Sam’s fingers then pushed into Maddie’s fuck hole and I could hear her wetness from across the room.

“Grandad’s gonna love taking this little hole for his own!” Sam told her daughter.

“He’s going to make you all woman with his big fat cock. You want grandad’s cock don’t you baby?”

“So much mummy, I need to get fucked!” Was Maddie’s breathless reply.

With her mum’s fingers slowly fucking her cunt her senses were on overload right now.

I watched Sam slip her soaked fingers from her daughter’s cunt and suck the virgin juice from them. “So good,” she told me.

“Loose the skirt and bend over the bed, it’s time!” Sam instructed Maddie.

Her skirt hit the carpet and she edged over to the double bed and bent over at the waist, offering me and her mum the most beautiful view of her wet and puffy pussy and her little brown rosebud. God she was ripe for fucking!!

As if my cock wasn’t already engorged enough it leapt even further to attention at the sight of my daughter moving to rest her head on the top of Maddie’s thighs and then leaning in with her tongue extended to lick, tentatively, at her daughter’s naked cunt. Maddie’s legs widen, almost inviting her mum’s tongue inside and I watch Sam’s tongue as it slide over Maddie’s clitoris and darted between her outer labia.

Maddie moaned loudly and I see her whole-body shudder when Sam locks her mouth around the opening of my granddaughter’s pussy. While I can’t see it, I can happily imagine what Sam is doing to her little girl.

I imagine her stiff, wriggling tongue probing the tasty recesses of Maddie’s virgin pussy, darting deeply into her daughter’s tight little fuck-hole and flicking across her engorged clit. I watch Maddie convulse a little, knowing that Sam is pushing her young daughter with her tongue, pushing her towards another earth-shattering climax.

“Oh Fffuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkk!!” Maddie cries out as her climax takes over her whole body and her virgin cunt cream starts to drown her mum. Sam is lapping and swallowing as fast as she can, but Maddie’s girl goo just keeps coming and loads of it just dribbles from Sam’s mouth onto the carpet.

As her climax recedes Maddie remains bent over, expectant! Her mum draws back, and I can see her efforts on Maddie’s cunt. Her young vagina is red and puffed, dripping with moisture and so ready for cock.

I walk over to the bed and stand behind Maddie; Sam turns her head and engulfs my cock once again.

No one says a word, but I feel Sam’s hand instinctively run up my leg, gently cupping my balls, and then feel her wrap her thumb and fingers around the base of my cock. I feel her fist follow my shaft, stopping beneath the flared head, which is still in her mouth, gently squeezing as she continues to work her magic.

Sam allows my cock to slip from her mouth and I can feel her pull me towards Maddie, moving aside to let me at her daughter. Sam’s fingers remain locked around my cock, pulling, coaxing and squeezing as she nudges me against her daughter’s slit. I look down into my daughter’s eyes and see my own animal lust reflected there. There is no need for words, she wants this just as much as I do!

I hold my breath as Sam guides the head of my cock against the glistening folds of her young daughter’s cunt, rubbing the head once or twice through her drenched slit before pushing me gently into the tight ring of Maddie’s virgin fuck-hole.

Pushing my hips forward, I enter her easily, guided by her mum and quickly feel her barrier against my cock head. I am about to shatter Maddie’s hymen and take her virginity.

“Slowly daddy,” Sam tells me. “Let her adjust to your size.”

Sam looks up at me and says, “You can’t cum in her daddy, she’s to fertile right now but I have a little plan.”

“Please grandad, I want it all!” Maddie pleaded, obviously feeling unfulfilled with only my cock head inside her.

Sam smiles, “Fuck her daddy!”

I ease my hips back ever so slightly and feel Maddie’s cunt lips slide along my length, then with one push I bury myself inside my granddaughter’s virgin hole, ripping her hymen and virginity away in the process.

“Eeeeyyyyiiiieeeeaaaaiiiiiii…” she yelled out as I punched past her cherry and into her virginal tightness, stopping only when my balls rested on her redden ass.

“Awwwwww…sheeee-iiiit, Maddie! You’re so tight! So! Fucking! Tight! Take grandad’s big hard cock inside your tight little pussy!” I bellowed at the extreme pleasure of it all. Fuck, she was hot, and wet, and oh-so-fucking-tight!

Sam reached around and cupped my balls again, keeping me still inside her daughter, allowing Maddie to ride through the pain and get to the pleasure. As she did so I watched in awe as she spat on her daughter’s asshole, the spittle running down Maddie’s ass crack. What the fuck, I thought!!

“Fuck, I feel so full grandad,” Maddie said. “It hurt just for a few seconds and now, fuck, it feels so good!”

“Please grandad!”

Maddie pulled herself forward and I watched my cock slide slowly out of her cunt, stopping just before I fell out. I could see veins of red along my length, testament to my granddaughter’s now non-existent hymen.

“Fuck me grandad,” Maddie implored, pushing back against my cock to fuck herself on me.

I took hold of her hips and moved with her. Her cunt was unbelievably hot and as she relaxed I began making very slow, very short stokes inside her. Every time I eased back, and my cock head hit her pussy lips she moaned, “Oohhh! Do that again!” and when I pushed back inside her she responded with another soft moan of pleasure.

I sighed, “Oh yeah,” as I continued to rock my hips, sliding my cock a little deeper with every couple of strokes. Her pussy opened for me as we fucked, and I knew I wouldn’t last very long.

With my cock shaft fully trapped inside my granddaughter’s tightly gripping pussy I moaned, “I so need to cum!”

“Oh god daddy, that’s not good!” Sam said softly. “Let me help.”

