Mom comes to live with me

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Ty was a smart young man, at 25, he had made a nice nest egg when he and two college friends sold their .come to the much larger company. He had bought a nice piece of land and built a nice little home on it. He never told his family about the windfall, he simply told them he got an incredible deal on a bank for closing. He knew enuff to know that when people knew you had money, they would always ask you for it. There was one person he told, his grandmother. She was very special to him. Truth be told, she was the one who took his virginity and showed him the wonders of the female body.
He was 13 when his grandmother first took him into her velvet mouth and let him pour his thick sperm into her belly, and he instantly loved her for it. Ty and his mother had been living with his rich grandmother since his father left when he was three and his mother had never worked. Always being provided for by her mother.
Well know that Ty was out on his own and master of his own house, he felt powerful and happy. He still went to see his mother and grandmother often though. He loved them both very much. He loved his mother the way any boy loves his mom, but she had been in his sexual fantasies for a long time. As far as his grandmother, she had gotten to old for him to fuck her, as she had became very delicate, but she still loved to suck his young sweet cock, when they could find alone time together, and even at 77,he still got off on he wrapping her aged lips around his shaft and drinking his seed. This was always a tender moment for them both.
Well, at 25, he felt his life was pretty good. He had a live in girlfriend and she was very beautiful. Her name was candy, and she was 22. Though Ty had let her move in, he wasn’t sure he’d made the right choice. Candy was strong willed and they had butted heads on many subjects and lately she had been getting on his nerves.
Truth be told, the real reason Ty had let her move in was simple. He wanted a son. He didn’t want to wait until he would be a old man raising a son in his late forties and fifties. But candy was not so on board as she seemed when he got her out of that 2 room trailer, she lived in with her drunken, overly affectionate father, and this was pissing ty off. He could have had a lot of girls, but he chose candy because he thought she would be so grateful to him for rescuing her, that she would give him a son with no problem, and she was beautiful, healthy and strong.
But too his dismay, she had not goen off the pill and kept telling him she would be ready soon, just not now. This had soured Ty’s feelings twords candy as of late. He was now fucking candy pretty roughly during their sex together. Angry his seed was being killed before it could make life. Candy knew this and was finding ways to get out of fucking Ty at the moment, hoping this was just a passing faze.

This fresh fall morning, Ty woke up to the sound of his phone going off. It was his grandmother, she sounded weak ad frail as she ask him to come by that morning, he quickly agreed and told candy to Clean the house while he was goen, another thing she lacked skills or ambition for, which was wearing thin for him. So he grabbed his keys and left in a less than pleasant mood with candy.
When he arrived at his grandmother and mother’s home. He saw that mother’s car was not in the port. When at the door, the maid let him in and he made his way to his grandmother’s room. As she looked up and saw him, her old weathered face, lit up. She patted the bed next to her and ty sat beside her and took hold of her hand. My presous boy, she said, I’m so happy you’re here. Ty smiled at her, pained inside to see her so weak. She went on to ask him all about what was going on with his life. His grandmother knew more about how ty really felt than anyone else. She knew about his want of a son, she knew that candy was only a means to an end, and she knew that his patients with her was running thin. After they had spoken awyle, his grandmother said too him, there is something I must tell you Ty.
The doctor says my heart has gotten to weak, and my time is very short now. Ty’s eyes began to swell and he started to protest, but she quickly hushed him. She said, listen closely, all I have will be yours, the money,the house, the stocks, everything, my love.
Ty said he didn’t want it, he just wanted her to stay with him, the old women smiled. I can’t baby, I wish I could.
Ty, there’s more. I leave it up to you to care for your mother, you are the man of the family and you have been for a long time. I want you to do as you see fit, but there’s something I also want you to know. I know how you feel about your mother, lv always seen the way you look at her. That’s why I called myself Mommy when you were inside me all these years. I knew how much you wanted her, and I was so disappointed in her that she never gave herself to you as she should have. That is why I gave myself to you and tried to make up for her lack of motherly passion. It’s a mother’s duty and privilege to please her son in the dawn of his sexual Awakening, and she could not bring herself to do what was required off her. I tried to fill her shoes the best an old woman could. I hope I brought you pleasure?
Oh yes, grama. I love every minute we spent together!
That makes me so happy, my love, so happy. A tear fell down the old women’s cheek.
There’s something else you need to know. Your mother, though she did not service you as she should have, she did service my husband, your grandfather. I thought her how, just as my mother thought me to pleasure my father, and she was an eager student. How she loved her daddy, how she acked to please him in any way she could. From the time she started her monthly, she was using her body to drain his seed from him, and she did until the day he died. Infact, when he died, her womenly jucies were still wet on him.
As Ty listened to her, he was in disbelief. His mother always seemed a sexless type of woman. He had never seen her with a man. He just assumed after his father, that she gave up on men. His grandmother went on to tell him that the only reason she took my father to bed, was to conceive me, because Grandfather had failed to impregnate her, before his death and she wanted a child so badly. So when she became pregnant, she would not sleep with my father anymore and that’s why he left. She was still in love with her father.
By now my head was in a spin.
Then grama said, I know how much you want a son, and I want it for you. I wish I was young and could give you my womb to seed, but at last, it can not be. But she can.
As she said that, Ty’s head shot up and his confusion grew even more.
Mother would never, she wouldn’t in a million years consent to that!
But grandmother went on. You have to understand how submissive your grandfather raised your mother to be. She was helpless without him. After he passed, iv been caring for her because she has no idea how to live in this world alone. She has never worked a day in her life and has no skills even if she tried at this point. When I pass she will look to you as her only life line, I have made sure of this. Now if you have no interest in her, set her up with a home and a monthly deposit in her bank account. But if you still desire her as you once did, than bring her home, when I am goen, and take control of her, and plant your seed in her fertile womb. She is still in her child bearing years, and is strong, and besides, it will give her great joy to have a baby to care for. She was so happy raising you, sweetheart. This child will bring you both so much love and joy.
That is my only wish for you.
Ty could say nothing, he just sat and staired off into space, his mind in overload. He had always wanted to be inside his beautiful mother, to taste and consume her, but always had to live out his fantasies through his grandmother. Could this really happen? Was his mother so dependant, that she would submit to him when grama was gone? Then it hit him once again, when grama is goen.
He sadly looked down at the frail woman he loved so much, and leaned down to kiss her soft lips.
After they broke thier kiss, his grandmother said, now there’s a letter from me to your mother, that she will get from my lawyer, 5 days after my death. It will be sent to your home, addressed to her. If you have her living with you, she will get it, if not, you my simply throw it away. But if she gets it, in the letter, I will explain all we have discussed, and her options and new obligations. I promise you, I know my daughter, she will submit to you as submitted to your grandfather. She already loves you so. All she needs to know is how much you need her and that you will be taking care of her. All this is up to you, love?

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