My granddaughter gets the same punishment as my daughter

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“And what makes you think you deserve grandad’s cock Maddison, aye?” Sam quietly asked her daughter. “What do you know about sex coz I know you’re still a virgin, don’t I?”

“Yes mum, I’m still a virgin,” Maddie replied, clearly aware her mother must have felt her hymen when she had fingered her pussy earlier.

“I’ve done second base with Zack,” she told us. Zack being her boyfriend of about four months I guess.

“So, Zack’s felt you up has he, had his hands in your panties, have you sucked his cock?” Sam asked.

Maddie took a moment so consider her reply and then must have realised that coming this far nothing was off the table. “Yes mum, Zack and I have done stuff. He’s made me cum with his fingers and tongue and I like to swallow his jizz when he comes! We just haven’t fucked yet!”

“Why not?”

“I didn’t think I was ready,” Maddie replied.

“So, you don’t want sex with your boyfriend, but you do want sex with your grandfather, is that right?”

Sam turned to look direct at her mum. “Yes, I want grandad to fuck me and I want you to watch!” She said defiantly.

During this exchange my cock had gone from sated to a raging hard-on again, my 8inches sticking out, pointing at the ceiling begging for attention.

Sam looked over at me and winked, clearly this was going to go just as far as any of us wanted it to and who was I to argue with my daughter or granddaughter.

Sam came and stood by me and said to Maddie, “Come over here and kneel down.”

Maddie dropped her skirt back down and did as her mum asked, kneeling in front of us she looked up. Her beautiful face just inches from my cock, her eyes alight with lust and wanton, her lips pursed ready for whatever was to come.

“Grandad, my daughter wants to suck your cock if you want her to?” Sam said. “Feed her and let her taste me all over you!”

I needed no second bidding and nudged my cock against Maddie’s lips. She would have got the clear scent of her mum’s pussy cream still lathered all over my cock as she parted her lips and engulfed my hardness.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as Maddie’s warm mouth surrounded my cock, her tongue already starting to flick across my head.

She looked back up and me and smiled around my cock, taking me in and then bobbing her head as she continued to blow me.

Sam reached down and grabbed a handful of her daughter’s hair, holding her head still.

“Fuck her mouth daddy!” Sam implored me. “If she wants to play with us she needs to know what that means. Make her gag!”

Well I was all in by now, I wanted everything from these two women, and I was going to take them. I pushed my hips forward and watched Maddie’s eyes start to bulge a little as my cock pressed further into her mouth and banged up against her tonsils. Maddie’s breathing began to get a little ragged and drool was running from her mouth.

I eased back allowing her to take a breath, then pushed back in.

“Relax, Maddie, allow grandad’s cock to slide down your throat like a good girl does,” Sam told her daughter.

I felt Maddie swallow around my length and then as I pushed again my cock slid past her tonsils and into her throat as she accepted me fully. My balls slapped against her chin and she stared up at me, joy on her face as she realised she was deep throating me.

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