She reached down and pinched my cock shaft at the base, quashing any imminent orgasm, but still allowing me to fuck Maddie. Then, to my amazement, she lowered her head and started to lick her daughter’s rosebud. She slithered her tongue along Maddie’s ass crack before pushing her tongue inside.

I felt Maddie stiffen at the intrusion into her ass, but my cock was still fucking her, so her pleasure far outweighed any thoughts of what was happening to her butt hole.

“Soooooo goooooooooooddddd!” Was all Maddie could get out.

As Sam continued to eat her daughter’s ass I felt her fingers leave my cock and move down across her daughter’s cunt, seeking Maddie’s clit.

“Oh FUCK!!” Maddie cried out, as clearly Sam had hit the spot.

With me slowly fucking my granddaughter and Sam rubbing her clit, Maddie was sure to explode anytime soon.

“Oh god, MUM, GRANDAD!!”

Hearing her call our names with her legs wide open stuffed full of my cock made my head swim and I was giddy with pleasure! All three of us gasped and made animal sounds as I fucked my cock in and out of her, while Sam drummed Maddie’s clit. I knew we were going to make her cum when her nails dug into my hand and she began to pant.

She came like an express train.

“That’s right baby, that’s right, cum all over grandad’s cock,” I encouraged her.

“That’s right, let me feel your pussy cum!” I yelled out as I fucked in and out of her spasming pussy.

“Ohhhhh FUCK ME!!” she moaned and gasped.

She panted, “Jesus, oh fuck!” As her young cunt slammed back along my length as she rode the crest of her pleasure wave.

As her fading orgasm slowly loosened the walls of her pussy I pulled my cock out of her cunt and watched as streams of precum and pussy cream, streaked with red, formed between the tip of my cock and her pussy, her fuck-hole was a quivering mess of girl cum and blood.

Just as my cock popped from Maddie’s cunt I felt Sam grip my length, the fluids of our fucking running down her hand, and I watched, dumbstruck, as she eased my cock up a little higher and aimed it at her daughter’s rosebud.

“Now fuck my sweet little girl’s ass daddy!” She instructed me, pushing my cock hard up against Maddie’s backdoor. “You need to cum and she wants it!!”

Somewhere in Maddie’s post-orgasmic mind she must have felt my cock leave her cunt and come to rest against the entrance to her ass.

With Sam’s nudging I watched, and felt, my cock head suddenly sink into Maddie’s ass as her sphincter opened just a tad to accept me.

“YYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!! Oh yes, fuck me, fuck my ass grandad!!” Was Maddie’s response. Not a “NO” or a “What the FUCK!!” Maddie wanted her ass fucked.

I rested for a moment still with just my cock head in Maddie’s ass, allowing her to open up for me but she was having none of it. She gripped my hands still on her hips and rammed herself backwards onto my cock, engulfing me balls deep in her ass.

“OH FUCK, THAT’S DEEP!! More!! I want more cock grandad. Fuck my ass, fill my ass with cum, I want it all!!” She cried out.

I didn’t attempt to pull-back, I just thrust deeper inside her, if she wanted it then I was going to give it!

If I thought her virgin cunt was tight, it was nothing compared to how tight her virgin ass was, my cock was being squeezed so hard. At first Maddie’s cries seemed to be in pain but very quickly these dwindled away, and her hips began to move ‘in-counter’ to my fucking.


In-and-out, in and out I moved my raging cock, absolutely savouring her wonderful tightness, relieved to hear those words as her bowels accepted my pounding.

“Fuck her good, daddy!!” Sam encouraged. “Nail my horny daughter and fill her ass with your jizz!!”

Maddie began thrusting harder and harder back against me, increasing the force of our fucking, she was really getting into the sodomy now.

“Oh FUCK, I’m gonna cum again…?” She suddenly cried-out, her body beginning to quiver and shake. “FUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!!” She screamed-out shrilly as her body convulsed violently as wave after wave of pleasure slammed through her body like a Tsunami!

Her tight ass went wild on my cock, her cunt exploded with girl cum, shooting cream all over our feet there was so much of it.

“Ride it out, my little slut! Ride that orgasm out! Grandad’s cock is making you come, baby! You love it, don’t you, you little slut?! You love what my big cock is doing for you, don’t you?!”

“FFU-U-UCK MMMEE-EE-EE-EE… FFFUU-UU-UUCK ME! FUCKME! FUCKME! FUCKMYASS!” Maddie yelled, her voice shaking in-time with my cock-strokes!

I was really pounding her ass now as I felt my balls churning in preparation for releasing a big load of cum deep inside. Closer and closer I drew to the point that I had been building up to. I was soon giving it everything I had, ramming deep inside my granddaughter’s asshole!

I felt my balls convulse; this was it. I drew-back one last time, and then with everything within me, I thrust forward, punching through her ass, the head of my cock almost in her stomach as the first jetting gush of cum travelled through the length of my cock to explode within her, bathing her bowels and painting her walls with my burning jizz.

Maddie completely lost it. One last piecing scream tore from her lips as she became my cum-dump and the intense pleasure and pain triggered her most powerful orgasm of them all!

“Arrrrrrggghhhhhnnnnnnggggnnnnn…” I bellowed as I came.

My cock spasming over and over as I poured more cum into Maddie’s ass, emptying my balls so hard my head was spinning.

Just as I felt myself start to cum right my cock was pulled from Maddie’s ass. It was lathered with cum, ass juice, blood and girl goo and Sam swallowed me whole.

“Mine!!” She mumbled with a mouth full of cock fresh from her daughter’s ass.

“Mine!!” She said, slipping my cock out and clamping her lips to Maddie’s asshole to eat fresh from the source.

‘Holy fuck,’ I thought, we’re not done yet!!

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