My granddaughter gets the same punishment as my daughter

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My granddaughter gets the same punishment as my daughter

In Chapter 1, Sam thought her daughter, Maddie, just needed to see her take a spanking from me, but things escalated when I fucked my daughter in front of my granddaughter.

Maddie stared at us through glazed eyes, her own voyeuristic arousal clearly obvious. The crotch of her Pink, Hello Kitty, panties shone with wetness as she held them out to me. Her wetness had stained through to darken the crotch which had clearly been pulled tightly into her virgin slit. My cock, which had softened after my release into my daughter’s mouth twitched at the sight of my granddaughter standing before me.

Sam nuzzled my neck and whispered; “You want to fuck her, don’t you daddy?”

What can I say; I shrug my shoulders noncommittally and just stare at her stupidly. I could never successfully lie to my little girl.

“I’ve been a naughty girl grandad, I’ve wet my panties, see!” Maddie said, moving closer to bring her wet underwear to me.

“You’re a very bad girl,” Sam told her daughter. “Look at the state of your panties, they’re soaked through with cunt goo, aren’t they?”

“Yes Mummy, they are,” Maddie sheepishly replied. “I felt all funny in my tummy when grandad was spanking you and my pussy got all wet with excitement.”

“I think your granddaughter needs to learn a hard lesson, don’t you daddy?” Sam said to me. “She needs to learn to control her urges if she wants to play with the grown up!”

“Please spank me grandad!” Maddie implored me. “I want what you gave my mum,” she said taking that final step towards me and putting her soaked panties in my hand.

I could feel her wetness on my fingers from her underwear, very wet and creamy. I looked down at the crotch and then lifted her panties to my nose to inhale my granddaughter’s fragrance. As the scent of her virgin cunt hit my nose my cock engorged and I knew right then, I was going to fuck Maddie.

“Smell your daughter?” I said to Sam, holding out Maddie’s pants.

Sam dropped her head to place her nose right on the soaked crotch of her daughter’s panties and took a big sniff.

“Maddison, these are so wet, and they stink of fresh cunt juice, what am I to do with you?” Sam asked. “You’ve made a right mess; look it’s all running down your legs!”

“I’m so wet mum,” Maddie said. “Look?”

With that Maddie reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt and dragged it up to her waist revealing her naked, drenched snatch for me and her mum to stare at.

“Oh god!” Sam exclaimed, taking in her daughter’s dripping wet cunt which revealed itself between her slim thighs, clearly fully shaven and with girl goo running down between her legs.

“Holy fuck!” I said, also taking in my granddaughter’s shaven cunt. “Seems she does need some attention here! Sam, what do you think?”

I needed to be sure just how far Sam was prepared to allow this situation to develop. We had discussed Maddie watching Sam’s punishment but little else. Had we been naive in thinking that’s all there would be here or, had subconsciously we both wanted more.

Sam licked her lips as she pondered my question.

She stepped over to stand in front of her daughter who still had her skirt bunched around her waist. She stared into Maddie’s eyes and then lifted her hand to brush Maddie’s cheek. Then she placed a finger on Maddie’s lips and said, “Open!”

Maddie parted her soft lips and took Sam’s finger into her mouth. My jaw dropped as I watched Sam’s wetted finger leave her daughters mouth and travel down her body and come to rest between her legs. Mother and daughter continued to stare at one another as Sam pushed her finger between Maddie’s labia and into her soaked vagina.

“Keep looking at me darling,” Sam told her daughter.

Standing off to the side I had a clear view as Sam pushed her finger into her daughter’s cunt. Maddie grunted slightly as she accepted the intrusion of her mum’s digit.

Sam slowly drew her finger back and I watched a string of Maddie’s pussy cream stretch up from her cunt as her mum lifted her finger back to Maddie’s lips.

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